Security Tips

What happens during a detailed home or business security inspection?

To read more about why you should have a home security survey performed on your property, find it here. Here we would like to tell you a little about what happens during a security check and what you can expect from it.

As you may have heard many times a lock check and security survey is quick, cheap and highly beneficial to homes and businesses alike. With us it’s a one off affordably and competitively priced service. A quick phone call is all you need to access it.

what happens during a security and window lock inspectionThe time the survey takes depends largely on the size of your property and the number of security risks it poses. A good survey will take a close look at the physical features of your home or business and identify problematic areas. Outdoor areas are also addressed and more often than not there are defensive actions suggested for improved outdoor security. As well as the use of deterrence.

The lock types on all your doors and windows are checked. Often replacement locks for any out of date or broken locks are available for installation straight away should you need it. You’re currently instated security also get’s a look over and suggestions for improvements are made.

A professional security inspection for you business works in much the same way whilst being aware of the altered use of the building. Something which of course affect the optimal security features of choice. Call our skilled technicians with your questions on security and surveys now. We work around the clock and are happy to fit the inspection into the suitable free slot of your schedule.

Light up your Christmas with your locksmith

locksmiths light timerIn this instance we are not referring to Christmas decorations and colourful lights, but lights which would indicate that you are home, and from a security point of looking at things. So what we are referring to is lighting that shows indication that you are at home, and that your house is not empty.

A holiday tip from your locksmiths is to make sure that you are keeping your home lit this winter. Of course we don’t mean to keep lights on at all times, but instead we recommend outdoor motion sensor activated lights as well as perhaps a few timers for the interior of the house. Our team knows that this will often be enough to deter opportunistic burglars who are looking for empty homes not under lock and key to strike during the winter holiday season.

Should you be interested in getting an alarm installed at home before you set off to celebrate your own Christmas, you can always get in touch with our professional locksmiths cheap locksmith near me who will be able to help you get this done in time, so that you can relax and enjoy your time with family and friends rather than worry about the security of your home whilst you are away.

Garage security tips

bristol garage doorsWe deal with locksmith services, and we would like to give you some advice on how to keep your garage and home a safer and more secure. As you may have notices, the big gates, or door to let your car in is most commonly not as strong as your average door to your home.

From our view they also most commonly come with a release type of mechanism for opening it, one which is more simplistic in design which can at times pose a security risk. Regardless if there is an a door entrance from your garage to your house, garages are usually filled with high value tools, materials and not to forget to mention that there is usually a car in there. In the case of you having an home entrance through the garage, for your home safety, our locksmith team recommends to make sure that this door is with a proper locking mechanism, and kept locked as you would any other entrance to your home.

For the garage itself, the first and foremost mention from us is the seemingly obvious one, but ever so often forgotten, making sure that it’s always closed. The other important thing to do is to make sure the string for the release mechanism is not reachable by a hook used from the outside of the door. We see many garage doors which can be pushed and create a gap over the top big enough to “fish” for the release string.

How to not lose your keys

bristol lost keysIf you are in need of a swift emergency lock out service, of course our line is always open, and our workers is always ready to be of service. However, we are of forward thinking minds, we would like to give you some tips on how to not lose your keys. If you look at any common statistics on average time spent on searching for keys, in your bag, in your home, at your friends house and where ever else you may be. You like us here will find a shockingly large number.

But by being aware, you can save both time, effort, stress and maybe even prevent a potential financial cost in having to use a service to regain entry to your home. So the best tip from us is simply to make a routine for your keys. In your bag, dedicate a spot for the keys, in which they always go and in your home have for instance a key hook somewhere appropriate. This way, you will save yourself a lot of hassle, time and energy, which can be spent in much better ways.

Of course we understand that there are always circumstances which are out of your control, and should you ever need to give us a call, we’ll also make our best efforts to minimise the time and energy spent.

The Benefits of Blending in

When it comes to home security there are a few thing to keep in mind, especially for those who are new in an area. One of the things which has a big effect on your own home security is blending in with your surroundings. The guys here are all highly individualist personalities, but we would also just like to remind you of the reasons why it’s not the always the best idea to make your home stand out too much.

bristol expensive front gardenWhen it comes to potential intruders, who are on the search for valuable items, the exterior of the house at times could suggest the wealth of the owner. Or the perceived wealth of the owner we should say. This means, that a house which stands out in a neighbourhood, especially if the reason it stands out is due to the fact that more resources have been used in the making of say the front garden, is at much higher risk of being a target than one that doesn’t. Of course we don’t claim this as a fact, as it’s not an exact science, however it does have a greater effect than most commonly believed. This is not to say that decorating and making your home looks great from the outside is something you shouldn’t do, but if you do. It may be a good idea to speak with one of our lads here, and make sure your security is good enough to cover the added unwanted attention which it may draw.

The security benefits of man’s best friend or his electrical equivalent

your bristol friends with man's best friendThere are many surveys and statistics pointing towards just how effective Fido is for your home security. Fido of course being man’s best friend, in this case a golden retriever whose sense of smell will detect an intruder long before any human knows there is one lurking about. Of course your locksmith service knows that all dogs have a sense of smell which is far superior to that of any person, and should there ever be an instance of a burglary taking place whilst your mutt is about you can be sure that he will be actively defending you and your home.

Hopefully and probably with a great deal of success since a dogs canines is surely enough to frighten anyone given the right circumstances.

From a strict security perspective, your locksmith service warmly recommend a furry friend for the security of your home, however only in the cases where getting a security upgrade coincides with your wish to add a new member to your family. Getting a dog for the sole purpose of home security is not enough reason, since there is a great deal of responsibility involved. So if you are not interested in the long walks, the hovering more than twice as often, not to mention the feeding and cleaning etc. Then your locksmith service has a tip from you. You can for a fraction of the cost get the electronic version of Fido, a motion sensor activated dog bark alarm, which sounds realistic and has that similar terrifying effect for any potential intruder.

Your locksmith sees an electronic dog bark alarm as a wonderful addition to your already existing home security features. And if you want to speak to an expert about your home security, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your expert locksmith service today.

Individual security advice and solutions

Have the question of how well your home is protected against theft ever struck you? Or more so, have you ever had concerns or worries about the safety of your family? Did you ever think about getting an alarm system installed, but thought it was too expensive?

locksmith intruderIf the answer is yes to any of the above questions, why not get in touch with us here at locksmith and put your mind at ease. With a range of different good value for money products, and small upgrades or changes to your current home can make the biggest difference to your own security and safety. We always see each security situation from the customers point of view, taking into account, the area which the customer resides in, any potential access points, what can be done to deter and put potential intruders off, as well as the financial part of it all.

Our goal here at your local locksmiths is to find financially affordable solutions, as well as practical every day use solutions, which provide the highest standard of security, and the highest level of safety for the ones you love.

So there is no reason to wait, get in touch with us today, and book in a security survey, from there our lovely workers will be able to help and advice you on the best and most applicable security solution for just you. Our staff here are highly professional, trained and experienced in the industry, and will work to find the best solution for you, with you!

Protect your business

locksmiths business securitySpeak to us about how you can find a cost effective security system for your business. At local locksmiths we have experience in working with company security in many different ways, and with companies of a wide variety in size. This due to our flexible working methods, and our open ended approach in giving our recommendations and advice on your situation.

Our services for security advice, upgrades and new installations are for companies of all sizes, and covering the needs required, under a good value for money price.

We understand the need for small business owners to keep their investments safe, and keep the takings of the day safe should you need to do this on site. Here our professionals can make sure your business is as safe as can be, as well as being in line with your insurance security policies. With us you are covered on all bases, and we guarantee satisfaction, and that you and your investments are as safe as can be, with clever and practical day to day use!

