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Need your locks changed? We’re a local business based in Bristol and we carry out lock repairs and installations for homes and businesses. Get in touch for all your locksmith needs including:

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A Great Service Guaranteed with Locksmith Bristol

If you are locked out of your house or you have lost your house key, call a Locksmith Bristol with a great reputation . The faster you call the quicker we can resolve your lock problems.

We aim to be with you within half an hour and offer a competitive out of hours rate. You can call us anytime to deal with any and all lock and security issues you may have. Our locksmith Bristol can deal with a vast range of issues, big or small.

When to call a locksmith Bristol?

Lock-outs are at the top of our list for emergency call-outs for lock-related issues. We endeavour to be on call for all customers regardless of why they call or why they need us. We prioritise those customers stuck outside their home -snapped a key or misplaced set of keys, for example. A call to us will mean a friendly, local locksmith Bristol at your door within 30 minutes. You will be back inside your house in under an hour. We only charge you for an hour’s work, no more. There is no call-out fee or additional costs for an emergency call-out no matter the time of day or night.

locksmith Bristol local

Locksmith Bristol knows how scary and stressful an emergency locked out situation can be. We are a local locksmith company you can trust and aim to put you at ease. As locksmiths Bristol, we carry all the tools needed to repair or change your lock. We take a careful approach to prevent any unnecessary damage to your property.

We frequently have customers who try to regain entry themselves but this risks causing further damage to the door and/or property. Here at Locksmith Bristol, we recommend you call a professional for fast and reliable assistance to resolve lock ins, lockouts and key snapping.

You will not be in distress for long. It is always best to call cheap Locksmith Bristol in the event that you are locked out. We are fully trained to deal with every lockout situation. If you forget your keys, for example, and need to get back in then we can open the door with minimum fuss.

Locksmith Bristol – Dependable and Caring

Having a local Bristol locksmith on call is extremely helpful for those emergency lockout situations. These situations ensure that there aren’t any customers left stranded outside their home for an unsafe amount of time. When there’s a local locksmith around the corner that can get to a Bristol locksmith postcode within an hour and resolve the lockout in under an hour, you know you’re in good hands.

locked out

Our emergency Bristol locksmith has a wealth of experience at doing this day in and day out for all the customers in the area.

We’ve been around as locksmiths near me for years and know what it takes to do a reliable job. Whether you’re locked out or need a lock change or installation, we know the correct approach. Always fast and always to a high standard. We care about the work that we do for our customers.

Being trained in the latest industry locksmith know-how and using our years of experience as locksmiths working in Bristol, we always take the best approach and give our customers effective, lasting solutions. We remain friendly and professional at all times. We are confident that we will soon be your go-to local locksmith in Bristol.

The Importance of Local Locksmiths Bristol

We believe in delivering a professional service for a competitive price. Making our services affordable for all our local, residential or commercial customers is important to us. We have been operating in the area of Bristol for years and use this experience to constantly deliver the best solutions for our customers. Our locksmiths in Bristol have seen all kinds of locks and lock-related issues. We rarely come across a problem that we are unable to fix. Being local locksmiths is the reason for this. When you use Locksmith Bristol services, you get a professional and friendly service that prioritises getting the customer back into their home as quickly as possible.


By knowing the surrounding areas, our team can react quickly. Lock damage and emergencies can be very stressful so we make sure our local services are knowledgeable and effective. Locksmith Bristol has seen all kinds of locks from modern to old locks in the local area over the years so come to us today for a friendly, reliable and local service.

Locksmith Bristol Customers

Being a local locksmith means we form lasting relationships with our customers. They trust in us to respond fast to their calls whatever the issue. We deliver a service consistent with the last time we visited.

We also adopt a customer-first policy by working non stop so that customers with all kinds of schedules can have access to our services. When you come home from work to discover that you are locked out, we can offer an evening service to help you get back inside as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your evening.

We would like to thank our regular customers for contacting us and recommending us time and again. We pride ourselves in our customer reputation. All of our work is fully guaranteed including parts and the workmanship. We are fully trained and reliable professionals who are fully insured with years of experience.

