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Emergency Access and Lock Changes

Forgetting or losing your key is such an easy mistake to make and we are here to help. We have experience in opening every type of lock, door, window, gate, safe or mechanism that requires access.

We offer 24-hour service all year round and make sure we can offer the best rates in the area. Professional, fast and fair. That’s why Bristol chooses locksmith Bristol.

We understand the stress associated with emergency lockouts so we always aim to arrive quickly and can be at most addresses within 20 to 30 minutes. Our main service is to open doors for customers who have lost their keys and need to gain access to their property quickly.

Door opened fast and with minimal damage

Alarm and CCTV Installation

Knowing that our customers feel extra safe and worry less after fitting an alarm or CCTV system in the home or place of business means a lot to us. The team is ready to assist you to help you choose the best home/business security alarm or CCTV system.

We believe in making security available and affordable for everyone to provide peace of mind. So our rates are unbeatable in the area. We are also just nearby, so give us a call.

As with all products, security feature products come in different forms and different levels of quality. If you are struggling with the vast amount of options out there a member of our friendly team will be happy to guide you through the process.


High security installation as a precaution or necessity

Security Checks and Surveys

Spending the majority of our time with customers, understanding their needs, checking the efficiency of their security, practising repairs, installations and other work mean you can trust our locksmiths to provide high standard services.

With years of training and experience in both home security and business security situations, coupled with the diligent nature of our industry market surveillance, you will not find a better candidate to help you with your security checks and surveys.

bristol keypad lock and keyless entry



Lock Maintenance

The most vital part of any security situation, be it at home or be it at work is simply and commonly known, the locks that you put on your doors. Our locksmith service include advice giving about the right and most secure locks to choose for your doors.

This may be obvious, however, what your locksmith service knows is much less obvious, at least to the untrained eye, is simply to know what constitutes a good lock.

Lock installations

We do lock installations. For that you can choose the time that suits you. Get in touch with our locksmith expert. We will deal with your security requirements.

Should you be interested in any other security products or need advice on other areas of your security, at home or at work ours is also the number to call.

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