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Need your locks changed? We’re a local business based in Bristol and we undertake all lock work for homes and businesses.

Small and large jobs are all welcome

  • All residential and commercial work undertaken
  • 24 Hour Emergency Access
  • Locks Changed
  • Locks Fitted
  • Lockers, cabinets, Small Safes
  • Lock Upgrades
  • Mortise Lock Conversions
  • Local Locksmith Bristol

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Who Should I call if I am locked out?

If you are locked out of your house or you have lost your house key, do not hesitate to call Locksmiths of Bristol. The faster you call the quicker we can resolve your problems.

We can get you back into your home if you have been locked out and aim to be with you within half an hour as well as offering competitive out of hours rates. You can call on them anytime to deal with any and all lock and security issues you may be facing. The Locksmith Bristol service can deal with a vast range of issues so if you are unsure of how to deal with it give us a call to get the issue dealt with today!

Do the locks need to be replaced?

We can replace locks quickly if your home has been broken into and make sure that any other security issues are remedied as well as making sure your home is made more secure and up to insurance standards. Locksmith Bristol can use British standard locks so you know your home is as secure as can be. Locks in store from great prices.

They can make your home more secure by installing high security locks like five-lever mortice deadlocks which are of course British standard. So if you are in need of a locksmith Bristol or any surrounding areas Locksmith Bristol are the solution for you. They can offer you a vast amount of solutions for any type of security related issue you may be facing in your home so if you want to improve the security in your home, contact us today by phone.

We frequently have customers who try to regain entry themselves but this risks causing further damage to the door and or property. Here at locksmith Bristol, we recommend you call a professional for fast and reliable assistance to resolve lock ins, lock outs and key snapping.

The last thing anyone wants is to be locked out of their house, so why not call your locksmith Bristol today we can open any door for any house or commercial building and we can generally arrive within 30 minutes and complete the job in under an hour. You will not be in distress for long.

What locks do locksmith Bristol open?

We can open a wide range of locks including mortice locks, chubb locks, Yale locks and we can also deal with security locks such as combination locks and grills. Please contact us now and you will be put through to one of us.

We also take bookings for less urgent matters, maybe where you are looking to change locks for new tenants. If you are a landlord, we are happy to take one task off your hands as we can deal with the issue directly. Simply provide us with the mobile telephone details and we will take it from there.

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It is always best to call a locksmith Bristol in the event that you are locked out because we are fully trained to deal with every lockout situation so if you forget your keys in your house for example and need to get back in then we can generally open the door with minimum fuss.

What time does locksmith Bristol work?

Locksmiths of Bristol are available 24-hours a day so whatever time of day you are locked out we can be with you to open your door perhaps you are considering opening a new lock and would like some assistance to help us open it because you have lost the keys or failed to take the keys with you when you have walked out of the door.

We are experts in opening doors so when you find yourself in the convenient position of locking yourself out you must call us right away and we can come within 30 minutes and open the door.

A Local Solution with Locksmith Bristol

Here at Locksmith Bristol we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. We believe in delivering a professional service for a competitive price making our services affordable for all our local, residential or commercial customers. Let us tell you a bit more about us and why you should hire us.

How long have locksmith Bristol been operating?

We have been operating in the area of Bristol for years and use this experience to constantly deliver the best solution for our customers. Our locksmiths Bristol have seen all kinds of locks and lock-related issues by now, and rarely come across a problem that is too difficult for them.

When you hire Locksmith Bristol, you get a professional and friendly service that prioritises getting the customer back into their home as quickly as possible with minimal fuss or damage. We appreciate that you are already stressed at this point, and therefore don’t want to add to that with a poor service.

We also adopt a customer-first policy by working non stop so that customers with all kinds of schedules can have access to our services. So even when you come home from work to discover that you are locked out, we can offer an evening service to help you get back inside as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your day.

Can you send a locksmith now?

If you call us today, there are several things we can do for you. Our office staff are fully trained and knowledgeable in the types of services we offer and what kinds of lock issues you might have.  They can then either get someone to your residence or business urgently, within the hour, all over the city and surrounding areas, or at a time suited to your and the demands of your schedule. It’s always better to call us, as we can resolve it so quickly you’ll wonder why you ever tried to sort it yourself!

