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Making sure your home is at its most secure is a priority for Locksmith Bristol. We dedicated the time to answer all your questions and offer the best-tailored advice for your home and/or business. Here are some security tips to suit all budgets.

Make Sure all Your Locks are Fitted and Used Correctly

There are many variations of different locks that have different levels of security features. It is vital that all locaks are fitted by a reputable locksmith in the local Brisotl area. This is something that should not be side stepped and once this is done is it then necessary to understand your locks’ features.

The yale lock, for example, usually found in shared accommodation or flats have deadlock elements attached to them so that you can further secure your property at night.

The typical yale lock has a snib which you can move up and down, others have a way to move the key to deadlock and some even have an automatic deadlocking system.

It is important to know which variation you have and how to use it effectively. You can call Locksmith Bristol anytime if you’re unsure about the fittings and features you have.

Locksmith Bristol can fix the most complicated issue not matter the problem
Insurance Approved

All locks, whether Yale or otherwise, however, need to fall under ceratins conditions fro them to be insurance approved. Further information on this can be found on our homepage.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

The right lighting for your home or business can act as a good deterrent against burglars. Outside security lighting has improved greatly over the last twenty years which means it is much more affordable and energy-efficient to light up dark areas around your property.

You could choose traditional floodlights with a design and wattage to suit your needs or go for more contemporary lights.

Standalone PIR floodlights are also now available so no need to install a complete floodlight system if that is something you don’t necessarily need.

As well as providing a level of security, these standalone units can add a nice atmosphere to your home and garden at night making your property easily accessible at all times.

Motion Sensor-Activated Lights

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer often means a high rate of burglaries. The right lighting can significantly reduce risk.

bristol motion sensor light for outside of your property

From a green perspective, we see the motion sensor activated lights as a great option for providing lighting outdoors. Activated sensors mean that light will only come on if there is movement and therefore a great deterrent for burglars and opportunists.

Interior Lighting

Timed interior lighting can be just as beneficial as outside lighting for the reasons above. Timer sockets which come in electronic of mechanical variations mean that that they can be plugged into your wall sockets and set to random times through the home for greater security.

The Benefits of Blending In

When it comes to home security there are a few things to keep in mind, especially for those who are new in an area. One thing that has a big effect on your own home security is blending in with your surroundings.

When it comes to potential intruders who are on the search for valuable items, the exterior of the house may suggest the wealth of the owner. Or the perceived wealth of the owner we should say.

This means that a house which stands out in a neighbourhood, has an intricate front garden, for example, is at a much higher risk of being a target than one that doesn’t.

Of course, this is not always the case, and this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make your home and garden look nice but it might mean you’ll need tighter security measures.

bristol expensive front garden that could attract theives
Place a ‘Beware of the Dog’ Sign in Your Window

A real dog can be a real detractor for burglars with their loud bark and sense of smell but if you are not considering owning a pet, having a sign in your door and window might just do the job.

Security should be based on your location and burglary statistics. If you’re living in a high-risk area these little details could really help keep your home safe.

If you want to go further, you could also consider a motion sensor activated dog bark alarm, which sounds realistic barking to ward off any opportunists or burglars.

A sign or an electronic dog bark alarm great security addition to your already existing home security features. We’re happy to provide advice and information about these two security elements.

Individual Security Advice and Solutions

With a range of different, excellent value for money products, and small upgrades or changes can make a big difference to your own security and safety.

We always see each security situation from the customer’s point of view, taking into account the area which the customer resides in, any potential access points, what can be done to deter and put potential intruders off, as well as budget.

locksmith intruder will take advantage of weak security

Our goal here at your local locksmiths is to find financially affordable solutions as well as practical everyday solutions, which provide the highest standard of security, and the highest level of safety for the ones you love.

Update to Anti-Snap Locks

There are a couple of things which is important to be aware of as a home owner, and one of these points is the importance of having anti-snap locks on the doors to your property.

We would like to give you some information to why it’s so important. Something you may or may not have heard about is a weakness in the standard cylinder locks common to the vast majority of British homes currently.