So get in touch with us and we can let you know what can be done for your business security, keeping safe is now more affordable than ever, and with a good eye on the industry market, the locksmiths will be able to advise you on what is good for you in the current time. So why wait, call us to arrange for a security survey today, this can be arranged at a time within or outside of working hours should it be needed.

Alarm and security installations

home alarmHave you ever found yourself in curiosity over your own home security? Or have you ever wondered how you can better keep your business investment safe and in line with your insurance policy? Well wonder no more, why not let the experts here help you make sure everything is up to date and of the highest industry standards, making sure that you and your family is as safe and secure as can be, and freeing your mind from worries. We can advice you on your current security situation, as well as suggest improvements. Or you can simply just sit back and relax, and leave everything from products and installations to us here.

Our work force and our work practices here are of a very flexible nature, and we can work to specifications, or we can help form the specifications which we see just right for you based on our many years of security, both in the commercial sector as well as for private home owners.

Of course we see that a specific premises, will have specific needs, and we will always take the customer into account, and what it is that would be most applicable, taking into account the area, the situation, the finance and much more. So why not book in a security survey today with us and find out how we can help improve your security!

Your local locksmith

bristol key in home lockWith being one of the most locally active and aware cities in the United Kingdom, we are no exception. We are also part of the community, and work for sustainability both ecologically and economically for the community inhabitants. We are strong supporters of local produce and keeping a healthy good local economy. This is why we aim to be competitive in price and at the same time provide a traditional, friendly and full service.

At your local locksmith the local community is of paramount importance and we always aim to help those who come to us in the best possible way, which is just right for the individual in question.

So if you are looking to get a personal, friendly and local service, get in touch with our friendly locksmiths. The range of services we provide cover everything from key cutting, change of locks on doors and windows, alarm installations, security surveys and much more. All the services that we provide are available both for private customers as well as commercial customers. Simply meaning that our number is the only one you’ll ever need for any key, lock and security enquirers. Supporting the local community and economy does not have to be costly, get in touch with us today, and get one of our competitive quotes for the job you are in need of.

Your ethical locksmith service

a caring and ethical locksmith The professionals are in a true locals in spirit always working to find better and more ethical ways to operate. One of the many ways which we bring such a point as sustainability into our practice both for ourselves and our customers is of course though quality. All work done is done to perfection and the products we use are from known and trusted sources which are not out for a quick and easy profit, but who invest in the research and development the industry needs. We face an especially testing challenge with the past moving pace of the security industry, as there is a need to always be one step ahead, but that doesn’t stop us.

Your locksmith works day and night to make sure that you have you need when you need it, and repairs, installation and other services provided are all of the kind which will last. The guys sees sense in providing as great a service as manageable to make sure that you never have to spend more than you need. Long lasting, tried and tested solutions are in the basket, and with the fine tuned skill of the engineers, your tailored security solution or repair need will be handled to your greatest satisfaction. If you have any question or if you are after a quick quote on any work, please feel free to pick up the phone to us at any time. Your security is the most important to us, and making sure you become secure, and stay secure is part of what drives this diligent locksmith to go the extra mile.

Never fear, your emergency locksmith is always here

around the clock service from your locksmithThere are few things which are as daunting and stressful as being locked out of your own home or office, and as these things have a tendency to occur when they are the least welcome and the least needed there is most commonly ample reason for panic.

The emergency locksmith has a great understanding of how difficult situations as such can be, and therefore provide a 24 hour available emergency service for those in need. The reasons for lost access are many and vary in kind in a multitude of ways, but they often share a factor of urgency.

Being quick to the site is something that the girls and guys here have become renowned for, and if you jot our number down, save it in your phone or keep it in some way of your choice safe. Then you will also safeguard yourself against many of the high pressure situations which a lockout scenario can cause. Your locksmith service are here for you at all times, all days and all nights of the year the staff is here and ready, and waiting for your call.

If you are in need of any day to day services you can of course call at any time and book in for what you need. Low prices, great quality and a very friendly and helpful personnel always works hard to bring you what is current and what is of quality on the market to ensure that your security is kept to the standards needed today.

Feel free to call us with any of your questions, and if you are stuck on the wrong side of the securely locked door, give us a call now, we’ll be on the way to you as soon as your emergency is reported. Your emergency locksmith service understands that time is of the essence, and haste is something we make gladly to assist you.

Get your fast and competitive locksmith quote now

a secure house with your Bristol specialistsShould there be a door in need of a new lock, a lock in need of a repair or a home in need of securing, make sure you get in touch with the wonderful staff now to get your competitive quote instantly. The experienced and trained experts here knows how to spot a great deal for you on the vast industry market, and helping you find the right solution for your situation at a the best possible price, is something that we take great pleasure in.

Repairs, replacements and installations, of locks, alarms, security bars and other security features are available from the flexible and skilled individuals. We can arrive for work at times which suit your schedule as well as come in times of urgent need. Our emergency lockout line is available at all times, and we stay open at all times for you. Call our number and always find the help you require with your keys, locks and property security.

Getting in touch will provide you with the security information that you seek, brought to you by years of experience, both in practice and in theory. For instance, you can book in with your locksmith experts for a detailed security check and find out how you can better protect your specific property as well as learn more about good security practices over all. Ask us any home or business security question now, call your dedicated locksmith and find the security solutions you need.

Finding a Reliable Locksmith.

We always suggest you make sure your locksmith is nearby. One of the first things to address is if the locksmith is local and if this is the case they often work with local police and council to make sure that homes within the city are more secure. A far located locksmith may add some extra charges for the travelling also. Local locksmith generally have an office close by where you can really visit when future secure or security needs arise. This allows you to establish a connection with your local locksmith and construct trust. It’s a good idea to find a couple of reputable locksmith you can trust in your local locality. We provide this exact reliable trustworthy service.bristol quality workmanship

Burglaries are often a concern for all types of property owners. But what’s the best way to keep your house safe? We suggest you have a security upgrade and assume you already installed an alarm system (if not, do so right away), and maybe you’ve got a guard dog patrolling your property too. Statistics prove that most burglars enter a house through the front or back door. So keep those doors locked and secure. Here are some suggestions, make sure you have up to date locks on all possible entrances, have a cctv camera or at least a movement sensor light in your drive-way, five lever mortise dead locks on all wooden door and anti pick anti snap euro cylinders on any UPVC doors.

Your locksmith is always one step ahead

Always preparing for your needsThe diligent guys and girls knows what it takes to provide the best possible security for any one home or business and if you get in touch today for your security upgrade you can be sure to have the best of what is out there. Ready and available with wokers who have developed their security expertise through years of training and experience. Not only do we know what is of great quality on the market, but we also know what suits which situation, and on top of that, an eye is always kept out for any good deals to make sure that you get a great price. You can get your competitive quote right now by giving us a call. Should there be a daily need to be fulfilled, you can of course rely on the lovely locksmith to be there with what you need. Flexibility in working hours and adaptability of security solutions to your specific situation is what has earned this service the great and extended reputation.

If your lack of security at home or at work is keeping you up at night, why not wipe your worries away with the help of friendly and helpful experts in the field. So why not make sure that you have all your bases covered and your risk brought low through simple, practical and affordable solutions, brought to you by a locksmith who cares for the community, the individual and your security. Emergencies are also covered by the fast and efficient lockout service. Calling at any time will bring you the help you need as fast as humanly possible. Questions are as welcome as your call, so there is no reason to let doubt or apprehension keep you from a better and more secure situation for yourself at home or at work.

A quick solution with your time conscious locksmith

all things security you will ever need from a locksmithTimes are fast moving in the current day, and time is something which many of us seem to have a shortage of with lists of things in need of getting done filling page after page. Just thinking about it is enough to make the heart skip a beat.

Having a great service provider at hand for all your home requirements is always advised, and by noting our number down that is exactly what you grant yourself access to. You can call this ready locksmith service at any time, and with rapid legs and packed vehicles we will be on the way to assist with your lockout scenario before you know it.