Snapped keys in lock locksmith

A Locksmith Bristol You Can Count On

One thing we continually promise and provide our customers in Bristol is a service that is professional and of the highest standard. We never compromise on this promise, because hiring a locksmith Bristol you can trust and rely on in an emergency is highly important to our customers, and to us.

It’s the thing that has our customers returning to us time and again over the years, and we’d love you to experience our services today and see why that is the case.

A unique thing about locksmith Bristol is that we put being local at the heart of what we do. We value the idea of local supporting local and understand that as a local business especially, you don’t want to be crippled by a locksmith Bristol charge for work that is necessary for your business to be safe.

What are locksmith Bristol prices?

Instead, we opt to provide competitive prices matched against others in the Bristol area, so that our services are continually accessible for all our customers. Being secure in your home or business should be a right for all out customers, and so with locksmith Bristol you will only ever get transparency rather than call-out fees, VAT or other hidden costs in the bill. We’d be happy to get you a free quote today to prove that promise too.

Because we are continually updating our skills with the latest industry training and use the latest tools to get the jobs done, we are able to advise you today on what security solution you should be using for your home or business. As break-ins and burglaries are getting more sophisticated, we can’t stress enough how important it is that your business matches that. We can do a security survey of your building to assess the weak points, what solutions are available to you that match your concerns, and also match your budget.

Let us help you sleep better today knowing that your home or business is the safest it can be, and call us, anytime of day or week.

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Snapped Key In Lock? Call our Locksmith Bristol

Getting your key snapped in the lock is really frustrating. You’re there on the doorstep, inches away from a cup of tea and relaxing after a long day. But luckily in that situation you have a local locksmith Bristol you can count on to help you out. With a 24 hour locksmith service that you can call on quite literally any time of the day, or week, and an hour response time, you’ll be out of that locked out situation in no time.

The worst thing that you can do in that situation is try and retrieve the key yourself. It’s gone, it’s snapped. What you should do is immediately call us because you’ll waste more time and will have no success. Ensure that you’re using a locksmith who cares about you this week. Using the same locksmith time and again means you get a consistency of quality and attentiveness of services. Our Bristol customers like us because we consistently turn up at the same time for every job, bring with us our experience as well as the latest industry practises. Bristol locksmiths is committed to learning and improving all the time, a benefit that is passed onto our customers in the quality of our work.

Help I’m locked out!

Lock-outs are at the top of our list for emergency call outs for lock related issues. We endeavour to be on call for all customers regardless of why they call or why they need us. But that isn’t to say that we aren’t prioritising those customers stuck outside their home whether because of a snapped key or a misplaced set of keys. A call to us will get you a friendly local locskmiths Bristol to your door within 30 minutes usually and back inside your house in under an hour. We only charge you for that hour’s work, no more – no call out fees or additional costs for being an emergency call out or at 2am. None of that, because we are the emergency locksmiths that cares.

snapped keys in lock resolved by local locksmiths

Local Locksmith For You

Welcome to our locksmith Bristol site and thank you for visiting the site. We would like to thank our regular customers for visiting us again as many of our regular customers know that we have a fantastic reputation and we pride ourselves on return customers not only do we provide a 12-month guarantee but all of our work is fully guaranteed and where we have supplied parts we also offer a guarantee on the parts and the workmanship.

New locks

Have you considered installing new locks at your home because you are worried that somebody else might have a key well this is a genuine concern and many of our customers will call us and ask us to fit new locks because they are worried that somebody else might have a key do you know who you have learnt a key to and do you know who may have copied a key for your house you could be sleeping at night and be very worried that somebody else has a key to enter into your house so why not change all of your locks today and sleep well knowing that nobody else has a copy of your key.

Perhaps you have lost your handbag and your keys were in the handbag and your driving licence or a letter with your address was in the handbag well this is a real worry and you will want to change your locks immediately. You do not want somebody to come into your house as they will know exactly where you live and would probably return to your home when you are at work by waiting outside your house waiting for you to leave and then simply entering into your house using the keys that they found in your handbag avoid this happening. Contact us right now and we will be along within the hour to change your locks in a fully professional manner with fully guaranteed work and all of the best locks and security for your home and business.