We can also give you advice on how to improve your home security using the latest industry knowledge. We think home security shouldn’t be expensive. From the first call to the end of the job, you will get a first-class experience. When you call Locksmith Bristol, you’ll get a quote that you can count on to be the same in your final bill.

Locksmith Bristol Winter Advice

As winter draws in and the nights get darker, security is often on the minds of the citizens of Bristol. Not only is the weather colder and wetter but the nights are long. It is not ideal to be locked out when the weather is cold so we make sure that our emergency Locksmith Bristol response times are even faster.

We aim to be with you in about 20 minutes where possible but sometimes the traffic does hinder this at times.

As the nights are longer, we make sure to check all your locks are working properly and that you have the latest security on all your doors and windows. We want you to feel extra secure throughout winter. The cold can also cause certain doors to stop working.

This can apply to wood and UPVC doors that, like people, don’t always get on with the cold. We can address all issues you experience with your locks and doors quickly and efficiently during the winter months.

Locksmith Bristol Crime Prevention

The last thing Locksmith Bristol wants is for a would-be criminal to see your property as a soft target. This is why we always advise installing the latest hardy locks for your doors. We’ve become concerned about the increasing number of calls we’ve received from customers in the local area worried about reports of rising crime rates.

door repair and lock repair

We understand the importance of keeping your property safe. After all, no one wants to spend all day at work worried about the safety of their family and belongings. Such thoughts only lead to stress and anxiety which are detrimental to your health. The Locksmith Bristol team believe it is important to inform our customers about extra levels of security that is available for their properties. Securing your home should not be unaffordable either. Two easy crime prevention solutions inlcude:

Door Chains

Very simple addition is a door chain. The door chain may not seem much, but it can be vitally important in scenarios where something has gone wrong. This item doesn’t just let you see visitors before they enter your property, it also helps delay criminals when they’re in the middle of committing a crime. Door security chains can prove very difficult to get past once an unwelcome visitor has got through your lock. Usually, criminals will attempt to barge down the door to your home to get past it. Not only will this take time, but it’ll create noise that alerts either yourself or your neighbours. In the pursuit of catching criminals, such minutes can be vital in protecting your property and being able to bring the perpetrators to justice.

upvc door repair
UPVC Doors

One other locksmith Bristol job that often comes up at t his time of year is the problem that the cold causes the doors. Doors often stop working in the cold. This applies to wood and UPVC doors that, like people, don’t always get on with the cold. if this happens to you, fear not! We can address all issues you experience with your locks and doors quickly and efficiently.

UPVC door locks may seem secure with their 5-point level locking mechanism, but unless they are fitted with the correct cylinder, they too may prove useless at protecting your home. We always ensure to install 3-star rating British Standard euro cylinders when working on UPVC doors. These are the most secure anti-snap locks on the market and will make the job a lot harder for any would-be criminal to break into your house. If this is something you worry about, call Locksmith Bristol today to arrange an installation time convenient to you. Protecting your home shouldn’t be expensive!

We can also provide locks that will increase the security on your door. For example, on a UPVC double glazed door lock, it is now standard practice for us to only fit anti-snap locks. You can upgrade the security on your UPVC double glazing doors and any other lock that require UPVC euro-cylinder upgrades or UPVC door lock replacement with Locksmith Bristol.

Mortise locks explained by locksmith Bristol

Many houses are easy to break into because the doors are old which often means their locks are old, too. The tools required to access these doors are very rudimentary and thieves could easily take advantage of these weak security situations. It is therefore advisable to fit a 5 lever mortice lock on audio external facing doors where appropriate we can advise, supply and fit these locks at short notice or you can book in a time that suits you.

locksmith work

A standard mortise lock usually includes a mortise cylinder, a deadbolt, auxiliary latch, latch bolt and lever trim. The mortise lock is different from a typical cylinder lock in the way that it everything is assembled around the mortise pocket. The mechanisms are bigger and heavier, built to withstand more use so we recommend these types of locks where possible for better security. We can also advise you on how to maintain your mortise lock for longer-lasting effectiveness.

Keys and Why locksmith Bristol says They Snap

If your key snaps in your lock it is usually to do with the age of your key and general wear and tear of your lock. However, sometimes it can be to do with a faulty lock or poor quality keys. The key’s teeth become worn and therefore unable to slot into your door lock correctly. If this happens to you, it is important not to try and remove the snap key yourself because this may damage the lock which could be saved.