So avoid a potentially stressful and unpleasant lockout scenario by ensuring that you safeguard with our telephone number saved. You can give the locksmith a call at any time to speak about any security questions your may have, this for your private home or your professional workplace, as well as everything in between.

Locks, security and keys are the speciality of the trained locksmith service here, and working eagerly to make sure you get assistance fast, is one of the main point which we work from.

Trusted and relied upon by many happy customers this caring locksmith service is a clear choice for many. Why not give it a go, call now to find the service you require, fast, easy and at a price which suits your budget.

Understanding what makes a home security situation better

understanding home security Sometimes you need to know a lot in order to gain insight and understanding, and this is something that the dedicated staff here have learned with the years of experience we’ve had within the industry.

It’s only though time, training and hard work that we have developed the knowledge base and intuition required to be able to provide our customers with flexible high security solutions at affordable prices. Your locksmith service have with dedication helped many homeowners to a more secure day to day living without imposing difficult to get used to routines or hard to work with equipment. If you are one who are looking to improve or upgrade your home security system but fear that technology may be a hindrance rather than a help, why not get in touch with your locksmith experts now, and have a chat about your specific needs.

We always listen to you and works together with you, to find the most appropriate and most suitable solution for your current situation. The security market is always on the move, and so is this hard working locksmith service , keeping up to date with things is something we feel is our responsibility to ensure that you as the customer get the best of what is out there today.

Your questions answered, your issues address and your security brought up to date with a locksmiths who are happy to inform and help you understand your own security needs better. Any other day to day services you require is always ready and waiting, including the always available 24 hour lockout service.

Deterrence security system installations

Most people understand the basic layer of protection that any commercial or domestic property needs. The first place to secure is the main entrance to the property. This means ensuring that your security and locking mechanisms are up to date with no faults in the way they operate. It also means asking yourself about any potential weaknesses and what else you could do to further enhance your security. Once this is done, you need to think about other entry points to your property. Have your windows all got locks on them? Is your cellar door tightly closed? Do you have strong and sturdy glass fitted to your property?

These are the primary points of security that any homeowner or business owner should think about. From there, it’s about thinking what measures you could use to protect your property further. What could you do to properly deter any potential criminals. This is particularly important for times when you’re planning to be away from your property for an elongated period of time, such as a family holiday.

We understand that not one property is the same. Different properties have different strengths and weaknesses, and the areas in which they are situated can play a massive part in our of our lock technicians suggesting any potential security upgrades. All our locksmiths have years of experience of working in and around the city, as well as surrounding areas. This means we are aware of common threats and can give you the correct advice accordingly.

In areas that are particularly vulnerable to crime, we recommend fitting a number of deterrents hand-in-hand. There’s no doubt that CCTV systems are some of the best deterrents you can have. Not only that, but should the worst come to the worst and you have unwelcome visitors at your property, your security system shall have recorded the whole thing and you have excellent evidence being recorded directly onto your computer. However, this is not always a cost-effective solution. That’s why your locksmith recommends installing a combination of deterrents. The first such one would be a fake TV light. This gives the impression that someone is home and you can be sure that criminals are far less likely to target a property when they believe someone might be waiting inside for them. The second deterrent would be to entrust your local locksmith with installing motion-sensor security lights, activated by an infra-red tripwire. We can then also help you design a warning to place on your property that potential trespassers are being watched by CCTV. Of course, this is not true, but any would-be criminal will be put off if they think the property is secured by CCTV and the property is lit up. Of course, if their faces can be seen, then they can be caught, and if they can be caught, they’re not going to target your property.

If you need advice on this or any other matter, don’t hesitate in giving one of our friendly lock technicians a call at any time of day or night. We take pride in keeping your property secure, so let us help you.

Alarm and security features fitted fast

help with alarm and security features If you are in the midst of finding and fitting a security system and additional security features for your house or your work environment. Why not ensure that you get something effective and suitable for your specific situation by calling on your locksmith experts to advice and assist.

Searching for the right security solution to fit a single and highly unique situation is by no means an easy task, and if your life is already cumbered with a large to do list you can leave this laborious task in the hands of trained specialists in the field. Not only will this locksmith service, with your best interest in mind find you something which is fitting to your scenario, but also find affordable options and additional security features which are especially effective in your type of environment.

Getting your head around the aspects of security you need in order to find the best solution is no easy task, and with years of experience your locksmith service have acquired highly attentive eyes to the details which in some cases are overlooked by someone new to the field.

So make it simple for yourself, leave the hours of research, price comparisons and weighing of benefits of different systems to your trusted locksmith security expert. With us your new security system will be up and running without causing you any trouble. Feel free to get in touch at any time to find out more.

Personal security solutions from your locksmith

your bristol home security expertIf there is something that the team here holds firm belief in it’s the only thing which can bring long and prosperous customer relationships based on merit and trust is simple ensuring that each customer get the individual attention and care which is needed. There is simply no way you can provide a great security solution for someone if you are not completely and fully invested in the task. Your caring locksmith service are of course always on scanning the market, listening to the latest news and keeping up to date with the latest threats to ensure that we can bring the best, latest and the most applicable security to you.
On top of the diligent work that goes on behind the scenes with your locksmith service there is of course also the open ears and the customer focus that is given here. Full investment in each situation, each scenario and each individual security profile will always bring you exactly what you personally need. If you have questions with regards to your security at home or at work, why not get in touch with a locksmith specialist who cares for you.
Finding the right security situation for customers is something that your locksmith service has been diligently involved with for years, and with experience and trained eyes and informed minds you can trust this relied upon service to know what you need on the points where you may be unsure. For advice, for repair work, for lock changes and key cuts, as well as security solution for your home, your office, your workshop, your shop and so on can be found to the highest standards here, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

We Change Locks

locksmith big padlock blackWe can help whether you need your Locks Changed or an emergency UPVC door repair they can deal with faulty mechanisms.So if you want five lever Mortise dead locks installed on all external door, they can give you a comprehensive quote over the phone, if you need to replace broken locks or it is just a standard lock change. They can be with you within half an hour to make sure that you have the best security solutions available to you day or night. nation Remember that they are open 24 hours a day so do not hesitate to give them a call anytime and you can see what security services they can offer you today!

If your property has been broken into they can arrive on the scene quickly and work alongside the police to replace locks and identify any weak security points in your business or residential property. We can provide you with a wide range of security solutions for your property, offering everything from lock upgrades if your locks have not been changed since you moved in, to installing an extra lock for added security and peace of mind.  So whether you need a high security safe drilled out or you just need a lock changed. They are the company for you offering a reliable mobile service 365 days a year.

Often working with local councils and the police to try and prevent any burglaries before they happen by making sure that all properties have up to date security in place, examples of this are having anti pick anti snap locks on all doors and digital lock access to your property if it is a shared building to restrict access to any unwanted pedestrians.

A locksmith provider adding efficient features to your security

great home security For us it doesn’t matter what type of security you have installed at home or at work in the current, our way of working is always based in the situation at hand and the customer we are dealing with.

Your preferences are always adhered to, and with open ears this locksmith works together with you to find the best possible way of upgrading what you have in place already. Of course if you are new to the field, it may be beneficial to call and book in for a specialist locksmith security survey, in which the strengths and weaknesses of your current situation will be highlighted.

From here, your dedicated locksmith service works with your individual circumstances and property area, as well as taking your budget into account to create the ideal solution for you. You can call at any time, and with high flexibility you are in charge of when these appointments take place.

Being there for you, at your convenience and with what you need is the highest priority for this skilled tradesmen who are always happy to lend their wisdom in the field. Which has over many years of experience collected to be one of richest springs of security knowledge in the area. If you doubt our words, why not get in touch and see for yourself.

Speaking with the experienced experts in a highly respected city service will no doubt shine a light on all your shadows of doubt.

