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  • All residential and commercial work undertaken
  • 24 Hour Emergency Access
  • Locks Changed
  • Locks Fitted
  • Car Access if keys locked in car
  • Lockers, cabinets, Small Safes
  • Lock Upgrades
  • Mortise Lock Conversions

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Key Snapped In Lock? Call Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith BristolIt can be a confusing time when you snap a key in a lock, do you try to remove the broken key from the lock yourself? Should you just replace the entire lock? Neither, you should call locksmith Bristol, we’ll be able to tell you whether your lock can be saved or not and remove the broken key in no time at all.

With dedicated locksmiths all around the Bristol and surrounding areas 24/7 365 days of the year with no call out charge and no VAT to pay on any of our services or parts you’d be foolish not to call locksmith Bristol when you’ve snapped your keys in your locks and need assistance ASAP.

Locksmith Bristol has over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make any locksmith problem short lived and easily avoided. Locksmith Bristol is competitive on price for all of our services and parts and can be with you in no time at all or at a later time to suit you depending on your needs and want. Call locksmith Bristol today and speak to one of the professionals now!

Locksmith Bristol Near Me

Locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol is a fast response locksmith service that offers quick time long lasting solutions to ordinary and extreme lock and door issues with no call out charge and no VAT to pay on any of these aforementioned services or parts required i those services. Emergency or non emergency, locksmith Bristol can get someone out to you in no time or at a later time to suit you. Locksmith Bristol is here to provide comprehensive locksmith services if and when you need them in the Bristol and surrounding areas with no fuss and no mess from start to finish.

Locksmith Bristol for when you need locksmith services and you need them fast, call now and speak to one of our trained advisors today about our specialities and how we can help you today. Locksmith Bristol is your number one for local locksmiths and UPVC specialists in your area. Locksmith Bristol near me

Locksmith Bristol deals with lock outs, lock changes, new lock installations, UPVC doors and windows and much more. Just speak to one of our advisors today and we’ll sort you out from start to finish. Locksmith services have never been so easy to acquire. Locksmith Bristol, speak to the professionals and get your locks fixed today!

No Call Out Fee With Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol is your number one for local locksmiths services in the Bristol and surrounding areas. With locksmiths on hand 24/7 365 days a year to provide a comprehensive service with fast response times for if and when you need us most. Locksmith Bristol is surely the locksmith you’ve been looking for.

Locksmith Bristol is fast to respond to all call outs whether emergency or non emergency, whether you need someone right away, or you need someone at a specific time, it doesn’t matter, we’ve got you covered whatever you need from our locksmiths we’ll provide.

Whats more is that as well as being quick to respond and providing a professional comprehensive lock service we also don’t charge call out fees, and we also don’t charge VAT. That means you’re getting an experienced locksmith out to you when you need it and you’re only paying for the labour and parts if and when required.

Locksmith Bristol Fast & Reliable

Locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol is your number one locksmith business for fast response locksmith services in the Bristol area 24/7 365 days of the year. We offer fast relief and comprehensive locksmith services to all in the Bristol and surrounding areas whether at your home or a the workplace. Locksmith Bristol is competitively priced and always around to provide the results you’re after when you need a locksmiths assistance.

Locksmith Bristol for when you need someone right away or at a later time to suit you. Because we work fast we can visit multiple homes in the day and after hours we’re available right through the night and what’s more is that our trained office advisors are here just like our dedicated locksmiths 24/7 so you can call whenever and you know you’ll have someone to talk to about your lock issues.

Call today and you won’t pay a single penny in call out fees when we come to asses or fix your locks. We only charge you for labour and parts you won’t have to pay any VAT on your job no matter what service we provide on you, that’s no VAT on the labour and that’s no VAT on the parts as well as no VAT on the call out charge, because there isn’t one. Call today and speak to the professionals about your lock troubles.

Locksmith Bristol For Lockouts

locksmith BristolAre you locked out in the Bristol or surrounding areas? Do you need some assistance either right away or at a later time to suit you? Look no further as locksmith Bristol has the fast response times and specialist locksmiths on hand to get you through any lock out or other locksmith situation whether right away or at a time to suit you we’ve got the tools, experience, and availability to help you out.

Locksmith Bristol are your number one for fast response emergency and non emergency locksmith services across the whole of the Bristol and surrounding areas with no call out charge and no VAT to pay across any of our services. Call now and speak to one of our trained advisors today about all of the different services we offer and all of the issues those services can fix.

Locksmith Bristol are here for if and when you need us providing 24/7 365 day a year locksmith services to your door for no call out fee and competitive rates across all of our services. Call now and speak to one of the professionals today and see if we can’t help you out with your locksmith issues in a speedy and professional manner. Call now!

Locksmith Bristol Trusted and Speedy

Here at locksmith Bristol we really focus on pleasing the customer and we also think that doing that shouldn’t be as hard as other companies make it out to be. When looking to provide good customer service in business you must first look at what situation your customer is in when they need your service and then look at the ideal solutions for those situations and what you can do to make those solutions the best they can. Locksmith Bristol

For us the most common situation to find our customers in is a lock out, that’s when we’re most in demand and when our customer needs us most, some companies crank the price up in this situation but locksmith Bristol prefers to look at what the customer wants and needs out of there situation. If a customer is locked out locksmith Bristol know that they want to get back in obviously, but what can we do to make that need better an more appealing to our customers?

Locksmith Bristol offer quick response times and competitive prices for a start for anyone locked out anywhere in the Bristol or surrounding areas. Locksmith Bristol are nothing but professional from the second you call us up and speak to one of our trained office advisors, we could even complete the work today for you if that’\s what you require for no extra charge.

Locksmith Bristol No Call Out Charge No VAT

locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol has over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make any locksmith task a thing of the past,today. We provide the people of Bristol and the surrounding areas with locksmith services if and when they need them and are on hand with office advisors and professional locksmiths 24/7 365 days of the year. That means if you need a locksmith in the Bristol and surrounding areas and you need one fast, you should look no further than Locksmith Bristol.

Locksmith Bristol is your number one for fast response local locksmith services and can be with you right away or alternatively at a time to suit you, and what’s more that whether you’re in an emergency or non emergency lock out situation we’ll come to you and get you sorted out and we won’t charge you a call out fee and we won’t charge you a single penny in VAT.

These are just some of the many ways we keep our prices low and competitive, locksmith Bristol are ready and waiting for your call. So call us up now and explain your problems to our professional advisors and let us point you in the right direction for a solution to any lock troubles you might be having. Call today and speak to someone who cares.

Locked Out? Call Locksmith Bristol Today!

locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol are your number one for fast response professional emergency and non emergency locksmith services whether you’ve only got one lock or whether you’ve got 50 we’ll always be here for you if and when you need us with our locksmith Bristol office advisors answering our lines 24/7 and our local locksmiths coming out to you 365 days of the year.

What’s more is that when you call locksmith Bristol today you won’t pay a single penny in call out fees and you won’t pay a single penny in VAT either, that’s just one of the many ways we keep our already competitive rates as low as they can be for our customers.

Locksmith Bristol is here for if and when you need us and we don’t employ pushy sales people on our phone lines to convince you to go with us, just trained advisors who will guide you to a solution ins absolutely no time, with no pressure to buy or go with us you can make up your own mind after we tell you our prices. Call today!

Locksmith Bristol Fast Response Lock Specialists

Locksmith Bristol are here to take the stress of lock faults and mishaps behind you so you can focus on the  more important things in life. We’re here so if ever and whenever you need us you have a lock specialist on hand to come out and fix any issue you may have. Don’t know what’s wrong? Our trained office advisors can come and help you identify the issue and give you a price to fix the issue over the phone for you to decide whether you’d like to proceed without being pushy.