Our dedicated team can assess the damage and using the best tools available to us can try and prize the key from the lock to prevent unnecessary damage. We can also offer advice about the best locks to install for longer-lasting, hardy fittings.

key in door

Yale locks and euro cylinder locks are the most notorious locks for key snapping. If you are concerned about your own lock, we recommend considering a mortise lock because the keys are a lot stronger due to their size. Locksmith Bristol can also offer quality keys and spares.

How Much Does a locksmith Bristol Cost?

We are proud to have excellent reviews for our locksmith services and we are a locksmith business that operates across the city day and night. We don’t believe in charging bank-breaking prices for our services at Locksmith Bristol. Our ethos is centred on our customers in Bristol accessing our premium services without paying a premium price for them. This is because locksmiths are such a big part of customers feeling safe in their homes. We don’t compromise on security but we do on prices! Locksmith Bristol will only ever charge affordable rates for the work we carry out.

We work hard to keep our prices down by being efficient at what we do. Our experience informs all the work that we do so that the approach we take ensures the customer ends up with the best solution and highest standard of work possible. We consistently check this experience against industry advice and practises, even using the latest tools in our work. This ensures that customers don’t get an outdated solution, but the very best every time.

By working fast and efficiently we ensure that we keep most of our work within the hour so we’re able to charge hourly rates that are fair and affordable. When you call, we will offer you a quote based on your tailored service. This gives Bristol customers peace of mind knowing ahead of time what they are expected to pay.

Can locksmith Bristol replace locks?

We can replace locks quickly if your home has been broken into and make sure that any other security issues are remedied as well as making sure your home is made more secure and up to insurance standards. Locksmith Bristol can use British standard locks so you know your home is as secure as can be. Locks in store from great prices.

open my door

We can make your home more secure by installing high-security locks like five-lever mortise deadlocks which are of course British standard. So if you are in need of a Locksmith in Bristol or any surrounding areas Locksmith Bristol are here for you. They can offer you a vast amount of solutions for any type of security-related issue you may be facing in your home.

Have you considered installing new locks at your home because you are worried that somebody else might have a key? This is a genuine concern and many of our customers will call us for this reason. This is something that could keep you up at night.

Perhaps you have lost your handbag and your keys were in the handbag along with your driving licence or letter with your address on it. Contact us right now if any of the above apply. We will be along within the hour to change your locks with guaranteed best locks and security for your home or business.

Insurance Approved Locks with Locksmith Bristol

Enquiries about insurance approved locks is something Locksmith Bristol receive on a regular basis and we are only too happy to offer our professional advice.

Insurance approved locks usually refer to the Brsitish Standard group of locks. You will usually see three types of locks on insurance documents which include BS3261, the most common standard. This standard normally involves a deadbolt where a key can be removed from both sides so no one can gain access with a key.

BS8621 is a standard less well known but has the same security as the BS3261 but has the benefit of exiting without a key. This type is used for fire exits or residences where quick exit is sometimes necessary.

The third standard is the least common. BS10621 has the same elements ar the BS8621 but the door cannot be used as a way of escape if the property is broken into. This is useful in buildings where the last person exiting can lockdown the building down.

clear quotes on all jobs from your trusted locksmith Bristol service team

Please contact us if you need advice on the best doors, locks and keys to ensure that you meet insurance standards.

Locksmith Bristol Tips and Tricks

Locksmith Bristol wants all customers to be as passionate about security as we are and that involves taking steps to prioritise your security. Taking these small steps can prevent you from calling a locksmith in Bristol in the future – saving you time and money.

So trust in the local Locksmith Bristol and take on board our tips. These require very little commitment, time or investment from you. We aim to make life as easy as possible for our customers which is evidenced by locksmiths Bristol 24 hour service.

yale euro cylinder

Locksmith Bristol services encourage a daily routine that everyone in your household can get on board with. Think about all the entry ports in your home that could be compromised by a burglar. Your windows and doors are the most obvious. Ensure that there is responsibility for shutting windows when you all go to bed or leave the house. Separating this into rooms or upstairs/downstairs can make it more manageable for all housemates or family. Get into the habit of keeping valuable items out of sight and away from windows so that opportunists cannot reach into open windows and steal your car from your drive! Call us today for more security tips and advice about keeping your property safe.

