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Locksmiths of Bristol

a secure house with your locksmiths Bristol specialists every day or night
Truly Local, Affordable and Professional Locksmiths in the Bristol area.

We have been operating in Totterdown since we started business. With a large number of commercial properties and several strips of shops and restaurants, there has always been a high demand for our services in Totterdown in addition to the rest of Bristol.

Bishopston to Bishopsworth

We can rapidly attend your Bishopsworth property, reprogram key-code entries, change locks and fit extra security devices to keep your safe. Locksmiths Bristol  will also be able to address security vulnerabilities picked up during a security inspection.

Get in touch with your local Bishopsworth locksmiths today to experience our excellent customer service, excellent prices and to get your property secured.

Totterdown to Cribbs Causeway

We work to gain access to your property fast in the event of a lock out. When you lose your car keys, our emergency service will be with you within an hour. Another Locksmiths service that is popular with our Totterdown customers is our security inspections.

We'll find the right and key for every door, window or any other property that needs to be secure

This involves a full survey of your properties’ access points and any vulnerabilities, giving you the opportunity to get to know where security improvements could be made. Of course, if you go on to get these weaknesses addressed by locksmiths you know that we will be quoting you the very best prices.

Contact us today to get more information on our alarm systems, mortice locks, safes, window locks, locking bars, surveillance systems and all other aspects of the Locksmiths service. Follow the latest construction news or interesting stories and tips.

Central Bristol

Wherever you are in the centre or outside the city we will be able to reach you at any time of the day or night. Our swift service guarantees you won’t be waiting out in the cold in the centre, at night in Old Market, Hotwells or Broadmead.

The emergency locksmith service will be with you before you know it. Securing city centre properties is standard but very important work for us. Whether you require a safe installed in your home, or locking bars on the vehicle doors for your commercial premises, we will be able to meet your requirements.

Locksmiths For All situations

We can provide emergency locksmith services to city centre clients all year round. Fit new mortice locks to your French windows onto your balcony in Hotwells, or allow us to fit garage locks to your property in Old Market. Whatever the locksmiths service you require, we will provide it rapidly and economically.

Locksmiths Bedminster

Bedminster has a higher crime rate than much of the rest of the city. Call us today to prevent your property becoming another statistic. We can fit deadlocks and door chains to external doors, and can fit bolts to garage and sheds to protect your power tools, cars and bicycles.

We are the only number you need to secure your property in Bedminster. Also call us if you have a lock emergency – if you lost your keys or locked yourself out in any other way.

Beautiful keyless entry solutions not always the best choice

Customers in Bedminster praise us for their quick service, appreciating the speed with which they can have their locks changed, their emergency calls answered, and their alarm systems supplied and fitted.

North and South

Shops, houses and restaurants in Bedminster have all made use of the excellent service at Locksmiths Bedminster. Our service has been made particular use of in the Bedminster area.

Contact us today to arrange a security inspection of your property or to get a free quotation on large locksmith tasks. Even new high-quality houses need a locksmith when they’re locked out or old houses. Old or new, we can open anything.

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