This is because locksmith Bristol don’t employ pushy sales tactics or salespersons to answer the phone. This is because locksmith Bristol thinks an informed customer should be able to make a no pressure decision on how they’d like to proceed with works, especially if it’s at the customers home. That’s why instead of overloading our customers with sales jargon we inform the customer quickly and stress free how we’d plan to progress if given the go ahead.

What’s more is that when you call locksmith Bristol today and speak to one of our trained office advisors about all our fantastic services, you won’t pay a single penny in call out fees and VAT on any of those services you require today. Just one of the ways we make our prices as competitive as they can be. Call now and speak to one of the professionals.

Locksmith Bristol Yale Specialists

locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol is your local port of call for locksmith services in the Bristol and surrounding areas and we’ve got you covered 24/7 365 days of the year! So next time you’re in a pickle involving your locks don’t hesitate to call your local Yale and Upvc specialist locksmith Bristol, we’ll get someone out to you in absolutely no time in any emergency or non emergency locksmith situation.

What’s more is that locksmith Bristol doesn’t charge call out fees AND locksmith Bristol doesn’t charge VAT so the quote your given is the price you pay, no fuss no mess and we’re fast to respond when you call us today you’ll be put through to our friendly locksmith Bristol advisors who are fully trained and know the best way to proceed to get rid of your lock troubles and make them a thing of the past, today!

Call us now and speak to one of our friendly advisors about things like the many great services we offer, our availability to provide those services and then most importantly the prices you’ll be expected to pay for those services, and remember we don’t charge call out fees and we don’t charge VAT so what we quote you is what you pay. Call now and speak to one of the professionals about how much we could save you , today.

Locksmith Bristol Fast Response Locksmith Relief When You Need It Most

Locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol has over 20 years experience and to do the same line of work for that long you need dedication and to know exactly what the customer wants in order to seek any sort of longevity in the business of your choice. So we feel like we’re not doing a bad job so far, but of course all of the hard work put in by our office team and our locksmith team could be lost with a few bad jobs and bad reviews, that’s why we’re so focused on meeting our customers needs and expectations every day.

When our customer is locked out we know they want speed and accuracy, of course all they want to do is be able to get back into their home or work. But we also have to make sure we’re accurate with what windows of time we give, as we can’t be telling someone we’ll be 10 minutes when we’re actually going to be 5 hours.

For us honesty is the best policy and that’s why we continue to be truthful about how long it’ll take us to get someone out to you because if we let you down it’s going to cost us more in the long run than we’d make from one lock out or lock change. That’s why locksmith Bristol is always accurate and ready to come out and sort whatever locksmith job you need us to do, from new lock installations too just give us a call and find out what we can do for you today!

Locksmith Bristol Always Here For You

locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol is a small local outfit made up of a team of office staff and professional locksmiths alike all striving towards the same goal which is keeping the prices of locksmith services in Bristol as low as they can possibly be and making sure the people of Bristol are never stuck without a locksmith in any emergency or non emergency situations.

Call now and speak with one of our trained advisors today about all of the amazing and handy services we offer for you at home or at your work place, 24/7 365 days of the year with no fuss, no call out fee and no VAT payable across our entire range of services whether that’s a new lock installation a lock out or a lock change or even a new lock instalation, we can do it all for a competitive price, either right away or at a time to suit you.

Call today and speak to one of the team in the office about our whole range of services, our availability to provide those services and also how much those services will cost you . With locksmith Bristol your never alone and that’s the way it should be when you need a locksmith. Locksmith Bristol are here for if and when you need us. Call now!

Locksmith Bristol Fast Response Relief

Locksmith BristolBristol locksmith is here to provide fast response competitively priced locksmith services for if and when you need it in the Bristol and surrounding areas with no call out charge and no VAT payable. We’re dedicated to providing the best and fastest service that we possibly can to the people of Bristol and the surrounding areas. 

With over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make a lockout situation as painless and cheap as possible. Call now and speak to one of our trained office advisors about our services that we offer, where we can offer those services and then how much those services will cost you. Remember that we don’t charge call out fees and we don’t charge VAT that’s just on of the many ways we make sure our prices are as competitive as they can be.

We don’t employ lazy locksmiths, neither do we employ sales people in our office to sell you services you don’t need. We’d rather employ advisors to guide you through your call and get to the problem and a solution for that problem in the quickest time and then offer a solution to that problem at a competitive rate with either fast response times or at a time to suit you. It’s never been easier to be locked out.

Everyday Locksmith Bristol

locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol have over 20 years experience and all the tools to make sure any lock out or lock trouble situation you find yourself in can be a thing of the past, today. Locksmith Bristol are around 24/7 365 days of the year even weekends and bank holidays which means you’ll always have a trained advisor to speak to, and you’ll never be left without a locksmith in the Bristol and surrounding areas.

Call today and speak to our friendly office staff about all the amazing services we offer, our availability to provide those services and then most importantly the competitive rates at which we offer these services out. Call now and speak to one of our trained advisors today to get your local, fast response locksmith to your door either right away or at a time to suit you.

With locksmith Bristol it’s never been less stressful to find yourself in a lock out situation in the Bristol or surrounding areas. With locksmith Bristol about you’ll never be without a professional locksmith at your service. What’s more is that we don’t charge call out fees AND we don’t charge VAT so our prices are as competitive as they can possibly be.

Locksmith Bristol Emergency Fast Response

Locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol are here to provide a no fuss no messing service for you if and when you may need our assistance. With over 20 years experience we’re dedicated to providing you with locksmiths that have all the tools skill and know how to make your lock troubles a thing of the past. Today! Call now and speak to one of our trained adviosrs today about all the fantastic services we offer to you whether you’re at home or at work, whether you need them right away or at a time to suit you. call us now.

Locksmith Bristol whilst being a small local business still manages to cover all of Bristol with fast response times and competitive prices. What’s more is that we don’t charge a call out fee and we also don’t charge VAT which means when you come to us you know you’re getting the most for your money. Call today and speak to one of our friendly trained advisors no matter whether your prblem is big or small we’ll find time to make sure it gets sorted.

Whilst we don’t deal with vehicles and we don’t cut keys there’s not a lot else we can’t deal with. Our locksmiths are experienced and have carried out these procedures thousands of times so when you come to locksmith Bristol you know you’re in safe hands. We deal with all sorts of services such as entry gaining for lock outs, lock changes and even new lock installations on doors that didn’t previously have locks on them. Call now and find out for yourself what we could do for you, today!

Cylinder Locks by Locksmiths of Bristol

Many people are rightly concerned about the security weakness of millions of cylinder locks that have been fitted to many doors and most commonly found in everyday UPVC doors. Your locksmith Bristol has been working with customers to upgrade their locks and make their doors safer by fitting the new anti-snap locks.

As a quality Locksmith Bristol we are more than familiar with the problems the lock presents. It is a security threat as it can be accessed in less than a minute by those who seek to exploit this security weakness and in our capacity as a local Locksmith Bristol we regularly attend properties to install the new safer lock.

Locksmith Bristol Fast And Reliable

Locksmith Bristol are always here when you need them, and when locksmith Bristol say always, they mean it 24/7 365 days of the year we’re here for you if and when you need us. How does locksmith Bristol do it? Locksmith Bristol has trained call handlers online 24/7 365 days of the year. Locksmith Bristol are working non stop around the clock to make sure the people of Bristol and the surrounding areas are never stuck for someone to come out and fix your locks, locksmith Bristol cover all of Bristol and the surrounding areas and offer fast response times and no fuss, no VAT, and no call out charges, all for you if and when you need it.Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol don’t hang about, but neither does that mean we’ll mess you about either locksmith Bristol have been around for over 20 years, locksmith Bristol have dedicated, trained and friendly professionals waiting to take your call as soon as you make it, none of this waiting around speaking to automated messages, or pushy sales people on the other end of the line locksmith Bristol cuts all of that out and allows you to be spoken to with respect about how we can help you to fix your locksmith issue in the most cost effective way, and if you need that doing today then locksmith Bristol can provide you that service today. Call now and speak to us about what we can do for you, today!

