Master key systems

A master key system

A master key system is a sytem when one key can open more than one door. It is a very effective security solution, though it can be a bit complex.

Mster key system for an office

We specialize in master key systems. That means you don’t need to wait days and days for the additional keys to be provided. The locks and keys will be provided by us.

There are many manufacturers for master key systems, some of them are Abloy, Assa, Union, Grundman, Abus, Iseo, Mul T Lock, DOM and Kaba. We can deal with all of them.

Master key system explained

There is a kind of hierarchy when you think about master key systems. It is a great flexibilty when you can decide who has access to what properties.

Grand Master Key is the top key. The keys beneath that one are simply called Master Keys. But there are also Sub Master Keys. And the lowest level keys with the least access are called User Keys.

The Grand Master Key can open all of the locks. Master Keys can open less amount of locks. And User or Servent Keys can open only one lock.

All of this can also be done with a fob and card type of digital keys and locks. There can also be a centrilized control point set up. That can help monitoring the use of keys.

Who master key systems are for?

We work for your home and also for your business. Who could benefit from having a master key system installed?

  • Housing associations
  • Public facilities
  • Commercial, retail and manufacturing properties
  • Buildings with multiple entry points
  • Schools and universities
  • Apartment blocks
  • Hospitals and healthcare building

Proper security by using master key systems is not something that has to break the bank.

Speak to your locksmiths here. You will be able to find out how we can provide the best most applicable master key system which suits your home, your business and your budget. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today. You can also look for answers of your lock related questions in our News and Views page.

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