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Regular product testing from your professional

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Most people understand that when it comes to security for your home or business premises, there are a wide range of options available. There are traditional lock-and-key solutions such as mortise locks, or there now exist high-tech security solutions provided by your professional such as alarm systems and CCTV. However, a lot of customers are lost when it comes to deciding which security product is suitable for their property. This is largely due to the fact that the security market is now saturated with a high number of excellent products. Of course, this does represent a benefit to customers as increased competition between brands such as Yale, Chubb and ABS has led to a higher degree of innovation as well as competitive pricing. Yet, this has also meant that customers are more confused than ever, lost when deciding which product is best.

This is exactly where your local comes in. Unlike our competitors, all our expert locksmiths are highly-trained to test all new products that enter the security marketplace – including those only known by industry professionals. Furthermore, with years of experience working in the city and the surrounding neighbourhoods, our team of professional locksmiths understand all the common and complex problems that affect properties in the locality. This means we can streamline our services and ensure efficiency in our responses to customers. As always, this means the cost benefits being passed on.

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Whenever a new product enters the marketplace, our team of local locksmiths have two questions on their mind. The first is whether the product we are testing is truly any better than anything we already have in stock. The second point to then address is if it is more cost-effective than any other product already kept in stock. These questions are not dependent on one another, which means that even if a product is not cost-effective, if it represents the pinnacle of security solutions, you can be sure we’ll keep some in our vans. We don’t believe that anyone should be priced out of effective security for either their commercial or domestic property, but we also understand that some customers will want the very highest level of security available and, so we ensure we have wide-range of products stocked to cater for all our customers. Either way, you can be sure that you will be receiving products that our locksmiths are informed about and therefore trusted, always representing the very best value for money with our locksmith prices.

Helping you after a burglary

If you are in the incredibly unfortunate situation that you’ve been the victim or a burglary, then do not worry. Of course you are incredibly stressed and angry, and our team understands this and are trained to help keep you calm whilst providing you immediate fixes to the security problems that caused the break-in.

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If you call our team we will be with you fast and will perform a full security survey of the property to see where the burglars got in, any damage they caused and any security improvements that can be made. We are able to help secure your home in a number of ways, including doing full changes of all the locks in the house including door and window locks. If there are any signs of forced entry, for example if they kicked in your back door lock, then we are able to lock repair these damages and install new, higher quality locks than before. We are also happy to cooperate with the police and any insurance companies and give full details of the damage we see and how it was most likely to occur.

Looking forwards, are able to provide you with even more security solutions that will help keep your mind at ease in the future. We offer full alarm systems, CCTV systems for internal and external use, security bars for your windows, safes for storing your most valuable possessions, and more. That being said we are not here to take advantage of your tragedy, and our caring team will not push anything you don’t want. In this moment our biggest priority is getting your home and family safe and secure and helping you feel comfortable in your home again. So if you’ve been the victim of a burglary, get in touch now for immediate help.

Get To You Fast

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Here we work tirelessly around the clock to make sure no one in the city is stuck locked out of there home not able to get back in and that’s why we leave our emergency response phone line running 24/7 365 days a year. We know it’s a pain in the neck when you get locked out, and it can be an even bigger pain finding someone local to you to let you back in again. Not anymore, we’ve got a whole team of locksmiths constantly travelling from job to job so chances are, we have someone close to you already, and in an emergency we could get to you in absolutely no time at all.

All of our staff are fully trained and as well as this we fully CRB check and vet all of our staff because to us, it’s not just important that we send you someone capable of the job, but we think it’s just as important to send you someone who is trustworthy also. Call us today and asee if we can’t get a locksmith out to you today. We won’t make you talk to robots or automated messages and we won’t keep you on hold for half a day waiting to speak to someone.

The importance of good quality keys

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We are met with countless cases each year, when a customer calls us having lost access to their house. We see that many times when we get an emergency call out, which is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, it’s often not due to fault of the individual calling us. Of course there is always circumstances where all your spare keys are unobtainable, however we see the reason more commonly being an issue with the quality of the key. There is often not much one can do if the key breaks in the lock, it will jam the lock and spare keys will not do any good.

 Anti-Snap Locks

We endorses the use and installation of anti snap locks. have you ever heard of the phrase lock snapping? We wouldn’t expect most people to have heard this phrase unless they’re a locksmith, they’re in the police, or they’re a thief. Hopefully you’re not the last one, but if you haven’t heard the phrase before don’t worry as we’re going to explain it and tell you if you’re in danger of having your locks snapped.