Cheapest locksmith

Perhaps you are considering who is the cheapest locksmith Bristol in the City or who is the locksmith Bristol who can open your door without breaking any material well we generally can open all doors without any damage and we offer some of the best locksmith Bristol prices in the city so when wondering how much does a locksmith Bristol cost you only need to call us for a quote and we will be along shortly to open the door and get you back into your house as quickly as possible.

Who is the best locksmith Bristol in the city world that is a very good question and you only need to look at our reviews to see that we have excellent reviews of our locksmith services Bristol and we are a locksmith Bristol business with excellent reviews who operate all around the City day and night to make sure that you can get back into your house easily.

keys locksmiths Bristol
bunch keys

We arrive very quickly to do the job so you can carry on with your busy day with minimum disruption. Next time you need a locksmith Bristol in the area do not hesitate to call us and we will offer you a free quote over the telephone and be able to attend usually within 30 minutes to any Bristol postcode.

Locksmith tips and tricks for free

Locksmith Bristol has some handy security tips and suggestions for you today, free of charge. We want all customers to be as passionate about security as we are. And that involves you taking steps to prioritise your security. If you also want to think about it a different way, it’s not just about protecting yourself, your loved ones and belongings. Taking these small steps can prevent you calling on a reliable local locksmith in Bristol in the future – saving you time and money. And isn’t that what we are all after these days?

So trust in the local locksmiths Bristol that cares and take on board our tips. These require very little commitment, time or investment from you. We aim to make life as easy as possible for our customers which is evidenced by locksmiths Bristol 24 hour service. By being available every hour of the day, every day of the week, and performing our security surveys and other locksmith services in under an hour, you can be sure that you can squeeze us in.

Lock Tips

So what are these tips? Bristol locksmiths encourages a daily routine that everyone in your household can get on board with. Think about all the entry ports in your home that could be compromised by a burglar. Your windows and doors are the most obvious. Ensure that there is responsibility for shutting windows when you all go to bed or leave the house. Separating this into rooms or upstairs/downstairs can make it more manageable for all housemates or families. Get into the habit of keeping valuable items out of sight and away from windows so that opportunist burglars cannot reach into open windows and steal your car from your drive! These are just a few of the tips that locksmith Bristol has for you today.

What’s bothering you? Call Locksmith Bristol.

Is there something keeping you awake at night? Often it can be easy to just lie awake worrying about something for hours. But rather than get yourself lost in a maze of worrying and not being able to do anything about it, why don’t you call locksmith Bristol instead. If it is anything lock or security related, we can help. You general home security and safety is our priority here at Bristol locksmiths. That’s because what we do puts customer security at the very heart. Every lock change, installation and repair goes towards tightening up your home security and making you feel safer.

The best place for your local locksmiths Bristol to start is by doing a security survey of your home. This is even if you think you know what’s bothering you. It allows our experienced locksmiths to use their practised eye to discover where any gaps in your home security are. If we are going to do a job, Bristol locksmith wants to do it right. We don’t do this with the aim of worrying you with a list of endless ways that burglars can gain access to your home, but rather in order to provide a comprehensive security update so that we can target all the areas of weakness and provide you with a tight-knit finish.

door locks changed and installed


It needn’t be flashy or big, or expensive. That would defeat the point of ensuring all customers in Bristol can feel safer in their homes. Some of the ordinary services that we provide here as a locksmith in Bristol form part of our security upgrades, as we said technically everything we do as a locksmith is geared towards improving customer security. So from the survey we might spot that your front door lock is old or wearing away which means it could be easily snapped or forced by burglars, and we might offer a lock change to an anti-snap lock. That way, our customers get good quality locksmith services, materials and tools as well as feeling safer at the end of it. Long-lasting locks and security is only a call away today.

