Home security

Home security camera

Top tips to protect your home:

  • Be sure to always lock your doors even if you are at home
  • Install a lockabe gate if you have a side access to your house
  • Fit anti-snap cylinders in your locks
  • Mark all of your valuables with a security pen
  • Install outdoor security lights
  • Set up an alarm and CCTV system

Security upgrades for your home

It is likely that your home isn’t as secure as it could be right now. The growing number of sophisticated burglaries mean that home securities need to take a step up.

What is required is an assessment of your home by an expert to discover where the weak spots are that burglars could take advantage of to gain access to your home.

We have been working as quality locksmiths for years now and using our practised eye, refined approach and industry expertise we can secure your home today.

A security survey assesses where your home security has holes and where burglars could gain access to your home. We then produce tailored solutions for these holes aimed at tightening up your home security overall.

What can be really effective is lots of small changes, like a security chain on your door, and installing anti-snap door locks. A combination of these can be effective in keeping a burglar out.

Call today for a chat with a professional locksmith who will help you sleep more soundly at night. Remember that we are local, so it will not take us long at all to arrive.

Window Security

Window security is not something that naturally or often enters the mind when one thinks about home security. This is the reason why the workgroup here would like to emphasise the importance of it.

After all, it is the second point of entry after the doors. So if you are unsure of what is required when it comes to your windows, why not get in touch with your trusted Bristol expert.

We can help you ensure that the locks on your windows are of the standard required, and if you need help installation or choice of new locks you can leave it to us.

This is, of course, true for the locks on your doors as well, and you can feel free to call at any time. We are in your area, so will arrive as quick as possible.

All locks that we have here are of the highest standards, both in strength and with professional installation you can be sure that you are properly protected.

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