Locksmith Bristol Won’t Damage Your Doors

Here at Locksmith Bristol we like to stay ahead of the pack by listening to our office staff and what they have to say, not only because we respect the opinions of our trained office staff but also because our office staff know the most frequently asked questions from the customers, locksmith Bristol knows this is a good way to stay as useful as possible to our customers.Locksmith Bristol

One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers with little or no experience of using an emergency locksmith is, “when I’m locked out will you have to damage my door to get me back in”. The answer is no, if we were to damage your door it would definitely be a mistake on our parts but luckily these things are very freakish in frequency.

Locksmith Bristol tries to keep it’s prices as competitive as possible and one of the greatest ways to do that as an emergency locksmith is to try our bests to open locked doors without breaking the lock and replacing it. This keeps the parts to a minimal making our rates even more competitive. Call locksmith Bristol today and speak to one of our trained advisors today and see if we can’t come and help you out of your lock out situation, now.

Locksmith Bristol New Lock Installations

Locksmith Bristol deals with a lot of variance in the type of wok we do on a daily basis and that means our guys have to be ready to tackle anything when they wake up in the morning, this is why we carry such a big selection of locks of different types and different measurements. One of the lesser requested services that we offer but probably the most complex, is that of new lock installations.Locksmith Bristol

New lock installations differ from straight lock replacements on one key area. On a lock replacement job all we have to do (If the customer can open the door) is unscrew the lock and slide it out, with a new lock installation there is no hole or space for the lock in the door already, meaning our locksmiths have to make one themselves.

Locksmith Bristol will start by finding the center of the door so they can mark up where they need to drill in order to get the lock body perfectly straight, once the space is created for the lock body to be housed in the door the same must happen to the door frame with the nest of the lock, this is where the deadbolt slides into when you turn the key and lock the door. Once completed the lock will be tested and the job will be completed. Call locksmith Bristol today for your new lock installation.

Locksmith Bristol for Lock-outs

Locksmith Bristol have been around for over 20 years and we put all of that knowledge use every time we step out into Bristol to come and fix and resolve someone lock or door issues. Locksmith Bristol is happy to offer a quick and easy to use streamlined for purpose locksmith service that the people of Bristol and the surrounding areas can use at their convenience when they need to, knowing that all they should expect is professionalism from the office staff who take your call to the time we let you back in and replace your lock and keys if it needs doing.

Locksmith Bristol are quick in an emergency and that’s why we say, locksmith Bristol for any type of lock out or altercation with a door, we don’t just repair locks we’re also upvc door specialists as well and will carry most parts for all upvc doors. Locksmith Bristol, ring us and experience our great service aimed at not adding any tension to what could already be a stressful situation. Call today and see what locksmith Bristol can do for you! Locksmith Bristol won’t make you talk to automated messages, you’ll be put through to one of our trained advisors.

Locksmith Bristol Different Types Of Lock

Here at locksmith Bristol we deal with may different types of locks, but over the 20 years of experience we have the most common types were 3 types of lock and they are;Locksmith Bristol

  • A Euro Cylinder – These are most commonly found on UPVC doors and can be either key to a thumb tab or key to key. They are the most commonly broken into lock, and that’s why it’s important to make sure you always have anti snap euro cylinders on your doors.
  • A Night latch – Commonly referred to as a yale lock, however yale is just the most common brand of these lock and yale are not limited to this type of lock. Mostly found as second locks on front doors and on doors in flats and apartments, these locks are key to thumb tab.
  • A Mortise –  A mortise lock is the most stubborn out of these three and the keys are often longer L shaped type keys. These locks are usually found on wooden front doors and older houses. These are the hardest to open hence are the most expensive to replace. These locks operate only by keys both on the inside and the out.

We hope this helps you when you need it. We don’t charge call out fees and we have fast response times so if you need any locks changing don’t forget to call us today and we could be sending someone in your direction in a matter of minutes. Or for any information on the types or brands or regulations of locks we use then call us up and one of our trained advisors will sort you out and answer any questions you may have.

Locksmith Bristol Any Time Any Weather

Here at locksmith Bristol we’ve been enjoying the recent heatwave out of working hours like everyone else, but in working hours it’s made our job a lot more difficult. So does that mean we can’t get to you? No we’re still working no matter how hot it is, it’s business as usual for locksmith Bristol. Well, do we charge more because are work is harder in the sun? No, not at all it’s business as usual and that means form the response times to the amount you pay when we’re finished, this is because we think it would be preposterous to charge our customers more because of something that they can’t control.Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol has been dedicated to providing the locksmith services that the people of Bristol have needed when they’ve needed them for over 20 years and we couldn’t be more proud of how simple and streamlined and easy to use we’ve made our locksmith Bristol service.

Call today and speak to one of our trained advisors about any of the many great locksmith services we provide, or even call and get an emergency locksmith out to you right away. Call now and see what we can do for you, today! Locksmith Bristol have your back, we’ll be there when you need us!

Locksmith Bristol Special Locks

Here at locksmith Bristol we deal with loads of different types of doors, locks, and keys, and that means that we get thrown some surprises along the way, for instance we could come to a lockout and think we’re dealing with a certain type of lock and then when we get to the home of the customer the lock is completely different, or maybe just a tiny bit different but whatever the difference is locksmith Bristol has to adapt.Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol won’t just leave a job because it wasn’t what we were expecting to be dealing with, locksmith Bristol is here for you and that means we can change any lock even if it’s not the one we were expecting to deal with. The most common type of lock variation that we have to deal with is different shaped euro cylinders, like oval euro cylinders, there’s no difference between the two regarding mechanism and keys to open them. The only difference is purely aesthetic.

Call locksmith Bristol today and we can change your oval shaped euro cylinder today! Locksmith Bristol get to you fast in an emergency lock out situation and are available for no call out charge 24/7 365 days of the year.

Need A Locksmith Fast? Locksmith Bristol!

Locksmith BristolCall locksmith Bristol when you’re in need of a locksmith in a hurry. We’re dedicated local locksmiths performing all sorts of services across the whole of the Bristol and surrounding areas 24/7 365 days of the year so we can get out to you right away or at a later date and time to suit you. Our services are competitive and we try to make costs as low as possible in order to provide the best locksmith service around. That’s why we don’t charge call out fees and we don’t charge VAT in order to keep our rates as low as they can possibly be.

Call today and speak to one of our trained advisors about what it is you need and also to discuss other things like costs and our availability to provide the services you’re after. We’re 24/7 365 day a year locksmith so don’t think you have to waste your lunch break by booking us in just call us when you need us and we should be able to send someone out right away. Call now and see how competitively priced we are for yourself.

Don’t just order any old locksmith, when you need a locksmith now or as soon as physically possible then look no further, call locksmith Bristol now!

Lock Changes at a time that suits You

Best Quotes, Fastest Service, Great Customer Service 24/7 365 Days a Year.

Many households and businesses who have seen the publicity in the media this has caused have called Locksmith of Bristol to ensure that they do not become the next victim of crime.

If you have these locks fitted to your home or are unsure if you have the sub-standard locks so routinely fitted, then we strongly suggest you contact your Locksmith Bristol who will take the best course of action and provide the most competitive quotes. Contact us today.

