Installing grills and shutters for windows and doors

Barriers for windows and doors

If you’re a local business, you want added peace of mind that your business is safe overnight as it is unlikely you will be sleeping there. You, of course, would like to feel safe at home too.

Some options we target at local businesses are shutters and security bars which offer a more robust option at not only keeping burglars out but deterring them from trying.

Each zone that needs protecting has different requirements. The chosen product has to, of course, meet the customers requirements but also it has to suit the type of installation.

We provide barrier solutions that suit to any type of door or window. There are many different type of metal barriers for doors and windows.

Sliding security grille

Security bars

You can have your bars removable or permanently fixed. Bars are a tried and approved deterrent and tough security solution for your home or business property.

Roller shutters

It is a retractable guard. These can be both – electrically and manually controlled. They can also be secured by locks that are lockable with a key.

Security grilles

It is a protection for doorways and windows that can be neatly foldable away. And they can be used for your commercial business premisses as well as your home.

Window and door bars and grilles

These are metal barriers that help to protect your windows from intruders. They make the access by smashing your window impossible.

As well as secure they can also be decorative. And, don’t worry, they also let the light through. Your property will be secured effectivelly with our fixed and permanent grilles and bars.

You can have an extensive choice of grilles and bars with our locksmiths in Clifton or other areas of Bristol. We can intall them for any type of property. Contact us if your premisses are in danger of vandalism and burglary.

The door and window grilles that we can supply:

  • Loss prevention standard grilles
  • Multipoint locking with one key
  • Galvanised steel grilles
  • A large variety of colours
  • Centre or side locking
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Excellent visual deterrent
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