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Regular Product Testing From Your Professional

A lot of customers are lost when it comes to deciding which security product is suitable for their property. This is largely due to the fact that the security market is now saturated with a high number of excellent products.

Of course, this does represent a benefit to customers as increased competition between brands such as Yale, Chubb and ABS has led to a higher degree of innovation as well as competitive pricing.

Yet, this has also meant that customers are more confused than ever. They are lost when deciding which product is best. Especially that is for mobile homes and their locks.

Internal look at a lock and how they work

We test all new products

This is exactly where your local comes in. Unlike our competitors, all our expert locksmiths are highly-trained to test all new products that enter the security marketplace – including those only known by industry professionals.

Furthermore, with years of experience working in the city and the surrounding neighbourhoods, our team of professional locksmiths understand all the common and complex problems that affect properties in the locality.

This means we can streamline our services and ensure efficiency in our responses to customers. As always, this means the cost benefits being passed on.

Whenever a new product enters the marketplace, our team of local locksmiths have two questions on their mind. The first is whether the product we are testing is truly any better than anything we already have in stock.

The second point to then address is if it is more cost-effective than any other product already kept in stock. If you are not interested in that, but just have a lock emergency, no worries – you can have 24 hour emergency service with us.

Not cost-effective products

These questions are not dependent on one another. It means that even if a product is not cost-effective if it represents the pinnacle of security solutions, you can be sure we’ll keep some in our vans.

We don’t believe that anyone should be priced out of effective security for either their commercial or domestic property, but we also understand that some customers will want the very highest level of security available and, so we ensure we have a wide range of products stocked to cater for all our customers.

Either way, you can be sure that you will be receiving products that our locksmiths are informed about and therefore trusted, always representing the very best value for money with our locksmith prices.

Locks of the Right Calibre and Standard

There are many locks on the market today. And with such a wide variety of brands and manufacturers, it’s absolutely understandable that anyone can get confused when first met with all these options.

This is why we recommend that you get in touch with someone who knows the area well. And with someone who is up to date and informed on the current products out there.

Locksmith Bristol can fit the right lock for you for any type of door

If you call service team here today you will be able to find the advice and the guidance you need to get your locks at home or at work up to date. The team here is dedicated to bringing you the best of what is out there at the best possible price.

And with having been in the business for a countless number of years, you can trust in our experience to show you the way to the best present solution.

If you have UPVC or composite doors that you make sure that they are good quality doors for one and also that they have British standard anti pick anti snap locks which can be more costly but offer much better security for your home or business.

We also suggest that you change the locks when you move into a new property and we can improve your home security by installing better quality more secure locks.

Digital Locks vs Traditional Locks

Most properties around the UK have “traditional” locks – that is, your average everyday lock with a physical key to open it. These are tried and tested over hundreds of years, and so are considered to be very secure, depending on the exact type of lock you have.

In the last 10 years we have seen the emergence of “smart locks”, locks with digital components that mean you often don’t need an actual key, and can use a mobile phone or security code to open the lock and access your property.

But there are pros and cons to each style of locking system, and we would like you to consider some of these. It also matters if you need a lock for your residential property or for your commercial property.

locksmith bristol - digital vs traditional locks when deciding a lock change

Some types of traditional lock are more secure than others. For example, a mortise lock, ie a deadbolt, is more secure than a Yale or cylinder lock. This is due to how the internal locking system works.

A cylinder lock is much easier for a thied to lockpick, and so mortise locks offer more security. Digital locks tend to be built onto preexisting lock types – so, again, if you have a digital deadbolt it will be more secure than a digital cylinder lock, although the latter type is uncommon.

The main issue with digital locks is that they have the potential to be hacked, the same as any digital device. While most digital lock companies offer locks with the latest cybersecurity software, there is always the potential for an attack.

That being said, at local locksmith we have yet to see an everyday thief with the capabilities – and time – to hack a digital lock! So really it is down to you to choose which lock you think is best.

Digital and traditional locks

Our locksmiths are happy to install both digital and traditional locks and can assure you that you will get a good level of security no matter which you choose.

What is a Biometric Door Lock?

You may have heard of it. You may have seen it. Your friend may have one installed. A biometric door lock is a lock which uses some feature of your person to identify and grant access to a locked door.

This new way of entry is an exciting way to renew your living. Our team, being professional and trained locksmiths have an affiliation to keys. But also we are baffled by what opportunity technology and its brings with it.

The different types of biometric door locks which are most common. And available to you if you have an interest. Is fingerprint and handprint locks, code locks, electronic key locks or smart home solutions.

Biometric locks with lockmsith bristol is an option

Fingerprint and handprint lock

Fingerprint and handprint biometric door locks come with a mounted scanner on which you place your finger or hand to gain access. The ridges of the patterns of your hand or finger are unique and difficult to reproduce. Rendering it a highly secure way of entry with the right product choice.

Code locks are easy to use, but here there is still the need to remember a code. One that should be changed with monthly or even weekly intervals depending on the situation.

Other electronic locks include facial recognition software and smart home access. Smart systems, which you may have run into incorporates many aspects of home living into one control hub.

Meaning you can control everything from your home security and CCTV cameras to your sound system, lights and thermostat. For more information and to speak to a specialist, feel free to ring our dedicated workers at any time.

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