All Hours All Days

Many situations require a locksmith Bristol to solve them, and we don’t want to you wait until you’re locked out your home to start considering what locksmith Bristol to call. In that moment, you want to know that you can call someone you can rely on. Here at Locksmiths Bristol we passionately believe that the locksmith Bristol for you is us. We have been delivering the residents and businesses of Bristol locksmiths services and solutions for many years and have built up a reputation as a locksmith Bristol that can be relied on. When you call us, regardless of it being 2am and you’re locked outside understandably distressed, we can be there quickly to get you back inside in under an hour, without any fuss or unnecessary damage to your property. That’s quality service.

yale keys locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol for domestic disputes

Locksmith Bristol can be called on to provide a number of services that can improve all areas of your life. They give you peace of mind knowing when you’re locked out you can call someone that can be relied on to get you back inside.

They can sort out your snapped key in the lock no problem. If you’ve had a dispute with a partner and are concerned about their ability to access the house, we can do a lock change quickly and discreetly to make you feel safer in your home. And speaking of safer, we can also inspect and improve your home or business security.

Many homes just do not have adequate security protection compared to the level of sophistication that burglars are using these days. Bristol Locksmith can draw your attention to your property’s weak spots and give you a tailored solution.

This could be as simple as installing a door chain to give you that added bit of control and peace of mind, or giving you a security overhaul that is a more sophisticated. Sleep better at night knowing you have Locksmith Bristol saved in your phone, who can be there to help you out.

Your local Bristol Locksmith

You won’t believe how many situations you would need a local locksmith near me and you need to look no further than Bristol Locksmiths. Fully trained reliable professionals who are fully insured with years of experience using most recent industry knowledge and the latest tools we can be with you at a time that suits you taking the stress out of your day.

forgotten keys locksmith Bristol

Imagine that you just got home and you are locked out of your house and you need to get back in straight away. In that situation you will want a friendly face you help you de-stress fast.

Or perhaps you are concerned who has a key to your house and want to change a lock fast without any damage to your home. Let us help you sleep better at night. Call us today and we can be with you whenever you need us.

We can also give you advice on how to improve your home security using the latest industry knowledge and believe home security shouldn’t be expensive. Our locksmith Bristol know all the tips and tricks and how to get it cheaply.

From the first call to our friendly staff to the end of the problem, you will get a first class experience. Our locksmith Bristol have seen all kinds of locks in the local Bristol area for years, there is no lock they cannot pick. Come to us today for a friendly, local service that is inexpensive, VAT free with no call out fee.

Customers keep coming back to us with glowing reviews because they know we can get the job done quickly, are friendly and efficient and we have clear competitive prices suitable for any financial means. Join our return customers today and come to a local locksmith Bristol who knows how to get the job done properly.

Night or day Locksmith Bristol

Local, trusted, fast Locksmith Bristol. We cover the whole of Bristol. Call 24 Hours for a fast response.

Prompt and efficient service. No VAT or call out fee. For your high quality Locksmith Bristol at competitive prices, call for a friendly quote now from your local professionals night or day.

Did you know that we can advise on all manners of locks and security many of our customers contact us because they would like to improve the security of the locks on their doors it is very common for us to be caused by customers who wish to increase the security standard of their doors facing the external part of the house to meet the insurance requirement of the insurance company for the contents insurance of their home policy.

This is something locksmith Bristol on a regular basis and are only too happy to offer our professional advice in this matter if you wish to contact us we can advise you on the best doors and lock and key to have and ensure that you meet the insurance standards.

UPVC doors

We can also provide locks that will increase the security on your door so for example on a UPVC double glazed door lock it is now standard practice for us to only fit anti-snap locks many of the old doors will have the Euro cylinders in the door which do not meet modern standards resistant to common burglary techniques.

We can provide these locks and fit them for a very reasonable fee if you wish to upgrade the security on your uPVC double glazing doors and any other lock that require UPVC euro cylinder upgrades or UPVC door lock replacement.

bristol locksmith keys

Many houses are very easy for a feet to break into because the doors like very basic security many old doors have locks which are 40 or 50 years old and the tools required to access these doors are very rudimentary and thieves could easily take advantage of these weak security situations.

