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The security features

In the question of what choice to make when picking between a wired and a wireless security alarm, it is mostly a question of preference and needs.

What level of security does your property rely on? Don’t forget that we can offer a security survey or a business security inspection if you are unsure of your properties specific needs.

The difference between wired and wireless security alarms are few. Your choice should be based on the security features and the needs of your property. Get in touch with one of our trained professionals today for free advice and support.

Practical and Affordable Security Solutions

Simply locking your door isn’t effective as it used to be. It is now strange to think that most people in the UK left their doors open once upon a time and neighbours came and went.

People simply didn’t worry about their homes as we do today. Unfortunately, nowadays, your door and the locking mechanisms are now extremely important. Our professional locksmiths have witnessed locks picked away and destroyed by criminals. However, your home and its security can be protected affordably.

For example, an escutcheon is a protective plate that is fixed onto your door and surrounds the cylinder. They effectively act as a frame for your cylinder, bedding it into the door and thereby protecting it from a range of common break-in methods.

These special plates are both cost-effective and available for any type of door. That means you can upgrade your security and protect your home with a simple method for next-to-nothing!

Security camera installation for your home and business

Protect your property and deter criminals

Another cost-effective method of improving the security of your door and burglar-proofing your home is by installing a strike plate. This goes over the hole in the door frame where your locking mechanism secures into.

By putting this over a softer material such as wood, you can help protect your home from criminals attempting to chip away at your door. You can also use this tip for your mobile home.

When people think about improving their home security, they often think this is going to be long, arduous and expensive. It all depends of the locksmith service you choose.

Your local locksmith in Cotham and anywhere else in Bristol not only believes that any type of home security can be provided at a reasonable price, but anyone can make small improvements to protect their property and deter criminals.

If you’re unsure of the extent of improvements you require, you can always contact us any time of the day or night. We will make you feel safe in your area again.

A Tidy Garden alongside affordable Products for Optimal Security

You can’t say that a tidy garden keeps your home secure, however, what you can say is that a tidy garden greatly helps you present your home as well maintained and a highly secure residence.

By keeping your bushes and larger plants at bay, by keeping a clear view, and by ensuring that you have good outdoor security such as light and proper locking mechanisms for your outdoor structures, you will bring your risk factors down.

Pruning your garden for security and prevent blindspots

There is a great range of highly secure products available, ranging from locks to security alarm systems and other features which can be instantly installed at home or work as security additions.

This means that if you are looking for a security upgrade, you can have one instated by the end of the day. One which both works fabulously with your security need as well as doesn’t break the bank.

The choice of what to get is always and ultimately yours, but feel free to trust us to bring you both honest and applicable advice, as well as provide what you need in ways of installation and service. Of course, all your daily needs can also be covered by our wonderful and hard-working team.

Great security for all budgets for commercial or residential properties
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