Types of safes:

Wall safes

It is a safe fitted into a wall.

Underfloor safes

This type of safe is installed underneath a wooden or concrete floor.

Free standing safes

This is a traditional type of safe that can be mobile and sits on the floor.

To consider when choosing a safe:

  • The type of valuables you are going to store
  • Where you want it to be installed
  • How often you will need to access it
  • How easy it will be to access
  • Is your insurance policy asking you to have a safe

Fireproof safes

You can avoid of valuable documents being destroyed in case of a fire disater by installing a fireproof safe. These are used domestically and for businesses. They have a robust nature and will protect the important documents.

We are able to supply and also install different size and fire and heat resistance safes. These safes are also different in access, for example, a safe with acode lock or a key operated safe.

Cash safes

Money doesn’t grow on trees. We need to work hard to earn our money. That is the reason we should keep the cash safe when we have saved some. Our locksmiths in Yate provide a wide variety of safes for your cash deposits. We also do reconditioned safes.

Opening safes

Supplying and installing safes is not the only safe related service we do. We can also open up your safe if you have lost the key or forgotten the code for the code lock. Get in touch for a quote or for an emergency call out.

A Tip

If you have a safe in your office set up a master key system, preferably, a digital one. In that way you can control whop has the access to the room where the safe is. To add to that, if you have the digital master key system then you can monitor when and by whom the specific lock is openend.

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