First of all the reason that lock snapping is such a massive concern to locksmiths and owners of a certain type of lock alike is the fact that the person or person attempting to break in this way don’t need to have any specialist equipment or skills just a screw driver and a pair of pliers. your average Joe or even a child could perform this operation in a matter of minutes. A thief will start by pulling the cylinder of the lock out of the sleeve and proceed to do so until it’s in position where it can be easily jostled until it snaps. When a normal euro cylinder snaps it leaves the mechanism bare and once at this stage all the assailant has to do is manipulate your mechanism and just like that they’re in their home.

Anti snap locks remove this worry and we’d advis you to check any UPVC door or any door with a euro cylinder lock. If the original locks are still in place you could be at risk of lock snapping happening to you! Call today and ask one of our trained advisers about anti snap locks, or any other service we provide today!

Locksmith Bristol Anti Snap Yale

We can access any door using the best techniques in the industry that cause the minimum amount of damage or fuss. You can rest assured that will deal with any unlocking situation in the most professional manner.

Digital Locks vs Traditional Locks

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Most properties around the UK have “traditional” locks – that is, your average everyday lock with a physical key to open it. These are tried and tested over hundreds of years, and so are considered to be very secure, depending on the exact type of lock you have. In the last 10 years we have seen the emergence of “smart locks”, locks with digital components that mean you often don’t need an actual key, and can use a mobile phone or security code to open the lock and access your property. But there are pros and cons to each style of locking system, and would like you to consider some of these.

Some types of traditional lock are more secure than others. For example, a mortise lock, ie a deadbolt, is more secure than a Yale or cylinder lock. This is due to how the internal locking system works. A cylinder lock is much easier for a thied to lockpick, and so mortise locks offer more security. Digital locks tend to be built onto preexisting lock types – so, again, if you have a digital deadbolt it will be more secure than a digital cylinder lock, although the latter type is uncommon. The main issue with digital locks is that they have the potential to be hacked, the same as any digital device. While most digital lock companies offer locks with the latest cybersecurity software, there is always the potential for an attack. That being said, at local locksmith we have yet to see an everyday thief with the capabilities – and time – to hack a digital lock! So really it is down to you to choose which lock you think is best. Our locksmiths are happy to install both digital and traditional locks, and can assure you that you will get a good level of security no matter which you choose.

 Customer Service

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Our locksmiths think it’s imperative to have a great customer service reputation when even thinking about keeping your business open for any reasonable length of time, so you can imagine our dismay at the amount of companies about who are supposed to be reputable businesses that don’t care about anything apart from money, and especially not about their customers. We’ve even heard about companies charging more based on a customers financial circumstances which we think is absolutely disgusting business behavior.

This is why Locksmiths is devoted to customer service just like we’re devoted to providing the best locksmiths service in the whole of the city and surrounding areas, we run like a well oiled machine when we attend a job and we like to continue that hard work away from jobs with our customer service. Don’t believe us? While we applaud your skepticism for words and speeches about customer service in business, we feel like we can show you how we provide excellent customer service when compared to other sometimes larger companies.

Firstly we believe that a good customer to business and visa versa relationship begins with communication, and have seen too many times businesses that are impossible to work with either because they put you on hold for hours or all of their phone lines are automated! Our phone lines are open 24/7 365 days of the year which means there’s never a bad time to call us for a chat!

Book a Security Inspection

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There are many reasons you may want to book a comprehensive security inspection with a professional locksmith today. Maybe you have moved into a new home and want to be fully aware of the ins and outs of your home security. Perhaps you are a business owner who needs an inspection for insurance purposes. Or another case, you or someone you know has recently been the victim of a burglary, and are now much more wary of your family’s safety. Whatever the reason, a trusted Locksmith team member can help you today. Our bespoke security inspections involve a thorough, one-on-one walk-around with our trained and weathered professionals, wherein they will guide you through your property and alert you to the good security – and, more importantly, the lacking security – you are facing.

The sorts of things they may point out to you will be widely varied depending on your property itself, and that’s why it’s best to get someone who really knows what they’re talking about – a locksmith specialist. You may find out that your locks are dodgy and need a repair or realignment. You may discover that your CCTV system doesn’t actually cover everywhere you thought it does, and needs a new camera to be installed. You may even realise that your windows don’t have locks on them, making you an easy target! Whatever he case, after the thorough inspection the on hand can perform any security upgrade on the spot to ensure that you are comfortable with the safety of your home or business right away. And if you need time to think about it, then there is no pressure, feel free to call our beloved team at any time to book in a future appointment.