It is therefore advisable by locksmith Bristol to fit a 5 lever mortice lock on audio external facing doors where appropriate we can advise and supply and fit these locks at short notice or you can book in a time that suits you.

Affordable but high quality service with Locksmith Bristol

We don’t believe in charging bank-breaking prices for what we do here at Locksmith Bristol. Our ethos is centred on all customers in Bristol being able to access our premium services without paying a premium price for them. This is because locksmiths are such a big part of customers feeling safe in their homes. Security is not something that can be compromised on, but prices can be. That’s why locksmiths bristol will only ever charge affordable rates for the work it does.

We work hard to keep our prices down by being efficient at what we do. It’s not just in the prices we offer. Our experience informs all the work that we do so that the approach we take ensures the customer ends up with the best solution and highest standard of work possible. We consistently check this experience against industry advice and practises, even using the latest tools in our work. This ensures that customers don’t get an outdated solution, but the very best everytime.

By working fast and efficiently we ensure that we keep most of our work to within the hour, being able to charge hourly rates that are fair and affordable. When you call we will offer you a quote based on your tailored service that will stay the same throughout the service and you will see on your final bill. This gives Bristol customers peace of mind knowing ahead of time what they are expected to pay and that this price can be trusted like Bristol locksmiths. Call on the locksmith that can offer both today – a premium service for a low price in the Bristol area. Trust in locksmith Bristol.

Summer Advice from Locksmith Bristol

As the evenings get lighter, and we all enjoy a bit more sunshine and time outside, it’s important not to let your home security slip. Customers are often prone to leaving open doors and windows during the summer time and forgetting to close them, or leaving them open overnight because they are hot.

Opportunist burglars can take note of what windows and doors are left open and for how long, so locksmith Bristol advises you to be sure not to get lax this summer.

It might be that your home security could do with an update this summer and now is the time to install those window locks, anti-snap door locks and security chains to give you a bit of added peace of mind.

There is always more that you can do to improve your home security and it’s likely that it isn’t the tightest it could be today. Locksmith Bristol can help now. We provide security surveys for our customers to assess where those weak spots are. Offering a range of options from simple and cheap to sophisticated, we can begin to tighten up the insecure cracks in your home and protect it against burglars.

Because we know you’d rather be spending your hard-earned money on holidays rather than locksmith Bristol services, we promise our customers an affordable, competitive price today. As a local locksmith Bristol, we ensure that we are continually reviewing our prices against others so that customers can access our reliable services.

The final bill we give you will the same as the quote we gave over the phone. Call our 24 hour number today to get some peace of mind that this summer, your home won’t be the subject of a burglary.

security first with Bristol locksmith

Call us In a lock Emergency

Locksmith Bristol wants to help all customers with their lock-related issues, and especially when they are locked out. We know how scary and stressful that can be, but having a locksmith Bristol you can trust saved in your phone will soon put you at ease. When you call locksmith Bristol, we can be with you as fast as 1-2 hours to get you back inside. We carry all the tools needed to repair or change your lock, and take a careful approach to prevent any unnecessary damage to your property.

Being trained in the latest industry locksmith Bristol know-how and using our years of experience as locksmiths working in Bristol, we always take the best approach and give our customers effective, lasting solutions in our service. We are able to complete jobs to a high standard and are friendly and professional to our customers, which is an added benefit of using a local locksmith Bristol. We are confident we will soon be your go-to local locksmith Bristol that you use in Bristol and we’d love to show you how we can help today.

home security

Locksmith Bristol are commonly used for lock out situations, or installing new locks, however we can also help in a far greater capacity than that. Bristol locksmiths is passionate about customers being the safest they can possibly be in their home.

We offer our customers security surveys where we highlight the weaknesses in their security that burglars could take advantage of to get inside. Discuss what updates and improvements we can bring you today with our friendly office team with a range of prices and ranging from simple additions to sophisticated updates. For residents and businesses alike, sleep better tonight knowing that your home and business is adequately protected.

Local Locksmith Bristol Who Cares

Having a local locksmith on call is extremely helpful for those emergency lock out situations. These situations ensure that there aren’t any customers left stranded outside their home for an unsafe amount of time. When there’s a local locksmith around the corner that can get to a Bristol postcode within an hour and resolve the lockout in under an hour, you know you’re in good hands.