Locksmith Bristol The Importance Of Burglar Alarms

Here at locksmiths Bristol we take home security very seriously, and so should you. Home security doesn’t just mean having good locks on a property and often a burglar alarm can be a big help. In a recent study conducted by Which? they found that 7% of people asked can

Locksmith Bristol Mechanical Code Locks

Locksmith Bristol can come and fit replace and install mechanical code locks for you at your home or business for a competitive rate. Locksmith Bristol is dedicated to providing 24/7 365 day a year support to the people of Bristol for anything lock related. No matter whether you’re locked out or whether you’re in need of a lock change or installation, locksmith Bristol will be there for you 100% of the way. What’s more is we can even provide you with mechanical code locks and fit, replace or install them for a competitive rate at a time to suit you.Locksmith Bristol

Mechanical code locks work by the user pushing in a preset code which when entered correctly the user may use the handle to the door and gain access, the code is the reset and ready for the next person. Mechanical code locks aren’t cheap but when you compare them to the price of supplying a whole office full of people with keys and then having to replace the locks and provide the office with keys again every time one of the keys go missing, the cost of a mechanical code lock is very reasonable.

Whether added security or you just need your current mechanical code lock replaced, call locksmith Bristol today and experience the speed and professionalism of our team, for any lock outs, lock replacements, or new lock installations in Bristol or the surrounding areas, if you’re ever stuck call us now! Locksmith Bristol are here for you if and when you need us.

Locksmith Bristol The Importance Of Burglar Alarms

Here at Locksmith Bristol we don’t take home security lightly, and neither should you! We’re surprised at the amount of people who own burglar alarms but don’t use them. We personally think this is a shame, as a recent study conducted by Which? suggests they’re better at protecting your home that you may think. And that 7% of people asked who had a burglar alarm had said that they’d experienced a break in or just a break in attempt. And one in 10 of those had been targeted more than once.Locksmith Bristol

We think burglar alarms are essential when securing your home but which type of alarm system is best for your home? To know that you’d have to know the difference between the two different types of alarm system most commonly found in the UK

The first type is known as a stand alone alarm, this is because it’s not connected to any police networks or security networks, all it does is make a loud noise when triggered which means unless you have neighbors to call the authorities for you then this probably ins’t the alarm for you. Better for homes on estates with close neighbors and a lot cheaper than monitored alarms. Monitored alarms work on a contract that you pay to a security firm to monitor the activity of your alarm and when it’s set off, depending on your contract, will either phone the police or your designated key holder. These systems are better suited to people who live out in the country with fewer neighbors.

Do I need to have a security survey done for my home?

If you’ve not had your property inspected physically it’s highly recommended that you do. We are energetic in our recommendation for a survey as it comes with a number of great benefits. First and foremost that of your safety and security. To have a security survey done for your home is getting to know the foundation of your situation.

If you don’t have an interest in security matters a check will simply ensure that your security is of the right standard. In the case of an active insurance policy an inspection will also guarantee your right to claim as well as keep you better protected.

Consider having a security survey done for your homeYou can call and speak to our technicians today or book in now. When you’re having a security survey for your home done all your locks will be checked. The physical area is examined in detail and you’ll be notified of any direct and high risk areas. You’ll also be educated to which additions would suit your property to increase safety and battle risks. More details and examples of what we look at when inspecting a building can be found here.

A security survey typically takes place for new buildings or when an incident has occurred. Our wonderful crew promote prevention and strongly advise for having one done before there is chance for incident to occur.

To have a security survey done for your home is a one time affordable investment in your security and safety. To go without it when it’s as simple as giving us a call to have it done would be foolish. We can’t help but to put the suggestion to anyone who know they have not had a security survey done for their home for a long time.

Locksmith Bristol happily helping new homeowners

Moving property can be an exciting time, especially if you’re purchasing your first home. However, it’s always important to not get too carried away and remember that the home is important for securing your person and your belongings. As such, it’s worth always having a trained professional locksmith Bristol examine your property and assist you with the necessary jobs for when you move property. Of course, it is entirely possible for you to sort out everything yourself, but why take the risk when you can have a smart, efficient service provided to you by your local locksmith Bristol.

The first thing your locksmith Bristol always recommends is to have your locks changed on all doors to your property. This is not to sound paranoid, but no database exists for you to find out how many times the locks have been changed or how many times keys have been copied. With this in mind, it’s a matter of best practice to always ensure you change the locks yourself, using the services of a professional locksmith Bristol, as only then can you have peace of mind that only you and those who you give keys to will have access.

it’s also highly recommended to ask your locksmith Bristol to complete a detailed security survey of your new property. You may have considered such issues when in the stages of purchasing the property, but now you’re moving in it’s worth having the opinion of a trained security professional. By highlighting potential security weaknesses with your new property, you can be in an informed position to decide what the best possible course of action. As part of our dedication to customer service, even if you don’t decide to proceed with any upgrades, your locksmith Bristol will still provide you with free advice to help you secure your property more effectively.

Locksmith Bristol British Standard And Insurance

Here at Locksmith Bristol there are a lot of regulations that our locks have to adhere to to make sure your home is in accordance with your home insurance providers terms. If we fit a lock that isn’t recognised by your insurer and you get burgled your insurance company won’t cover you for the break in. That’s why all of our locks comply with British standards produce by the British standards institution or the BSI. If a product has been certified by the British Standards Association it will be marked with a British Standards kite mark shown in the below image. And some insurance providers will insist you have these locks before covering you.

Locksmith BristolThere are a few British Standards that all relate to different types of locks with different purposes here are a few of the main one you should look out for when getting new locks or checking your current locks these are;

  • BS3621 – This relates to mortise and cylinder locks where a key is used on both sides. The standard means that without a key this lock is secure from intruders.
  • BS8621 – This covers all locks that need a key for outside entry but can be opened on the inside by a thumb tab allowing exit without a key, allowing eay fire escape in the case of an emergency. Usually found in flats or apartment buildings.
  • BS10621- This covers locks that can only be locked from the outside. Locks can be opened from inside unless the function has been removed by the owner.

Following these standards is important to make sure you’re covered by your insurance. All of our locks adhere to their relevant British standards, so if you’re using us you already know you’re safe!

Local businesses thrive with the help of a local locksmith Bristol

Your locksmith Bristol has always believed in the importance of thriving local businesses. Bristol in particular has a proud history of rebelling against commercialism and being seen as a beacon for independent trade in the UK. With this in mind, we have always seen it as important to ensure that local businesses can achieve their full potential by having the appropriate security. By properly protecting your commercial property you don’t have to worry about risks to your business whilst you’re not there, leaving you with more time to focus on making your business a success.

As a highly-qualified commercial locksmith Bristol, we have years of experience helping all kinds of premises out in all kinds of emergencies. The most common problem your trusted locksmith Bristol encounters are lockout and lock-in situations. Both of these can not only prove to be an inconvenience, but obviously leave your security at risk and depending on the timing of the emergency, affect your day’s trading if you can’t achieve a quick response. With our mobile locksmiths working hard continuously across the city, we’re proud that we’re able to achieve quick response times to any emergency no matter where in the city you may contact us from. Not only that, our years of experience means we’re fully capable of tackling any security feature that may be causing you bother. This means whether you own a warehouse, rent a shop on the high street or can’t get into your office building, your locksmith Bristol will be able to help you.

It would be wrong to think your commercial locksmith Bristol focuses solely on emergency situations. We’re proud that we’ve also assisted many emerging businesses with their security on their premises from day one. That means that if you need new locks, alarm systems or even CCTV installing, we’ve got you covered. It also means that if you need a security safe to be installed in order to store the day’s takings or lockers for your employees to store their property whilst at work; your locksmith Bristol would be delighted to help you achieve this. Just give us a call to arrange a full security arrangement installation.