A weakness which is exploited by using a technique called lock snapping. What our locksmith sees as most alarming is the fact that the technique does not require high skill or expensive tools, only simple home and DIY tools can be used to gain access fast with the use of this technique.

Of course when this weakness was discovered and made public by a locksmith a few years back work started to finding a solution to prevent this type of attack, and now there are many anti-snap locks available on the market.

At the favourite local locksmiths, our highest recommendation is, of course, to make sure that the locks you have installed in your property are of an anti-snap type, and if they are not we would like to emphasise the importance of it.

Please feel free to get in touch with us today; an anti-snap lock installation is quick and can be arranged to be done at a time convenient to you. It is one of the highest security risks in many British homes today.

Please do bear in mind that some home insurance policies will also have this as a requirement for compensation should an unlucky situation occur.

Understanding What Makes Your Home Safer

Sometimes you need to know a lot in order to gain insight and understanding into your home’s security, and this is something that the dedicated staff here have learned with the years of experience working in the industry.

It’s only though time, training and hard work that we have developed the knowledge base and intuition required to be able to provide our customers with flexible high security solutions at affordable prices.

Your locksmith service have with dedication helped many homeowners to a more secure day to day living without imposing difficult to get used to routines or hard to work with equipment.

If you are one who are looking to improve or upgrade your home security system but fear that technology may be a hindrance rather than a help, why not get in touch with your locksmith experts now, and have a chat about your specific needs.

understanding home security and how you can make your home safer

We always listen to you and works together with you, to find the most appropriate and most suitable solution for your current situation.

The security market is always on the move, and so is this hard working locksmith service, keeping up to date with things is something we feel is our responsibility to ensure that you as the customer get the best of what is out there today.

Your questions answered, your issues address and your security brought up to date with locksmiths who are happy to inform and help you understand your own security needs better. Any other day to day services you require is always ready and waiting, including the always available 24-hour lockout service.

Anti Bump and Anti Pick Locks

In a world constantly changing, the security threats which each property faces are evolving continuously, and with it, so must the industry market.

Your locksmith service are always checking for news and indications of changes, as well as making sure that our practices are up to date with the latest, as so best be able to protect you against attack.

So to ensure that your home or business is under the protection it needs, why not speak to your local expert today.

More and more commonly used by burglars are techniques such as picking locks, bumping and snapping. And if your locks are not of an up to date kind you risk intrusion by these methods.

If you come to your city lock installer, you will be able to ensure that your locks are up to date and can withstand attacks of this type and if you are unsure if your locks are up to the standard needed to keep you, your business and your family safe and secure, you can always give us a call and ask us today.

locksmith bristol anti bump locks available to fit

With competitive installation service prices and only stocking brands which are trusted within the industry, you can get affordable, quick and easy protection installed at a time that suits your schedule.

Abloy Locks

Having been around for many years now, Abloy locks are of a quite different nature and design to your typical and average cylinder lock.

A locksmith provider sees the benefits to this lock, as the design using cylinders which need aligning for release, provides many layers of security, and makes it difficult for potential burglars to pick.

bristol abloy lock for certain doors

As many locksmith service providers know, these locks are most common in and around the Scandinavian countries, to the point where they have in many places also become the standard, such as for instance a Yale latch lock is here.

If you need help for an experienced locksmith installer, to help choose and install your locks or if you just have unanswered questions about locks or your home security, please give us a call at any time.

And should you land in that terrible and unfortunate scenario of being locked out in the middle of the night, please don’t panic. An emergency local provider is always at the other end of our line.

Alarmed Padlocks for Your Garden Shed or Greenhouse

As the gardening and planting season starts, make sure that you careful about where you store your tools.

Something that we, as a local service provider, would like to raise awareness of at this time of year is making sure that all your tools are safely packed away in your shed, greenhouse or outside storage. It is important to make sure that you install a proper lock and security for your garden structures.

bristol alarmed padlock come in many varities

What we would recommend as a suggestion today is making sure that your brackets for hanging your padlock on for your shed or greenhouse are properly fixed, and not something which can easily be broken into. An alarmed padlock might be the right option for you.