Your expert locksmith helping you to better home to security

 bristol security keyShould you ever find yourself in question over how safe and secure your home environment actually is, why not get in touch with the expert specialists here. With great customer feedback and the highest quality of products attainable, now is one of the best times to get in touch. Especially with the winter holidays which are just on the door step, November is passing fast, and your locksmith service knows that with homes slowly building up a stock of presents at home, the risk for burglaries goes up. This is why your favourite locksmith provider takes this chance to ensure that you are aware, and protected against the heightened risks of the season.

Going away to visit your family and loved ones is also something which a dedicated locksmith enjoys greatly, and with ensuring that home is left behind secure locked doors. On top of that it’s good to ensure that the right security measures have been put into place to protect your home, and deter any eyes which may consider home, as a target.

Ensuring home security is up to standard is not difficult, and if you get in touch with your locksmith service today, you can find out just how easy. We can survey your home, install up to date locks and get a home security alarm system in place for you, all in the space of a day. So if you are interested in keeping your home secure this time of increased risk, please feel free to get in touch today, plus in speaking with an expert. You will also ensure that you can relax and make the most out of this holiday, instead of worrying about uncovered bases.

Your UPVC local experts

bristol upvc windowsIf you are in a new and modern home, or if your business premises has doors and windows from UPVC get in touch with your expert locksmith. The knowledge and the practical skill required is all here, with a bunch who is dedicated to providing the best, and only the best for you. For quick and easy service get in touch today, everything from repairs, installation and advice with regards to UPVC doors, windows, patio doors and locks required for UPVC out door structures are available here. And all from a crew who knows what they are doing.

If you have any wonders or questions with regards to your UPVC entry points, get in touch with a trained locksmith service expert today, we can arrange for appointments around your day plan. For the staff your convenience is of the highest importance, and in the way we see it. No one should have to wait to ensure that their home or their work place and investments are securely protected.

To ensure that the UPVC locks that you have are up to date with the industry security standards, call and speak to your locksmith. Ensuring that your doors are protected against attack, especially of the snapping and bumping methods commonly used amongst burglars is yet but a phone call away. In stock there are affordable and up to date locks as to ensure quick installation services for you. Of course if you have just had a conservatory installed for your house, ensuring that the UPVC locks are up to standard is important, by calling you’ll find the advice you need to get the right type of locks installed, and quickly so.

One locksmith to rule them all

your bristol service for all your needs lock drawingThe running order of a regular life in a rather large city is for most a high paced schedule to be kept. It is understandable then that the need for convenience when it comes to all aspects of life is required to keep up! This is something that your locksmith service fully understands, and thereby we also respect your time. Being flexible and able to come to your aid when you are in the greatest or the smallest need for having something resolved is something that we do with pleasure.

Helping locals to a safe and secure home, a business situation which faces less financial risk and of course assisting with emergency access when needed the most is what brings your locksmith the greatest pleasure. We understand how difficult it can be to fit everything into a day and how stressful it can be to find yourself in a lockout scenario.
24 hours of every day of every year you can call this reliable and friendly service who is fully invested in bringing you the best products, highest quality repairs and installations, and keeping you up to date with the current security risks applicable to the area. Helping you make sure that you keep a good security standard at home and a good security awareness in general is also something that your locksmith does happily, and if you tune in to the website you will also find that we give some wonderful home security tips which may help shed light on some security concerns and solutions! For any questions, call today, we’re always happy to give you our fullest and most dedicated attention.

Honest, Fair and Competitive in price for all your needs

 bristol service with what you need at the price you need itIt is the pleasure and pride of the work force to be able to provide you with security upgrades and installations for you, and as times are more often than not busy, you might also appreciate the fact that this locksmith service values your time and money.

Call to speak to us today, let us know what it is that you are needing, what concerns and worries you have with regards to the security you have installed, if any, and find out how you can in the best value for money way bring yourself, your home and your work place up to the security standards which are recommended today. Your locksmith service are here for all your requirements, and by choosing a trusted, near-by located and caring service . Your mind will also be able to take a peaceful letting the subject of your security lie in the hands of an expert.

Along the way of creating any new security situation, whether it be installation, augmentative additions and added layers of high security features, you can trust this skilled specialists to know what they are doing. Speak to any of this locksmith service’s previous customers and find out for yourself. And don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to us should there be anything that you are in need of. This applies also to the 24 hour lockout line which is there for your emergency need, and is as it states. Open at all hours, meaning that the phone is always there for you to use should you find yourself in what seems like an impossible lockout scenario.

Call with your questions and get your competitive and fair quotes today, you as business customer or you as a private person are welcome to be in touch at any time!

Cabinets and Lockers from your trusted locksmiths

your locksmith can help you with locker solutionsIf you are a small business, or perhaps part of a larger one which are in need of getting some form of lockers or cabinets installed on site. It may prove useful to give your relied upon and well reputed locksmith service a call. Having supplied, installed and maintained many good locker solutions for a long row of customers in our history, you can trust the workmen here to know what they are doing. On top of that, ensuring that you are getting a good price, both on services and products is something that your conscientious locksmith service is dedicated to. Finances and resources for the expansions required are not always easy to find, and ensuring good value for money practical solutions to be used every day is something that your locksmith service sees as a responsibility.
Speaking with the guys and discussing your requirements with the lands today will leave you better informed and with a clearer direction in how to put your plans into action should you still be hazy on it. Answering questions, and of course providing information and our expertise in the area is something we gladly do for you, and of course custom solutions with an installation schedule to fit around your daily plan is all part of the parcel. Your locksmiths are happy to accommodate for what you need, at a great rate and with a friendly and flexible approach aiming to build long lasting customer relationships. A full service, from start to finish, or partial installation work is something that you can book in for here. If you have already ordered the parts you need for yourself and need some trained hands to do the last part of the job, this loved locksmith service is the one to come to.

Keeping valuables safe with a safe

top quality productsAs the risks of home intrusion are on the rise you may have given some thought to what is the best way to keep them safe. Keeping family heirlooms and precious metals at home is something which can bring any person to a nervous state. Your locksmith service is here to help, and what we know to be the best protection for smaller items in any household is to have a home safe installed. The safe itself provides physical protection, and depending on the type you can also find security against flood and fire. This of course applicable should you have valuable documents, photos or other things which may be destroyed by damp or heat. If you speak to one of the locksmith safe experts here you will have the voice of experience in the area. And of course advice, installation and information can all be found from someone who is always up to date with the latest safe technologies and products on the market. With quality assurance, we can help your most valuable items at home to safe keeping, and of course if there are any other questions lingering in your mind with regards to your home security we can help put your mind at rest as well.

home security safe with your locksmith bristolFeel free to bring all your security questions to a trusted and reputable locksmith service, which has spent many years helping private as well as business owners to a more restful night sleep. You can trust the marvellous smiths here to always bring you tried, tested and price worthy products, fully installed and smoothly functioning. Here is of course also the place to get all your other day to day security and locksmith needs fulfilled, including your emergency lock out needs. So don’t hesitate to save our number, and get in touch when you need us.

See security from the other side with your locksmith expert

your bristol expert with security thinkingA tip which we would like to bring you, as a tool to be able to help you gain perspective of your own security situation at home. It requires a little bit of a imagination, and a little bit of time, but it may also help you change the way that you think about the security in place where you live. Your service is made up of skilled and trained individuals in the field, all with their own practised ways of seeing any home or work security situation.

To start with, take a walk around your own area, have a look at what things look like from a different perspective, and for a moment ask yourself the question if I had been locked out, without access to a phone to call for help, and an urgent need to get in as fast as possible. How would I do it? By entertaining this question, you are solving an issue that you would normally not have to tackle, how you would get into your home or office without using the key. With this simple exercise, your locksmith knows that many risk areas have been discovered and thereafter provided with the adequate and appropriate protection.