Locksmith Bristol UPVC Doors

Here at locksmith Bristol we deal with many different types of locks and keys, and also materials of door, that means we have to be prepared for every type of door and lock there is. Locksmith Bristol are UPVC door specialists, we carry all of the parts for most upvc and patio doors in our vans and that means we can send someone round to fix your UPVC door no matter what the problem and no matter where you are in Bristol

Locksmith Bristol intends to make our service as simple as possible to use so no matter how stressed out your UPVC door is making you, you’ll still be able to use our service without losing your cool. Locksmith Bristol can fix euro cylinders and here at locksmith Bristol we only use anti snap, anti pick, and anti drill euro cylinders when replacing the barrels on UPVC and patio doors.

Even if you don’t choose to go with us you should always make sure your locksmith is replacing your locks with anti snap locks at least you need anti snap cylinders as lock snapping is the most common form of break in through upvc doors. Locksmith Bristol, here for you.Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol Home Security

Here at Locksmith Bristol, we take home security very seriously, and we think you should too. As a locksmith we’ve noticed the amount of people who don’t focus on home security until it’s too late. We want to change that and we’re trying to raise awareness about having poor home security and the risks that it imposes. Did you know you could greatly improve your home security by making your garden less accessible. Most people don’t know that home security starts in the garden and even something like a motion detecting light can greatly improve your home security and maybe if you really want to push the boat out you could install cameras which would mean even if the light didn’t scare the burglars off then the cameras would and if the burglars din’t notice the cameras well now you have their picture to hand to the police.

Locksmith Bristol Always Around
Locksmiths Bristol

Another recommendation from Locksmiths Bristol would be to check out your locks and doors and research the most common type of break in firstly on the same material of door and then on the same locks, so for instance if you had a UPVC door with a euro cylinder the most common type of break in would be lock snapping, which would mean it would be wise to check if you have anti snap locks on your door and then if not replace your current cylinders with anti snap cylinders.

Locksmith Bristol helping you diagnose common security issues

It may be surprising for our customers to learn that the majority of work that your locksmith Bristol carries out is not limited to simple installations. Whilst the security of your home is important and you need a hardworking team which you can rely on to upgrade or maintain the quality of your security, the main work your emergency locksmith Bristol tends to carry out is very often rescuing individuals from being locked out of their home or business premises. For this reason it’s important to have the number of a reliable locksmith Bristol saved in your phone so you know you have a team you can trust in for when things have gone wrong.

When you find yourself locked out of either your home or business premises, the most important thing is to understand what it is that is actually preventing you from regaining entry to your property. If you can provide your friendly locksmith Bristol with an accurate description of the problem, you will be able to receive a more accurate quote both in regard to the time required to fix the issue and the subsequent cost.

So what are the common issues which affect UPVC doors in particular? One very common phone call your locksmith Bristol receives from concerned customers is when their key has either jammed in the lock, is unable to enter the whole way or is simply not able to turn the lock once inserted. In this instance, there is a possibility that the lock can be fixed, but more often than not the remedy will be an efficient and cost-effective lock switch from a trusted locksmith Bristol. Another common phone call we receive is from people experiencing their key turn in the lock, but simply do just that. A spinning key can be a problem with your eurocylinder lock, but it is more often the case that either a part of your internal mechanism, or the whole internal mechanism itself, has a fault which needs to be replaced with a new part. If you are able to provide an accurate description, your locksmith Bristol can provide an accurate quote, which means less surprises for all parties. However, with most engineering jobs, until a trained professional is able to view the issue themselves, it will not be possible to give a 100% accurate diagnosis.

Locksmith Bristol helping you understand aluminium doors

Like many local service providers based in Bristol, your locksmith Bristol is an all purpose locksmith service. This is worth remembering as your locksmith team do often find it amusing the number of times we have been phoned enquiring whether we are specifically a commercial locksmith Bristol. It is true that we spend a lot of time working with customers at domestic properties, but this is often because emergency lockout situations are simply far more common with homes rather than businesses. Furthermore, there are more homes than commercial premises in the city! Regardless, the questioning is misplaced and your expert locksmith Bristol specialises in all types of security provision, be it for homes or commercial premises.

Commercial premises tend to vary greater than domestic properties. Of course, with the latter you still have different types of doors such as wooden, composite and UPVC. However, with the former you have different types of premises altogether which greatly impacts on the security available. For instance, we regularly complete security installations at offices, shops and warehouses – to name but a few – in Bristol.

One particular secure door we regularly work on here in Bristol are aluminium doors. These prove to be very popular for commercial premises, particularly shops and offices, because they are robust, stylish and can be very difficult for would-be intruders to get through. This is because, unlike other doors, they are made of metal and cannot be so simply broken.

Your locksmith Bristol can complete both routine and emergency work with aluminium doors. We have a healthy relationship with our supplier which means should you need more than a realignment, should you actually need a new door, your helpful locksmith Bristol can organise an installation at a time that’s convenient for you – usually only a matter of days after your initial phone call. If you are in need of an emergency locksmith Bristol, it is worth understanding a bit about the nature of an aluminium door so that we can provide you with a likely diagnosis of the problem and consequently, an accurate quote. Similar to a UPVC door, your aluminium door will be comprised of an internal mechanism and a cylinder. Remember that providing your locksmith Bristol with an accurate description of the problem will expedite proceedings and allow us to come to your rescue even quicker!

The importance of mortise locks explained by your locksmith Bristol

locksmith bristol 5 lever sash lockIt is now common across the locksmith industry to fit mortise locks as standard to all external doors. Most wooden doors now tend to have a cylinder rim lock. This was popularised in the early 20th century as it was cheap to produce and easier to fit for engineers. However, convenience should not trump security, which is why the mortise lock is now usually a minimum requirement for most home insurance providers. In fact, it’s a minimum requirement for your locksmith Bristol. If we ever work on a property without a mortise lock, we will always heavily recommend an upgrade in order to ensure the security of your property.

Mortise locks come in a number of varieties, but the most common are either the deadlock or the sash lock. A deadlock simply has a key hole and a bolt; moving the key in the hole turns the bolt and locks the door. A sash lock, on the other hand, has a bolt, a latch and a pair of handles. The presence of a latch means that the handles have to be turned as well as the bolt pulled back in order to unlock the door.

Mortise locks then have several different lever variations. It is common policy for most home insurance providers to require a British Standard 5-lever lock as a minimum standard. Thankfully, that standard is also the minimum for your locksmith Bristol and their stock, so you will never have an installation which does not conform to your requirements. Of course, that is not the highest level the levers go and it is possible to have a 7 lever mechanism. If you require higher or would like a higher standard, your locksmith Bristol can order to the required lock in – if not in stock already – and have it installed at a time convenient for you.

Locksmith Bristol Fast Response Times

Here all too Locksmith Bristol we feel like a lot of empathy for people who are locked out, because we know only too well how much of a stressful time it can be, especially if you’re a busy person. That’s why Locksmith Bristol team are working around the clock to make sure no one in Bristol is ever stuck with a lock out, and that you can count on locksmith Bristol to get to you fast.

Locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol just want to make getting a locksmith out to let you back in in n emergency situation as easy as it can possibly be, because if it’s easy for you, then it’s easy for us. Just call us up, we’ll give you an over the phone no obligation quote in seconds and if you like the sound of it, we’ll send someone out to you straight away.

call locksmith Bristol today, we know it’s never convenient getting locked out, but we’re trying to make it as convenient as possible to get back in. Call today and speak to one of our advisors about your lock out, or locks you don’t have to rush we can take bookings and come at a time to suit you! Locksmith Bristol, we’ve got your back!