And that’s because Bristol locksmith has a wealth of experience at doing this day in and out for all the customers in Bristol.

lost keys in Bristol

We’ve been around as a locksmith local to Bristol for years now and know what it takes to do a reliably good job. Whether you’re locked out, need a lock change or installation, we know the correct approach that gets it done fast, to a high standard and without causing damage to your property. It helps that we care about the work that we do and our customers.

Locksmith Bristol Customers

Being a local locksmith means we form lasting relationships with our customers. They trust in us to respond fast to their calls whatever the issue and to deliver a service consistent with the last time we visited.

Don’t settle for any old locksmith today. Call on the one that your neighbour and local shop uses. Our goal is to provide the residents and businesses of Bristol with a professional locksmith service that they can count on whatever their problem.

When you call locksmiths Bristol you’ll get a quote that you can count on to be the same in your final bill. We don’t charge customers VAT or call out fees, we just want them to be safe today.

Locksmith Bristol Winter Advice

As winter draws in and the nights get darker, security is often on the minds of the security careful citizens of Bristol. Not only is the weather colder and wetter but the nights are long. This presents many problems for the locksmith Bristol who has to deal with many aspects that winter throws at us. For a start it is not ideal to be locked out when the weather is cold so we make sure that our emergency locksmith Bristol response times are even faster.

We aim to be with you in about 20 minutes where possible but sometimes the traffic does hinder this at times.

locsmith bristol silver key

One other consideration is that the nights are long and because it is darker we locksmith Bristol make sure that you check all your locks are working properly and that you have the latest security on all your doors and windows.

Locksmith Bristol security

The last thing a locksmith Bristol wants is for a would-be criminal to see your property as a soft target. So why not install the latest locks for your doors to ensure you have the safest locks on the market. Safer locks make safer houses and we are a local locksmith Bristol who can supply and fit all locks any day of the week. So why not call us today and let us improve your winter security.

locksmith bristol latch painted

One other locksmith Bristol job that often comes up at t his time of year is the problem that the cold causes the doors. Doors often stop working in the cold.

This applies to wood and UPVC doors that, like people, don’t always get on with the cold. if this happens to you, fear not! We can address all issues you experience with your locks and doors quickly and efficiently.

bunch of keys on table

When You Need a Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol is your go-to local locksmith Bristol for every lock-related need. But you might not know when that should be. Or what kind of things locksmith Bristol can do. Other than being locked out of your home which is one of the most important services we provide in our opinion.

That’s because it’s crucial to ensuring customer safety and providing reassurance in a tough moment.

lock changes

At the heart of what Bristol locksmiths do, is ensuring customer safety. Making customers feel more secure matters to our locksmith Bristol. We provide such security through a variety of our services. One of the ways we do this is by providing lock repairs and installations. If your lock is old, faulty or broken, you must get an expert to repair or change it as soon as possible. This presents an area of weakness in your home security otherwise that could be exploited by burglars.

On the topic of lock repairs, we’d also encourage you to think today about who has a key to your home. This is an especially sensitive area for those who have just separated from a partner, or even a local business who has made an employee redundant. If either of those were key holders, you want to ensure you are the only person with a key to your property. So act fast and ask locksmiths Bristol to get you a lock change. We work fast and discreetly and in no time at all you’ll be sleeping better knowing that you are the only key holder to your home.

Key Snapped In Lock?

It can be a confusing time when you snap a key in a lock, do you try to remove the broken key from the lock yourself? Should you just replace the entire lock? Neither, you should call locksmith Bristol, we’ll be able to tell you whether your lock can be saved or not and remove the broken key in no time at all.

With dedicated locksmiths all around the Bristol and surrounding areas all days of the year our services or parts you’d be foolish not to call locksmith Bristol when you’ve snapped your keys in your locks and need assistance ASAP.

old metal door locksmith bristol

Locksmith Bristol has over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make any locksmith problem short lived and easily avoided. Locksmith Bristol is competitive on price for all of our services and parts and can be with you in no time at all or at a later time to suit you depending on your needs and want.