With great understanding of just how inventive and resourceful humans are when need calls for it, your locksmith service can help guide you and assist you with finding the protection you need in order to protect yourself against the bad side of this human inventiveness. The one which lacks moral and decency. You can trust in your locksmith to always work at peak performance to ensure that your home or work place is kept in the most secure way with protection against all known threats and with suitable customisation in security features to suit your specific area its structural design. Call today to find out more from a trained locksmith security specialist.

A locksmith with you through thick and thin

lock repairs of all kinds golden door handleWith a wide array of services spanning from day to day jobs such as key cutting, lock installation and lock replacements as well as security system of the most advanced and high tech types you can find what you are in need of here. And with a locksmith who understands you and your security situation, you can always rely on getting the best service when you need it. In the thicket of situations where you may find yourself without access to your workplace or home, your reliable locksmith service is here, ready and waiting for your call.

From your end the only action required is that you ensure safekeeping of our number. You can seek caring help at any time and we’ll arrive in due to with what you need. In emergency lockout scenarios your locksmith service member will turn up with the tools required to resolve any imaginable situation, guaranteeing you access when you need it the most.
Your day to day services are supplied at times convenient to you, and of course advice is something that your knowledgeable locksmith can also assist with. Up to date information, services and products are always in house, kept though vigilant scouting of the industry market as well as keeping up to date with the news of the industry. This is of course so that your locksmith service can supply you as the customer with security that is protective of the latest threats in the best possible manner.

The customer centred approach have been felt by previous customers, and with a job well done the recommendations you may have heard about this locksmith service are based in our friendly approach and our high quality workmanship standards.

Quality keys that last with a trusted locksmith

 keys that lastIt’s not a question whether or not to get high quality spare keys cut if you are in need of that service, and coming to a locksmith who is trusted by their customers is something which of course is an obvious choice. Making sure that the person who is cutting your key, is doing so with precision and care making sure that the perfect key is cut every time, is what this locksmith will always guarantee. So come here for your all your key cutting needs, and if you are on the market to get new locks installed for your home or your business, of course the standard of quality on all our products is of the highest there is.

So make sure that avoid difficult situations such as a key getting snapped in the lock due to poor quality, avoid ware and tear on your lock potentially causing damage to it by getting in touch with a local key cutter who has been providing customers with high quality keys cut to perfection for countless years.

If you have any questions with regards to keys, locks or if you have any other type of home or business security questions you can always speak to a friendly and experienced locksmith should you pick the phone up and dial our number. And if the unfortunate scenario occurs where you are locked out of your own property and need to regain access fast, the telephone line in here is always open and the staff is always available, night or day. So make sure you save the number for an all round locksmith who holds genuine care for their customers.

Keys locked in, you locked out!

key locked insideIn that moment where time feels like it slows down as you realise that they keys are on the wrong side of the door that is just as it closes behind you. The realisation in this moment can easily be the cause for panic, however if you have the number for a trusted, dedicated and fast emergency lockout service there is no reason for panic. Getting in touch with the work group here ensures that help is on the way, quick easy and with minimal disruption to your life.

So if your keys are locked in, and you are locked out, give us a call and a friendly and understanding trained member of the locksmith will be on the way to you. With priority on non-destructive methods for entry, you can also rest assured that there will be minimal hassle involved and your lockout situation can be resolved swiftly, allowing you to get back to, and get on with your day as soon as possible. For a keys locked in scenario you can always rely on the locksmith, and with no damage caused to the lock and competitive service charges you will struggle to find a better service.

The 24 hour emergency service is always available, so in saving our number you will be sure to always have the help you need, when you need it. This is also applicable should you be standing locked out of your vehicle with the view of your keys in the ignition or on the seat. The emergency lockout service understands your stress and frustration, and we always do our utmost to ensure the fastest and best resolution for you.

Keys locked in car issues solved by your locksmith service

bristol keys in the ignitionOne of the most common lock out scenarios occurring today in the UK, is also one of the most potentially frustrating ones. In the moment of shutting the door the realisation hits, and in the moment, your suspicion becomes true. The keys to the car is now inside, the door is locked and you are on the other side. In this type of scenario it’s good to have the number for a quick, trusted and always open locksmith service. In giving us a ring you will be reunited with your keys in swift and simple manner. Of course if this situations hits you when you are in a hurry and need help urgently, your case is always prioritised. Your locksmith service is always ready, and there for you when you need access fast.

Of course the 24 hour emergency locksmith lockout service is also available should a similar scenario strike for your home. Should you and your keys be separated in a time of urgent need, this service is ready with the tools and skills required for your solution. If your situation is that you have lost your keys, and are unsure of their whereabouts, what any trusted locksmith service would recommend is to change the lock on your door. This way you can ensure that the keys are not in unwanted hands. For your convenience this locksmith service vehicles are always equipped with replacement locks, and a lock change can be made on the spot, saving you time and hassle for a solution later. Should you be in the situation where you have locked the keys in your house, with priority on non-destructive methods, in the vast majority of cases your locksmith service can regain access without the lock taking damage, meaning that we are the clear choice for any job in the area. Feel free to call at any time.

The parts which make up your wonderful locksmith

parts that make up your wonderful locksmith We would like to share with you some of the reasons to why you should chose us for your service needs. This is to inform and show you just why we are recommended and highly rated by our customers, and perhaps allow you to make the choice of joining a countless number of happy and satisfied customer who have only this locksmith service number for all their needs.
First and foremost we would like to let you know of our awareness to the fact that there is no single factor that makes up a great service, providing you with the highest quality in products and services is only the top of the iceberg. Your locksmith service beyond always scanning the industry market to find the best for you, are also available to you at any time you need it. A 24 hour emergency line is a given for us, and for your emergency lockouts and other emergency needs, the experts is always on hand and ready to come to your aid. Flexibility in keeping open eyes and open ears, have lead this locksmith service to become amongst the foremost in the field of creating individual and custom solutions of security for your home, or for your business. On top of that, keeping tradition is also highly valued with your locksmith service, this to promote the long customer relationships which are made from trust and reliability. When we say you will not need another service number, we are simply saying that all your requirements can be filled, at competitive prices by this all round extensive service. Of course with openness to what you have to say, you can always find the answers to any questions which may be nagging away in your mind. Training and experience have loaded your locksmith service with the knowledge and industry wisdom that can only come from years of work and dedication.
Please feel free to get in touch at any given time, and noting our number somewhere, will also keep you safeguarded against the stress and anxiety potentially created in emergency situations.

Dedication a top priority with your locksmith

Finding someone who is trustworthy and reliable to deal with the security of your business or the place you and your family calls home is of course something of great importance. Should you choose a tradesman or company providing poor quality on something so vital as your security you and your family or your business will face great risk. Should you call your emergency service you will always get through to the friendly and caring service you are in need of. This means, that you will regain access fast, should you have lost it, and if it is one of the regular day to day service that you are in need of, why not get in touch and make your appointment now. We are flexible, reliable, fast and ready when it suits you the best.
This means that we take any type of enquiry immediately and with the highest level of sincerity and professionalism. So get in touch with a locksmith service which you can not only trust to provide you with the best that the security market has to offer, but that will always give you a great price on the products and services that are provided here. This simply means that your time spent worrying, can now be spent on what it needs to be on the most, whether it’s your work, your family, your home or something else that is your priority, by leaving your home security in the hands of a locksmith who you can trust, you can spend your energy and attention on just that.

Feel free to get in touch today, give your locksmith service a call today, and find out what we can do for you!

With the highest respect of your home and your time

Bristol keysIf the reason that you are putting off making your home security situation a high security situation is that you fear feeling like you are in a fort or prison rather than a home, why not get in touch with your locksmith service. If you speak to the guys here you will be able to find how you can make a good high security situation at your home, and still keep the integrity of the feeling that you have spent years creating. Making sure that style and feeling of a space is kept, but at the same time keeping the highest possible level of security in a room is something that the lands here are experts at. So speak to your locksmith service, and discuss how you can make your home a safer and more secure place today.