Step into the future with digital locks installed by your locksmith Bristol

One of the most common problem phone calls your local locksmith Bristol receives is from people locked out of their property. Whether it’s because they’ve lost their keys on a night out, locked their keys inside the property, the door has simply slammed shut behind them, or the key has snapped off in the lock. Whatever the reason may be, it can be a headache for homeowners.

These days, advances in technology mean that keyless entry systems are now common place for a number of homes and business premises. What’s more, your Bristol locksmith is keen to recommend them to all customers considering changing the security for their property. The reason for this is the quality of security provided coupled with the ease of access. Long gone are the days of worrying about losing your keys. With a keyless entry system, your digital lock installed by a professional locksmith Bristol allows you to never have to worry about the hassle or cost of losing your keys. Now all you simply need to do is remember the code and you can get back into your home. With such a wide range of combinations, your property is also secure from outside invasion as they are much more difficult to pick than regular locks.

The customers who have found digital locks the most convenient are landlords and office managers. Usually if an employee leaves or a tenancy ends, the property owner will have to pay a substantial amount of money to have locks changed and keys cut. However, with a digital lock all you need to do is simply change the lock combination when someone leaves. What’s more, the use of a code means you can have as many, or as few, people with access as you want! With untold convenience and high quality of security, it’s no wonder more customers are requesting their locksmith Bristol professional lock installer to carry out a high-tech lock fitting on their property.

Advice from a locksmith Bristol on ensuring front door security

locksmith Bristol installationsThis locksmith Bristol will always offer one word of advice to new homeowners and that is always regarding the importance of changing your locks. Of course, there is not necessarily any need to worry when you move home, but it’s more about getting into the good habit of being a responsible homeowner. Thankfully, you have a fully-qualified, professional lock installer available at all times to assist you when moving in to your brand new home. What’s more, if you have a large number of new locks that will need to be fitted, your locksmith Bristol will be more than happy to provide you with a discounted quote to make the moving process even easier. Your local locksmith Bristol has always believed that everyone should have access to affordable home security, which is why you will always find a lock expert willing to help customers out.

If you have a wooden door, the likelihood is that you will have both a mortise lock and a cylinder night latch lock. It may be the case that you need a fresh installation of one of the above on your door. In fact, this expert locksmith Bristol highly recommends that if you are missing one of the above, you should consider having the other installed in order to maximise your security. All the locks stocked by your professional locksmith Bristol are British Standard meaning that not only do you have access to effective home security, you can also be sure that you will have fresh installs of the bare minimum standard required by most home insurance providers. If your insurance requires something else specifically, our expert locksmith Bristol is more than happy to help you dissect your policy and ensure you have the security installation needed to validate your policy.

UPVC doors on the other hand are much more limited in their security additions. However, with a recent spike in crime rates across the UK, your 24/7 locksmith Bristol highly recommends having your eurocylinder lock upgraded to an anti-snap, anti-bump lock to ensure you are properly protected against any unwanted intruders.

Advice from a commercial locksmith Bristol

locksmith bristol commercial securityPeople know full well the importance of protecting their homes. Your local locksmith Bristol is regularly inundated with calls from concerned customers about what they can do to further protect their property. After all, with the increased criminal activity, it is important that people feel their property will be safe when they leave for work in the morning or go on holiday for an extended period of time. As the wonderful customers of locksmith Bristol know, this is something our friendly lock engineers are able to assist with no matter what time of day or night. Even if our customers need to have a chat to ascertain advice, we are always here.

Whilst our homes need protecting, it’s also important that our local businesses are too. Whether they’re a large corporation or a small, local business, it is important that the backbone of our local economy has the protection it needs. This is especially important for any businesses located in areas of higher criminal activity than others. As many business owners will know, the protection needed for commercial properties is often higher than that required by our homes. After all, the very nature of the premises require a higher standard of security. Thankfully for business owners in Bristol, the local commercial locksmith Bristol is fully trained and qualified to tackle and enhance the security of offices, shops, warehouses and industrial complexes.

With years of experience dealing with all kinds of commercial properties, your local locksmith Bristol is capable of remedying any security problem you may be facing. Not only that, but your expert team can help you with any high-tech security installations you may require. Increasingly popular are the use of CCTV and high specification alarm systems to ensure adequate protection when away from your property. Of course, for Bristol shops this is important even during trading hours. If you want a biometric entry system, this is something which can also be discussed with an affordable locksmith Bristol.

Call today to find out what the expert team can do for your commercial property.

How can I increase the security of my glass door?

It goes without say that glass doors comes with increased risks. If the door that you have in mind is old fashioned and you know it has been there for a considerable amount of time it’s best to exchange it for a modern version. In this case you could also opt for a solid wood or metal door instead depending on your preference. If you are partial towards beauty and the light it provides, it’s wise to think about how to increase the security of your glass door. Speak to us today to discuss in depth what can be done.

Up to date glass doors often come with special features and materials which provide resistance against attack. But in addition, when improving the security of your glass door, it is advisable to add a metal gate. Contrary to common belief this can be a slim and stylish addition which also provides the additional security you need. For help with also this option, our advisers and technicians are available at your convenience.

For maximum security for your building glass doors are not advisable. If you are in the process of increasing the security of your glass door though an upgrade or change. Then it’s a good idea to also think about other options for choice of material. Although glass today comes in many toughened varieties it’s a relatively fragile material which leaves your home or business more susceptible to intrusion. Especially during the times which the building is empty or vacated.

There are a range of security features which can be added to increase the security of your glass door other than the aforementioned metal grill. Alarm and monitoring additions reduces risk, just as good lighting and preparation. For the help you need to improve and increase the security of your glass doors, our lines are open and we’re always happy to assist.

What’s the difference between wired and wireless security alarms?

We often meet with the question, and other than the obvious there is not a massive difference between the two. A hardwired system will be superior to a wireless system in stability. It will provide more solid security which is not as easily taken out by external factors.

Wired or wireless home security systemThe difference between wired and wireless security alarms will differ mostly when it comes to the installation. Wired alarms are most commonly installed by a professional. The reason for this is the intricate process it may be. Some alarms also require specialist tools as to ensure security for any boxes or features which can be reached from the outside safe from being dismantled.

Due to their robust nature, the difference between a wired and wireless system also lies in how much maintenance it needs. Wired systems after installation tend to work effectively for years and years after installation. Whilst wireless systems more often than not require more regular maintenance.

In the question of what choice to make when picking between a wired and a wireless security alarm. It’s a question mostly of preference and need. What your property needs to keep security levels high. You can find in a home security survey or a business security inspection. If you are searching for what your future security system will be now. If you have doubts. Get in touch with a trained professional who knows the industry and the market. You can reach our specialists at any hour. Find the number above.

The difference between wired and wireless security alarms are few. Your choice should be based on the security features and the needs of your property. Taking into account what type of daily use you will make of it.

Can a locksmith Bristol security locksmith make my home burglar proof?

Although there are many skilled burglars out there, there is a way to prevent them from getting into your home or business. On top of that. If you work to find such a way with a long running and experienced locksmith Bristol specialist. You will find the solution you need at the price you need.

Can locksmith Bristol professionals burglar proof my homeApplicability is the way to move forward with your specific situation. There is no way to have all security features available on the market installed for your home. But by contacting and discussing with a locksmith Bristol professional what features will work best and most efficiently for you. A suitable and affordable solution will be found. Perhaps calling it 100% burglar proof is too confident. But as bleach kills close to 100% of all bacteria. A locksmith Bristol specialist will make your home almost 100% burglar proof. At affordable rates.