Locksmith Bristol For Emergencies

Here at locksmith Bristol we can provide you with around the clock, emergency locksmith services. Perfectly suited for those slightly drunken, 2 am lock out scenarios. If you find yourself coming back from the pub or a night out and you’ve lost your keys, then call on the experts to get you back inside in under an hour.

Not only are we the ideal locksmith Bristol suited for local emergencies but locksmith Bristol is there for busy people too. We know that not only drunk people lose their keys! It’s really easy to do in the modern hubbub of modern life. Often customers rush out the door to go to work in the morning and the door locks behind them before they realise they’ve left them inside. A great way to avoid this happening is to keep your keys in one place in your home. In a bowl by the door, or perhaps on a hook.

Urgent locksmith

Locksmith Bristol can also respond to urgent calls to change a lock. Say you’ve had a partner leave the home on unfriendly terms and are concerned for your safety. We will jump to action to make your home more secure. Our lock changes are fast and discreet and we will treat it as urgent as a lock out situation. Our aim is to ensure all customers feel safe in their homes through our services. Let us help you achieve that today.

Locked out fast relief

24 Hour Locksmith Bristol

Working as a locksmith Bristol around the clock means two things: we can be there for customers in every emergency that they need us for, and we can be as flexible as possible around busy customer schedules when they call us. Locksmith Bristol is pleased to be able to provide high quality professional locksmith Bristol services around the clock for the residents and businesses of Bristol and we are positive that we can help you today.

Security upgrades for doors

Locksmith Bristol are there for the emergency lock out situations to get you back inside fast, and we commit to providing you (no matter what time you call) with a high quality approach drawn from our years of experience proving this service time and again. We minimise damage to properties and get customers long-lasting solutions we know work.

Bristol locksmith is also there however to get you the tightest home and business security you could have. Tailored to your budget and any concerns you may have, we can offer a range of security upgrades and options aimed at tightening the weaknesses in your home. We perform security surveys first to point out these weaknesses you might not even be aware of that could be taken advantage of by burglars. Be more secure in your home today and call an affordable locksmith Bristol service you can count on.

Can I do home security for a reasonable price?

Here at Locksmith Bristol we’ve become concerned about the increasing number of calls we’ve received from customers in the local area worried about reports of rising crime rates. We understand the importance of keeping your property safe. After all, no one wants to spend all day at work worried about the safety of their family and belongings. Such thoughts only lead to stress and anxiety which are detrimental to your health. As such, your local locksmith Bristol team thought it was only right to update you on the possibility of adding an extra layer of security to your property for a reasonable price. We don’t believe securing your home should be expensive and as such, we thought we would take you through some of the cost-effective ways you can secure your property today.

lock key on plant

Door chains

A very simple addition is that of a door chain. The door chain may not seem much, but it can be vitally important in scenarios where something has gone wrong. This item doesn’t just let you see visitors before they enter your property, it also helps delay criminals when they’re in the middle of committing a crime. Door security chains can prove very difficult to get past once an unwelcome visitor has got through your lock. Usually criminals will attempt to barge down the door to your home to get past it. Not only will this take time, but it’ll create noise that alerts either yourself or your neighbours. In the pursuit of catching criminals, such minutes can be vital in protecting your property and being able to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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UPVC doors

UPVC door locks may seem secure with their 5-point level locking mechanism, but unless they are fitted with the correct cylinder, they too may prove useless at protecting your home. We always ensure to install 3 star rating British Standard euro cylinders when working on UPVC doors. These are the most secure anti-snap locks on the market and will make the job a lot harder for any would-be criminal to break into your house. If this is something you’d like to enquire about, you can call one of our friendly locksmith Bristol today to arrange an installation time convenient for you and at a reasonable price. Protecting your home shouldn’t be expensive!

Customer relationships are built on merit and for longevity though providing the best possible service and products available at the time. If you would like to join the many before you in a more safer, more secure, and calmer daily life, get in touch with the last locksmith Bristol you will ever need to find today with your questions and needs.

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