There are no good reason to push something as important at home security forward, you never know when disaster will strike, and making sure that your home is secure, and that you family is safe is top priority. High security doesn’t in any way mean it has to look like high security, with new technology on the market which can do everything from alert you to intrusion in good time to monitor your home when you are away on holiday you home will keep a great feeling but at the same time be kept in the best and most secure way possible. So speak to your locksmith today, to see how we can help you find the perfect solution for you.

A locksmith dedicated to your service

great customer service from your locksmithEnsuring that our customers and people in our local area are up to date with their security as well as educated to how simple measures can make your home and neighbourhood more secure is one of the main drivers of the wonderful boys and girls here. For the services you require professional help with your locksmith  service stands ready to help at any time. Another factor which makes home security a well worth while effort without being engrossed in a mountain of hassle and difficulty. Adding to that, the dedication in the crew shines though also in providing affordable security solutions which will keep your home, your family and you in the best possible way.

Bringing news to of the latest developments on the industry market and threats which are relevant to the area is another thing which your locksmith service gladly shoulders the responsibility of, and continuous training, work and practice to make the best of the latest available is given.

Any questions lurking in your mind with regards to this locksmith service please don’t hesitate to call today, the service is always forthcoming in answering your questions, and sharing of their long gathered knowledge and experience. Call now and find out how you can move forward in removing your own security concerns and providing yourself and your business with the physical and financial security that the risk factors of today dictates. With a locksmith service expert you will be able to find the most suiting solution for your original conditions. And if nothing else, make sure to save the details for this caring and 24 hour available locksmith service, who will also rush to your aid should you be faced with a difficult and stressful emergency lockout context.

Home safe and cabinets with a city expert

bristol home safeTo protect your most valuable assets at home, it’s a great idea to make use of a home security safe. There is a wide variety of safes currently on the market, and if you are in need of advice on what to get feel free to get in touch with your locksmiths home security safe expert. The workers here has been in the industry for a countless number of years, and have advised and informed many customers on what is suiting for their situation and their needs. For the locksmith, a home security safe is a great option to keep your most valuable documents and family treasures safe, as a heavy duty safe will provide break in protection. We’ve hear people argue against safes, saying that they indicate value, however this for us is a bad argument. A proper and suiting safe is near impossible to easily remove from the house, due to weight, and the skill required to open a safe of this kind is rarely found in common burglars and thieves. Hiding values may be a good idea, but what your locksmith service also know is that hiding places which feel original to the home owner are often known by those who knows where to look.

So why not ensure that you add an extra layer of security to your most prized possessions and documents with a security locksmith service who knows. We can help you find the suitable safe, at the suitable price, and if required the installation needed for you to be able to make instant use of this high security environment. Please feel free to get in touch with the experts here with your questions today.

Anti Bump and Anti Pick locks with your local service

locksmith bristol anti bumpIn a word constantly changing, the security threats which each property faces are evolving continuously, and with it, so must the industry market. Your locksmith service are always checking for news and indications of changes, as well as making sure that our practices are up to date with the latest, as so best be able to protect you against attack. So to ensure that your home or business is under the protection it needs, why not speak to your local expert today.

More and more commonly used by burglars are techniques such as picking locks, bumping and snapping. And if your locks are not of an up to date kind you risk intrusion by these methods. If you come to your city lock installer, you will be able to ensure that your locks are up to date and can withstand attacks of this type and if you are unsure if your locks are up to the standard needed to keep you, your business and your family safe and secure, you can always give us a call and ask us today. With competitive installation service prices, and only stocking brands which are trusted within the industry, you can get affordable, quick and easy protection installed at a time that suits your schedule.

Upgrading your locks not something which costs an arm and a leg, and for the protection proper locks on your doors provide, it’s a well worth investment. Feel free to give us a call with your questions and concerns today, and if you already have a specific lock type in mind, why not let a professional locksmith service do the installation for you, ensuring precision and that the security integrity of the mechanism is kept to its prime.

Get secure with a locksmith home security expert

home in handsIn the climate of living in today’s world, there are really only good reasons to make sure that you are up to date with your security at home. Not only to ensure that those you care for the most have a safe and sound environment, not threatened by external factors. As well as making sure that any financial investments, and investments of time and energy which has been made in the house are left secure and insured to also bring you a sense of financial security.

A locksmith service who’s been around for countless number of years understands what type of energy that goes into building a home, and unfortunately we have also seen instances where, due to lack of proper home security protection, great loss has been faced. This is not something we say to cause alarm or to scare anyone, just something which we bring up to ensure that you are as protected at home as you need to be.

So please feel free to get in touch to speak with one of our experienced locksmith, who can inspect your premises, and ensure that you have sufficient security means put into place to cover your biggest risk areas.

If there is anything that you are wondering on your own home security, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a friendly locksmith who cares for customers, and you can do so today. And ensure that your home security is up to scratch in a swift and convenient matter. Should you require any of the day to day services here, such as key cutting or lock repairs and replacements, or perhaps you are in need of assistance with your alarm and home security installation. You can always rest assured that you will find what you need here.

Home high security monitoring systems with a local security installer

home security monitoringSecurity at home is something that is becoming more and more present in the mind of people, and to a home security expert, this is with good reason. With portable and quick value items for a burglar becoming increasingly popular, and when these are kept at home and in line of sight from the outside, the risk of ending up a victim of a home intrusion is on the rise. This is why a locksmith provider who knows what means of home security is most efficient would recommend a home monitoring system with CCTV cameras, and a notification system which lets you know as soon as there is unwarranted activity in your home.

If you would like to discuss your home monitoring system option with a local installer who is known for long lasting relations with customers due to high value and high quality products and installations. You can always reach for the phone and get in touch.
Many believe that home monitoring system will cost an arm and a leg, and will be high maintenance and difficult to manage. However most home monitoring and notification systems today are easy to use, and provide what a security expert would call high security.

Simply meaning, that a home monitoring system is proved to be one of the, if not the most effective home security measure to be taken for most home owners. The deterring factor of a home CCTV system is greatly effective, and having been stated at the top of the “to avoid” list of many burglars who turned from their old vocation to instead help the police, makes a home monitoring system a sure choice.

A warm summer warning

home security alarm panelThe sun is showing more and more of its lovely rays, and the local service are also of the kind who loves to be outside, replenishing their energy and getting warm under the light of it! It’s a great time indeed, where the outdoors seem to come alive and the season for fun and play is on the way in. What we would like to give a little warning about today, is that during this time, as we spend more and more time outside and away from our homes, maybe visiting a nearby park, perhaps go away to see the waterfalls of Wales, or visit the coast for a day trip. This means that there are more opportunity for potential burglars, and empty houses are always at much greater risk! So this locksmith service would like to ensure that your home is left safe and secure when you are away and enjoying the sunshine!

Should you have plans to travel abroad, or be away for longer periods of times, having a security survey performed at your property is something that we highly recommend, and you can get in touch with the locksmith security surveyor labourers to book this in at a time good for you. In adding security to your home, you will also be able to spend a much more relaxed holiday away, resting assured that your home is protected and that you have covered the highest risk areas for you. Should there be any wonders in your mind with regards to your security situation, please feel free to get in touch with a locksmith service who has helped advice and installed a countless number of home security solutions for homes which are left empty during periods both in the summer and winter.

Lastly, the locksmiths would like to wish you a great summer season, and if you are planning to go away, why not make sure that you notify your trusted neighbours, asking them to be aware and especially attentive to any suspicious activity on or around your property.

A locksmith provider explaining Abloy locks

bristol abloy lockThere are a range of different lock types and mechanism out there available for installation on your doors. As a locksmith installer it’s important to make sure that you explain the different mechanisms at play, as so that customers can easily understand and make their home lock and business lock choices. Now if you are in need of an experienced, flexible and quick locksmith provider, feel free to call at any time, and in the meanwhile please let us tell you about Abloy.