Security Surveys

Is there something keeping you awake at night? If it is anything lock or security-related, we can help. Your general home security and safety is our priority here at Locksmith Bristol. Every lock change, installation and repair is about making you feel safer and more secure in your home.

The best place for your local Locksmith Bristol to start is by doing a security survey of your home. It allows our experienced locksmiths to use their practised eye to discover where any gaps in your home’s security. We don’t do this with the aim of worrying you with a list of endless ways that burglars can gain access to your home, but rather in order to provide a comprehensive security update so that we can target all the areas of weakness.

Feel free to call us today to discuss updates and improvements. Our friendly team can provide you with a range of prices from simple additions to sophisticated updates. For residents and businesses alike, sleep better tonight knowing that your home and business are adequately protected.

mortise lock with key

Summer Advice From Locksmith Bristol

As the evenings get lighter, and we all enjoy a bit more sunshine and time outside, it’s important not to let your home security slip. Customers are often prone to leaving doors and windows open during the summertime and forgetting to close them, or leaving them open overnight because they are hot.

Opportunist burglars can take note of what windows and doors are left open and for how long. Locksmith Bristol advises you to be vigilant this summer.

It might be that your home security is in need of an update this summer. Now is the time to install those window locks, anti-snap door locks and security chains to give added peace of mind.

There is always more that you can do to improve your home security and it’s likely that it isn’t the tightest it could be today. Locksmith Bristol can provide security surveys for our customers to assess where those weak spots are. Offering a range of options from simple and cheap to sophisticated, we can begin to tighten up the insecure cracks in your home and protect it against burglars.

Because we know you’d rather be spending your hard-earned money on holidays rather than Locksmith Bristol services, we promise an affordable and competitive price. As a local Locksmith Bristol, we ensure that we are continually reviewing our prices against others so that customers can always access our reliable services this summer and every summer.

door and lock repair

When You Need a Locksmith Bristol 24/7

Locksmith Bristol is your go-to local locksmith Bristol for every lock-related need. Safer locks make safer houses and we are a local locksmith in Bristol that can supply and fit all locks any day of the week, any time of the year. We ensure customer safety and provide reassurance in a tough situation.

traditional nightlatch

Making customers feel more secure matters to Locksmith Bristol. We provide effective security through a variety of our services. Locksmith Bristol means around the clock service. We can be there for customers in every emergency and we can be as flexible as possible around busy customer schedules. Locksmith Bristol is pleased to be able to provide high-quality, professional locksmith services in Bristol and the surrounding areas for both residents and businesses.

Tailored to your budget and any concerns you may have, we can offer a range of security upgrades and options aimed at tightening the weaknesses in your home. Be more secure in your home today and call an affordable locksmith service in Bristol that you can count on dealing with all aspects of locks and mechanisms.

Locksmith Bristol For Emergencies

Here at Locksmith Bristol, we can provide you with around the clock, emergency locksmith services. If you find yourself coming back from the pub or a night out and you’ve lost your keys, then call on the experts to get you back inside in under an hour.

burglary locksmith

Not only are we the ideal Locksmith Bristol suited for local emergencies but Locksmith Bristol is there for busy people, too! Misplacing keys is really easy to do in the modern world. For example, customers rush out the door to go to work in the morning and the door locks behind them before they realise they’ve left them inside. A great way to avoid this happening is to keep your keys in one place in your home. In a bowl by the door (but not too close), or perhaps on a hook.

We’d also encourage you to think today about who has a key to your home. This is an especially sensitive area for those who have just separated from a partner or even a local business who has made an employee redundant. If either of those were key holders, you want to ensure you are the only person with a key to your property to prevent emergency situations.

We always, however, work fast and discreetly at all times and you’ll be sleeping better in no time. As local locksmiths, we commit to providing you (no matter what time you call) with a high-quality approach drawn from our years of experience. Locksmiths that minimise damage to properties and get customers long-lasting solutions we know work.

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