An alarmed padlock simply sounds a very loud siren should the lock be tampered with. The sound is loud enough to ward off intruders especially if neighbours are around, too.

Use Gravel for Drives and Walkways

If you’re in need of a bit more security or want to upgrade you driveway, the best thing to choose is gravel. Gravel can not only look nice and comes in a variety of shades and tones, but it leans you can always hear someone coming.

Gravel around your proterty can be a cheap security measure which is eacy to impletment. Feel free to call us about gravel recommendationsin the Bristol area and security on your property.

gravel for drive and walkway to keep intruders at bay
Consider a Safe for Your Home

There are very few better and more cost-efficient ways to keep your most valuable possessions at home secure than getting a safe for your home. Our locksmiths understand that for many, a safe is something that you find in businesses that deal with high-value items and large amounts of cash.

However, if you have something that you would like to make sure is kept safe at home, the locksmiths see no reason why you should not protect it adequately.

There are a variety of different types and sizes when it comes to safes, and we understand that choosing something can be difficult in the sea of products available now.

home security safe for all your valuables

Locksmith Brisotl, however, is always available and happy to help advice you should you find considering it. Something else to keep in mind is that things kept in safes are very rarely stolen during burglaries.

This due to the simple fact that it’s near impossible to open without heavy equipment, and there is no easy way to carry a heavy safe out of a property unseen.

Always Put Away Garden Tools

We know how important and rewarding it is to work on your own house and the outside areas of the property. Thorough DIY work should always be applauded.

bristol tool organiser can help with secuirty measures

If you are someone who likes to work on your home and garden and therefore invested in state of the art tools and equipment, it is important to make a habit out of always putting away your tools in a secure shed or garage.

Good tools are costly to replace but good tools can also be used by potential intruders to break into your home, too.

Security Bars for High-Risk Windows

When it comes to that little basement window in the corner of the house, shrouded from a clear view both from the street and from the house, it is important to assess the risk. If you have this type of window in your home, it might be a good idea to consider having bars installed.

There are a couple of different varieties to choose from but we are happy to provide some advice. Permanent bars may be ssuitable for windows that don’t need to be opened or used ofen. However, permanent bars make it difficult to clean the window, and restrict the window’s view and access.

If the window is used, we recommend swing door bars. They are hinged like a door, and use a lock system in order to easily clean and air when needed. For these types of bars, the release of the lock is placed indoors.

bristol security bars for basement windows

Another version you may want to consider is removable bars, but this may prove impractical for the home. If you would like further information about window bars and unsure what to choose, contact Locksmith Bristol today. We are always ready and happy to help.

Trim the Hedge

This is one of the most simple tips we can offer our customers. It’s a little extra security detail that goes a long way.

bristol overgrown garden that could attract intruders

We recommend trimmed hedges due to the fact that it provides better and clearer views from both the street and from inside your home. This means minimal cover for a potential intruder and with good outdoors lights for the darker evenings, you’re feeling that little bit safer in your home.

Defensive Planting

If you are one of the many currently in the midst of planning your gardening year, then there’s a little tip which we would like to share with you. Our favourite flowers are roses, they come in a wide variety of different types, colours and smells.

And they also come with our highest recommendation. This due to the fact that if you are looking at things from a security point of perspective, roses are what we would call defensive garden plants.

Having a rose vine running along the top of your garden fence will act as a great deterrent for potential thieves.

Burglars are most commonly of opportunistic nature, and something like thorny plants or rosebushes in which clothes can easily be caught and which can cause much trouble in travelling thought the garden will not be a desirable feature.

This is why Locksmith Bristol recommends this type of plant where there may be an easily climbable fence or q not so visible part of your garden. Check out gardeners questions.

Keep your own home security in mind when planning your gardening this year. There are, of course, many other benefits to adding some lovely roses to your garden.

These benefits include the rich sent, the beautiful colours and, not to mention, the wide array of bees and other pollinators for the rest of your garden that a rich rose bush will attract.

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