Having been around for many years now, Abloy locks are of a quite different nature and design to your typical and average cylinder lock. A locksmith provider sees the benefits to this lock, as the design using cylinders which need aligning for release, provides many layers of security, and makes it difficult for potential burglars to pick. This, a locksmith provider also sees as something which be even more of a benefit being in the UK, as the lock type is very uncommon.

As many locksmith service providers know, these locks are most common in and around the Scandinavian countries, to the point where they have in many places also become the standard, such as for instance a Yale latch lock is here.

If you need help for an experienced locksmith installer, to help choosing your locks, to install your locks or if you just have unanswered questions about locks or your home security, please give us a call at any time. And should you land in that terrible and unfortunate scenario of being locked out in the middle of the night, please don’t panic. An emergency local provider is always at the other end of our line.

A locksmith provider’s pride

proud locksmithSomething that our whole workmen group would agree on is that being able to provide a service, to people, to the community in which we live, which has a practical purpose as well as a value in being able to help those who need it with a specific acquired skill is as a locksmith provider something greatly rewarding as well as something that can be taken with pride.

We’ve heard people say that the locksmith trade is dying out, or state that it’s not what it was, and the world doesn’t have space for traditional crafts and trades men anymore. However, this is where this locksmith provider disagrees. Although locksmith are in need of becoming used to their new role, which these days is much more than just assisting people in their homes with lock installations. We do here see that although projections such as the above one can be made, but when looking at things all we see here a slightly different looking service, but we’ve yet to come across a locksmith who did not feel pride and joy from his profession both in his skill and knowledge, as well as in his interaction and good intentions with people.

So please feel free to give us a call at any time you need advice form a dedicated and proud expert Service Provider who has focus on providing a great reliable service.

Alarmed padlock for your garden shed, storage or greenhouse

bristol alarmed padlockThe spring is coming, and the gardening and planting season is starting. Make sure that you have your planting schedule, your seeds and your tools for gardening ready for the venture. Something that we as a local service provider would like to raise awareness of at this time of year is making sure that all your tools are safely packed away in your shed, greenhouse or outside storage. What we as a locksmith provider would also like to ensure that you dedicated gardeners and DIY folk out there do, is to make sure that you provide a proper lock and security for your garden structures.

What we would recommend as a suggestion today is making sure that your brackets for hanging your padlock on for your shed or greenhouse are properly fixed, and not something which can easily be broken into. After that something that we, together with many of our fellow locksmith service providers would also suggest is to purchase an alarmed padlock.

An alarmed padlock simply sounds a very loud siren should the lock be tampered with, and in this you and your neighbours should be warned if there is anyone in your garden trying to break in. Should you require any more outdoor security tips, get in touch with a city security installer today, our telephone lines are open 24/7 for your questions and for your emergencies.

Spring face lift for your Drive and Walkways

gravel for drive and walkwayGetting tips on your specific security needs and situation at home or for your business is something best gotten from a professional locksmith service provider. You can get in touch with any time of day or night to reach our emergency lockout service, however you can also call us during regular hours to discuss your security situation and how we can help improve it and in the process making your home both safer and more secure.

If you are one of the many across the UK who are planning a little facelift for your driveway this spring, something that our of locksmith providers would suggest is to put some gravel down. This acts not only as something giving your front garden a fresh feeling, but with a versatile colour range you can also find a look which is in harmony with the home, as well as get a loud auditable burglar alarm and deterrent. Gravel is one of our tips, and something which is high on the list of things to avoid for potential intruders. So think first, and if you are refreshing your front garden and driveway this spring, why not give a nice good value for money gravel driveway.

Electronic equipment boxes to the skip

bristol tv box in trashTo get in touch with a security professional in order to keep your home or your office secure, call us at any time. We are always happy to help and give advice on home and office security. Something that is commonly overlooked is the disposal of boxes which have contained expensive electronic equipment. We see that it’s important to make sure that you don’t display that which you have just purchased, and make yourself a more desirable target to attack as a burglar.

This is especially important when it comes to your home security and your electronic gadgets such as your new smart phone, tablet or laptop. Always make sure that if you have any boxes of this sort which you need to get rid of, take them to the skip. Here there is no home in association with the boxes thrown away.

A locksmith provider would agree in that this is a good thing. Should you require any of our advice or our services, please feel free to give us a ring at a time suiting to you. And on top of that, we are ready 24 hours per day to be able to provide you with an emergency lockout service should you need one.

Code locks, good and bad

home code locksSomething that is becoming increasingly more popular is to open your home door with a code lock. This somewhat futuristic way of gaining entry to your home is not something that locksmith are for or against, but we would like to bring up a couple of the benefits and a couple of the disadvantages of having such a lock installed at home.

One great benefit of a code lock being that you don’t risk looking your keys, and when you think about how much time in the past you have spent in a hurry searching for them, it may seem an attractive choice. On top of that pressing key code for doors always make you feel a little more futuristic and special, and if you are searching for that feeling in your own home, it’s a great idea.

What we would say could be negative with choosing a code lock is in particular one important thing. In an emergency, although it could be difficult to open a key lock as well, a code lock may be more prone to error. And in such a stressed situation, what our locksmiths also see as a potential downfall is that it could be difficult to even remember the right code. Based on that, we would recommend a standard lock with a key over a code operated one.

Getting a home safe is something warmly recommended

home security safeThere are very few better and more cost efficient ways to keep your most valuable possessions at home secure as getting a safe for your home. Our locksmiths understand that for many, a safe is something that you find in businesses that deal with high value items and large amounts of cash. However, if you have something that you would like to make sure is kept safe at home, the locksmiths see no reason why you should not protect it adequately.
There are a variety of different types and sizes when it comes to safes, and we understand that choosing something can be difficult in the sea of products available now.

The locksmith however is always available and happy to help advice you should you find our suggestion a good idea. Something to keep in mind on this matter, is of course the fact that from a statistical point of view, things kept in safes are very rarely stolen in the case of burglaries. This due to the simple fact that it’s near impossible to open without heavy equipment, and there is no easy way to carry a heavy safe out of a property unseen.


mock cctvOne of the highest deterring factors when it comes to preventing burglaries is that of a monitored alarm system. Which is what we would recommend to anyone, however we also understand that installing an extensive monitored alarm system at home may not be within the bounds of the budget. This is the reason why a skilled locksmith would also recommend mock CCTV security systems, or perhaps a mixture, where the highest risk areas are covered by real surveillance whilst realistic chassis of a camera can be placed where appropriate.

Perhaps where there is less risk, but a slight need for some extra security. Should you have any questions or need any advice with regards to your home surveillance options, please feel free to get in touch with us and book in for a security inspection at a time suiting to you.

Timers for your lights: a tip.

timer for your lightsSomething that we would like to recommend for the coming holiday season, especially if you are planning to spend your Christmas away, a good idea is to get a couple of timers for your lights dotted around the house. The reason your expert locksmith sees this as such an inexpensive method of protection is due to its deterring effect on opportunistic burglars. This time of year there will be many households left empty over the Christmas, and of course it’s understandable as we all want to be able to take this time to enjoy, relax and spend time with our closest friends and family. However there are some potential intruders who take the opportunity when they see a property where there is no one home.

A couple of timers for the lights around the house set at different times as so to simulate someone being in the house will be enough to deter many of these opportunistic intruders, and your home will be much less likely to be chosen as a target.

We can also help you with the installation of an intruder alarm system that is suitable to your home and your budget should you wish to make sure that your property is as safe and secure as can be whilst you are away. We stock a range of affordable solutions and if you call now you can make sure that this is up and working before you are on your way leaving you to enjoy your Christmas holiday without stress and worry over your home security.