To find out more about services provided by trusted local, skilled and caring locksmith Bristol professionals. Make sure you call the number for us now. You can book in for security surveys, replacement locks and alarms or simply to have that long needed talk about your security features. The ones that are in desperate need of updating. A practised and apt locksmith Bristol installer will always be at hand here. If you are in need of help in case of a locksmith Bristol lockout situation. Then of course the number above can be use for that also. Naturally the priority of our team, is your security and your convenience.

Speak to locksmith Bristol professionals now to find out how you can make your home or business as close to burglar proof as it can get, on a budget that suits your standards.

How often a skilled locksmith Bristol security professional recommends a lock check

In later years it’s become a more and more widespread idea. To have your locks checked by a local and trained locksmith Bristol professional. It’s a great idea to have regular security checks done both at home and at work. With outside skilled professional locksmith Bristol eyes on your lock and security situation. You will be able to ensure the maximum security and the minimal risk.

the right latch locks and security installations from a locksmith Bristol quick installation providerHow often a skilled locksmith Bristol specialist recommends you check your locks and security. Is dependant on what type of business or situation you are in. If you are a homeowner. A home security check annually or every other year is enough to keep yourself safe and secure. But again.

The reason that a trained locksmith Bristol service assistant will recommend a higher frequency of checks is due to the ‘you never know’ factor. There are many things that are on the move and changing in the world. And as area development move forward, risk assessments and evaluations also change. An experienced locksmith Bristol expert knows this and will keep this in mind when making recommendations as to what type of security improvements you need to make to keep safe.

In business situations. The locksmith Bristol professionals, operating locally. Are in agreement that you need to have your security looked over often. Especially if you are in an area of development and if your business carries electronics or high value stock which also has a high value on the street and to the general perpetrator.

Speak to a trained specialist in the locksmith Bristol area now, to find out what the right frequency for your security checks and upgrades are. The above number can be used to reach such a skilled team. Bring us your questions, requirements and we’ll provide you with the quotes, information and the fast service you need.

Can a Bristol locksmith make small improvements to my home security for a reasonable price?

Here at Locksmiths of Bristol we’ve become concerned about the increasing number of calls we’ve received from customers in the local area worried about reports of rising crime rates. We understand the importance of keeping your property safe. After all, no one wants to spend all day at work worried about the safety of their family and belongings. Such thoughts only lead to stress and anxiety which are detrimental to your health. As such, your local locksmith Bristol team thought it was only right to update you on the possibility of adding an extra layer of security to your property for a reasonable price. We don’t believe securing your home should be expensive and as such, we thought we would take you through some of the cost-effective ways you can secure your property today.

A very simple addition is that of a door chain. The door chain may not seem much, but it can be vitally important in scenarios where something has gone wrong. This item doesn’t just let you see visitors before they enter your property, it also helps delay criminals when they’re in the middle of committing a crime. Door security chains can prove very difficult to get past once an unwelcome visitor has got through your lock. Usually criminals will attempt to barge down the door to your home to get past it. Not only will this take time, but it’ll create noise that alerts either yourself or your neighbours. In the pursuit of catching criminals, such minutes can be vital in protecting your property and being able to bring the perpetrators to justice.

UPVC door locks may seem secure with their 5-point level locking mechanism, but unless they are fitted with the correct cylinder, they too may prove useless at protecting your home. We always ensure to install 3 star rating British Standard euro cylinders when working on UPVC doors. These are the most secure anti-snap locks on the market and will make the job a lot harder for any would-be criminal to break into your house. If this is something you’d like to enquire about, you can call one of our friendly locksmiths today to arrange an installation time convenient for you and at a reasonable price. Protecting your home shouldn’t be expensive!

Can I trust local locksmith Bristol security specialists with my business security?

The right choice of local professional will not only leave you with the highest standard of security, but availability to the service at all hours. Of course finding the right provider is a matter of investigation as well as trial and error. Why not make it easy for yourself by getting in touch with the local specialists in the locksmith Bristol area now. Give us a chance, and find how easy your home and business security needs can be seen to.

With the right knowledge, with the right tools and with the right attitude to flexible and applicable security. Which need to be available, applicable and of course of the highest standard for all our customers.

Business safe security locksmith Bristol installers ready nowSecurity questions to do with your high security requirements for your business are always welcome. Our crew is up to date, and with a lovely and caring locksmith Bristol professional on your side you can trust that all your security needs are seen to. Quality and service guaranteed. Home or business.

Find the skills, the products and the personnel you can love and stay with by coming to a trusted smith in the locksmith Bristol area. With all our training we can help your business with the high security installations you need. Alarm system, central locking and key systems.

That said. A lovely locksmith Bristol professional from this up to date service will also be able to assist with your home security in convenient and quick ways. Ensure that you don’t waste time with complicated security installation, leave it to trusted and highly skilled professionals in the locksmith Bristol local now.

Convert, repair, maintain and replace locks with the high standard locksmith Bristol security advocates now

All locks services with locksmith BristolIt’s never too early to make sure that you are on top of your security, nor is to ever too late, and if you feel that a security and lock check is overdue at your house, or perhaps that you’ve not had any security work performed in many years, call on us today. Locksmith of Bristol staff is here to help, and our main goal is always to make you secure where you are, as well as inform you with regards to that security so that you can also feel the benefit.

Having a space of your own, a home in which you keep the things you value the most and where, if you are not living alone, your family or partner resides is a wonderful thing, and something that we naturally engage ourselves with. Locksmith Bristol practitioners always keep in mind the energy and love that has gone into any such home, and we are always eager to do our best when it comes to providing the most appropriate protection of the case. Call us now and acquire the information you need and ask the questions you have. Affordable, fast and of course specialists in anything regarding to locks, you may be surprised at the great deals you’ll find here. Locksmith Bristol security providers takes pride being able to state that we have been providing solid security for the community that also we spend our lives in for many years.

Long customer relationships and high security is something naturally growing in the area, and if you want to be part of that security and safety network get in touch with locksmith Bristol isntallers now. It’s never been simpler, or cheaper to make sure that you keep your home safe to optimal levels.

Practical and affordable burglar-proofing solutions from an expert Bristol locksmith

Simply locking your door isn’t effective as it used to be. It only seems like yesterday when most people in the UK left their doors open and neighbours came and went: people simply didn’t worry about who it was coming into their homes. Unfortunately, nowadays your door and the locking mechanisms inside them need all the protection they can get. Our professional Bristol locksmiths would need more than a pair of hands to even begin to count the number of times they’ve witnessed locks picked away and destroyed by mindless criminals. However, your home and its security can be protected. Think of it as security for your security!

An escutcheon is a protective plate that is fixed onto your door and surrounds the cylinder. They effectively act like a frame for your cylinder, bedding it into the door and thereby protecting it from a range of common break in methods. These special plates are both cost-effective and available for any type of door. That means you can upgrade your security and protect your home with a simple method for next-to-nothing in price!

Another cost-effective method of improving the security of your door and burglar-proofing your home is by installing a strike plate. This goes over the hole in the door frame where your locking mechanism secures into. By putting this over a softer material such as wood, you can help protect your home from criminals attempting to chip away at your door.

When people think about improving their home security, they often think this is going to be long, arduous and expensive. Your local locksmith Bristol not only believes that any type of home security can be provided at a reasonable price, but anyone can make small improvements to protect their property and even deter criminals at the same time. If you’re unsure of the extent of improvements you require, you can always contact a helpful Bristol locksmith at any time of day or night.