More defensive gardening

bristol climbing rosesIf you are one of the many currently in the midst of planning your gardening year, then there’s a little tip which we would like to share with you. Our favourite flowers are roses, they come in a wide variety of different types, colours and smells. And they also come with our highest recommendation. This due to the fact that if you are looking at things form a security point of perspective, roses are what we would call defensive garden plants.

Having a rose vine running along the top of your garden fence will act as a great deterrent for potential thieves. Burglars are most commonly of opportunistic nature, and something like thorny plants or rosebushes in which clothes can easily be caught and which can cause much trouble in travelling thought the garden will not be a desirable feature. This is why locksmith recommends this type of plants where there may be an easily climbable fence and for the not so visible parts of your garden. Check out gardeners questions.

So why not keep your own home security in mind when planning your gardening this year, and there are of course many other benefits to adding some lovely roses to your garden, the rich sent, the beautiful colours and not to mention the wide array of bees and other pollinators for the rest of your garden that a rich rose bush will attract.

We, of course, are not gardening experts, however should you need some advice or if you have any question with regards to your own home security, please feel free to get in touch with our professionals today.

Anti Snap locks

There are a couple of things which is important to be aware of as a home owner, and one of these points is the importance of having anti-snap locks on the doors to your property.

anti snap a mustWe would like to give you some information to why it’s so important.
Something you may or may not have heard about is a weakness in the standard cylinder locks common to the vast majority of British homes currently. A weakness which is exploited by using a technique called lock snapping. What our locksmith sees as most alarming is the fact that the technique does not require high skill or expensive tools, only simple home and DIY tools can be used to gain access fast with the use of this technique. Of course when this weakness was discovered and made public by a locksmith a few years back work started to finding a solution to prevent this type of attack, and now there are many anti-snap locks available on the market.

At the favourite local locksmiths our highest recommendation is of course to make sure that the locks you have installed in your property is of an anti-snap type, and if they are not we would like to emphasise the importance of it. Please feel free to get in touch with us today, an anti-snap lock installation is quick and can be arranged to be done at a time convenient to you, and for us at locksmith  it is one of the highest security risks in many British homes today. Please do bare in mind that some home insurance policies will also have this as a requirement for compensation should an unlucky situation occur.

A good way to get a security perspective

bristol intruderOf course most of us would never dream of entering someones property without permission, however we also agree on that there are many benefits of just allowing your imagination to fly a little bit free. What we mean is just to play with the theory of how you would actually go about breaking into your own home.

It may sound silly, but what we can say that at your trusted locksmiths we also see the benefit of from a security point of view. If you have a look around and take a few minutes to figure out how you would go about, then you can also take measures to protect against the methods you come up with. We know that many things are simply just common sense, and to minimise your own security risks at home, having a deep think about your own security and seeing things though the eyes of a potential intruder is a good way to go about things.

There are many things in our day to day lives which are easily forgotten, we see that it’s very understandable with the busy and full lives we live today. However we also agree that the benefits to giving you own security some extra thought can indeed save you a world of trouble, and all we want to do is place a little friendly reminder out there.

Motion sensor activated lights, a tip for the darker season

bristol motion sensor lightThe coming season is only getting darker, and as the days grow shorter and the nights stretch out providing a different landscape and scenario for those who are most commonly active during the night. Unfortunately we see that amongst these are the thieves and burglars. We can see how it may seem a reason to worry, however we also know that with light, also comes greatly reduced risk. This is the reason to why the workmen here would like to remind you, especially at times as now where the daylight is on decline.

From a green perspective, we see the motion sensor activated lights as the best option for providing lighting for the outdoor areas, there is no need for your garden to be fully lit all night long, but only come on where there is movement. And with this also comes a big security, as the deterring effect it has is of great magnitude. On top of that, we see that a light coming on outside, is very visible, for any eyes that may be close by, say it might take a neighbours attention for a couple of seconds, perhaps long enough to see if there is anything suspicious going on. Should you have any question on your own home security, don’t hesitate to contact the wonderful locksmiths today.

Pack away your DIY tools!

bristol tool organiserMany home owners have a bit of a DIY bone in them, and here at locksmith we understand and see how important and rewarding it can be to do work on your own house and the outside areas of the property. It doesn’t only let you make things just as you like, and what is perfect for your home, but also allows you the satisfaction of having done it yourself. This is something that locksmith also understands well, as there is a different value to thing which you have put time, effort and energy into.

The only thing that the workmen and women here would like to give a little reminder to, is to make a habit out of always packing away your tools for safekeeping. Both due to the fact that often good tools are of a very high value, as well as the fact that good tools can also be used by potential intruders, and it would be a very ironic, and a very bad situation should you come home and find that your home has been broken into with the help of your own tools.
So we points out that it’s always important to put away what you have used, make sure the ladder goes back in the garage or shed and make sure your crowbar and your tool box are safe behind a lock and out of reach for burglars. And should you have any questions with regards to your home or business security, get in touch with us here.

Security bars for high risk windows

bristol security barsWhen it comes to that little basement window in the corner of the house, shrouded from clear view both from the street and from the house it might go in the classification of being quite high risk. This is why the workers here would like to make people aware of the option to get some security bars installed. There are a couple of different varieties to choose from. At your local locksmith we see permanent bars suitable for long term and consistent use, however this type can at times be difficult to clean, and perhaps restrict the window in terms of being able to open it enough for a hot summers day.

For this type of space, and what we often recommend is the swing door bars. They are hinged like a door, and uses a simple lock most commonly, in order to be able to clean and air when needed. In this type of bars we see that the release of the lock is placed indoors. The last type of bars are the completely removable type, and most commonly we don’t recommend this for home use simply due to practicality. If you are wondering whether or not you have any high risk windows or not, you can always get in touch with us, we are always ready and more than happy to help.

Security tip from the locksmith: Trim the hedge.

bristol overgrown gardenWe are a practice bunch here at our little humble shop, and from us you can always count on our security tips being easy to apply and logical from a practical point of view. Our current best home or business security tip is; Trim the hedge! It’s something simple, applicable, and it’s a multipurpose and multi beneficial thing to do.

From the security perspective, the experts here recommend trimmed hedges due to the fact that it provides better and clearer view both from the street and from inside your home to the outside areas. And as mentioned in our security tips previously this ensures that minimal cover for a potential intruder is provided and if you make sure you provide good outdoors lights for the evenings which are at the moment getting darker and darker each day you are already well on your way in creating a good secure setting for yourself.

Keeping the efficiency and the practicality in mind, of course the group here sees the multi beneficial aspects of this. Being lovers of gardening here, as well as home DIY and design we appreciate that when a task like trimming the hedge is done, you’ll not only have a more secure home, but you will also have a fresh feeling in your garden, and a better looking design and the instant satisfaction of caring for your home. Should you have any questions at all, get in touch with the guys here, we are always happy to help.

Always training at your dedicated locksmiths

training and pin locksWe understand the importance of always keeping on the ball and educating ourselves in the different products that come out on the industry market. At your local locksmiths we always make sure we are up to date on new innovation and the practical installation of it. It’s a continuous process which we see the need for in the current security climate. If we wouldn’t be fully informed of what is going on, we would not be able to provide you with the only the best, and since that is one of our top priorities. So is always training and practising. This is so that when you come to us, for any type of lock service at all, you will always be sure to get the highest quality and the best standard of products and makes.

On top of that, our bunch here of locksmiths are a highly dedicated one, and we see that each of our customers have different security needs and if we don’t know the new technologies and techniques, then we would not be able to tailor our solutions to perfectly suit one individual, and one property. So making sure we keep our eyes peeled, to always give you the best relative to your own situation, is something that we do with pleasure. Not only because all the workers members here have a high interest in it, but because it’s our duty to provide everyone with a secure situation where we feel that all bases are covered. So come to us with your security concerns, we’ll be able to put your mind at ease!