Mortise lock repair and replacements from Bristol locksmiths

These days more and more properties are now fitted with simple euro-cylinder locks, at least in some shape or form. The main reason for this is that we have seen the rise of new builds being fitted with composite or UPVC doors. While these doors have standard cylinders, they do have further comprehensive security mechanisms on the inside of the door which provide an advanced level of security. After all, it’s very rare that a professional locksmith would recommend leaving a property with just a euro-cylinder lock on – they are the least complex locks for a would-be criminal to tackle.

If you move into a property with a wooden door, it will most likely have both a euro-cylinder lock – likely a Yale lock – and a mortise lock. Mortise locks are also known as deadlocks to a lot of people and they provide an extra layer of security to most wooden doors. Operating with 5-levers on the inside of the door, in order to ensure a correct, professional installation you should call your local locksmith Bristol. These locks are some of the toughest around and by fitting them on the inside of the door itself, they provide an extra level of security that euro-cylinders simply cannot provide.

Often you will find that home insurance providers for houses with wooden doors will not be willing to insure your property unless you have such a lock. Calling your local locksmith Bristol to supply and install such a lock, means you can be sure that one of our professional lock technicians will be able to certify the installation as well as provide you with assistance in any other lock matters while we’re there. It is important to understand that in the UK, there are two different standards for mortise locks. One is large and the other is small, and it’s important to know which one your property needs in order to ensure that your paperwork is valid.

A small mortise lock means a face plate length of 6 inches and a large is slightly bigger 7 inches. Often the small standard is used for indoor locking needs. Be sure to double-check the standard you require and feel free to ring one of our friendly lock engineers at any time of day or night should you have any questions. We are open 24/7 and always happy to assist on your security needs.

Professional hi-tech security installations from Bristol locksmiths

When it comes to security upgrades, many people are unsure of the industry professional they should contact. There is the misconception that locksmiths are focused solely on traditional key and lock problems and solutions. For example, no one would question the importance of ringing your local locksmith Bristol should you find yourself locked out of your property with no key to regain entry, or if you need to have a mortise lock repaired on your front door. However, your local Bristol locksmith goes above and beyond this misconception by providing an all round security service for commercial and domestic properties within the locality. All our highly-trained locksmiths have years of experience completing hi-tech security installations in and around Bristol, and it’s about time more people had the benefit of knowing the excellent, competitively-priced service they could receive when it comes to improving the security on their property.

We have invested in our staff, their tools and the products they install to ensure that we can deliver the perfect security solution for all types of properties. All our expert lock engineers can deliver excellent CCTV, alarm and security light installations to name but a few. What’s more, we are more than happy to discuss the range of options we can install to further improve your security either over the phone or in person. If you arrange to meet us in person, one of our friendly locksmiths will be more than happy to complete a full security assessment of your property to determine the appropriate security options available to you. We use a wide range of specialist products, all competitively priced, to ensure you can have an effective security solution within your budget. With years of experience, our Bristol locksmiths will always be content with answering any questions you may have. Furthermore, if you have a particular product in mind that we do not have in stock, we will always be happy to either discuss suitable alternatives or order the product in before arranging an installation time convenient for you.

We believe that no one should be priced out of effective, hi-tech security and we will always present you with a wide range of options to keep your property safe from harm.

A tidy and safe garden and exterior with your locksmith Bristol security specialist

Pruning your garden for security with your locksmith BristolYou can’t say that a tidy garden keeps your home secure, however what you can say is that a tidy garden greatly help you present your home as a well maintained and highly secure residence which is unwelcoming to any potential intruders. By keeping your brushes and larger plants at bay, by keeping clear view, and by ensuring that you have good outdoor security such as light and proper locking mechanisms for your outdoor structures you will do bout bring your risk factors down. Call your locksmith Bristol now to find out more about how you can bring your outdoor and garden security up to scratch. On this number you can also find all your day to day requirements fulfilled in a simple and convenient way.

Your locksmith Bristol is dedicated to your service and by ensuring a broad knowledge, constant training and continuous market research we are able to bring you the best of what is out there at affordable and fair prices. A belief shared by all of us is that security is something that everyone has the right to, and helping you feel secure is what we have chosen to become expert on. If you are in dire need and locked out of your home or workplace help will be on the way at the point of your call. The dedication of this locksmith Bristol is well known and often spoken well of and to experience it first hand yourself, ensure that you choose us for your daily and your emergency needs. And until next time, ensure that you keep your garden well trimmed.

Great security products in all price ranges from your locksmith Bristol

Great security for all budgets with your locksmith BristolAs a top priority for us here, your security comes in as the prime contender, and although providing you with the highest possible security at any given point is important, the staff here sees it no good if it leaves the customer distraught over the usage aspects of the security put in place or the price at which it comes in at. Simply put, your locksmith Bristol sees no point in a security system which is applicable effective for the party in place, and of course what is the point of paying top price for a load of features you don’t need, nor want. Get in touch with your locksmith Bristol now, and you’ll find the aid you need to make the right security choices for your situation and for your budget.

There is, in stock, a great range of highly secure products, ranging from locks, to security alarm systems and other features which can be instantly at home or at work as security additions. This means that if you are looking for a security upgrade, you can have one instated as soon as by the end of the day. One which both works fabulously with your security need as well as doesn’t break the bank. The choice of what to get is always and ultimately yours, but feel free to trust the relied upon locksmith Bristol to bring you both honest and applicable advice, as well as provide what you need in ways of installation and service. Of course all your daily needs can also be covered by this wonderful and hard working guys, don’t miss your chance, call now.

Your locksmith Bristol value your time and your security

a trusted locksmith Bristol with time and security for youFor us, one of the most important things is your security, we know that any home or business making themselves safer in today’s world of increasing security risks, will make a better situation for both the individual, the family and the local community.
By speaking to our neighbours, by ensuring that we help each other keep safe, we work for a more peaceful way of making our way through or daily lives. That’s why if you get in touch with your locksmith Bristol you will always have your best interest in mind, as well as the well-being and security of the community where you live. In other words, it’s only a good thing to get in touch with your locksmith Bristol for a security upgrade, affordable, flexible, suited to your specific needs and your specific situation, as well as as easy as picking up the phone and giving us a ring. At any time your call is welcome, this includes in the middle of the night should there be a case of an emergency locksmith Bristol lockout where access is needed fast.

Without ever closing the telephone lines we work day and night, and with the right preparation, packed vehicles and dedication to you we go out no matter the weather should you be in need. To a security specialist your home and business security is kept close at heart, and though the years we have met and assisted many interesting people and businesses in getting their locks, alarm and monitoring features up to date as well as catered for their emergency needs.

Customer relationships are built on merit and for longevity though providing the best possible service and products available at the time. If you would like to join the many before you in a more safer, more secure, and calmer daily life, get in touch with the last locksmith Bristol you will ever need to find today with your questions and needs.

Regular product testing from your professional Bristol locksmith

Most people understand that when it comes to security for your home or business premises, there are a wide range of options available. There are traditional lock-and-key solutions such as mortise locks, or there now exist high-tech security solutions provided by your professional Bristol locksmith such as alarm systems and CCTV. However, a lot of customers are lost when it comes to deciding which security product is suitable for their property. This is largely due to the fact that the security market is now saturated with a high number of excellent products. Of course, this does represent a benefit to customers as increased competition between brands such as Yale, Chubb and ABS has led to a higher degree of innovation as well as competitive pricing. Yet, this has also meant that customers are more confused than ever, lost when deciding which product is best.

This is exactly where your local locksmith Bristol comes in. Unlike our competitors, all our expert locksmiths are highly-trained to test all new products that enter the security marketplace – including those only known by industry professionals. Furthermore, with years of experience working in Bristol and the surrounding neighbourhoods, our team of professional Bristol locksmiths understand all the common and complex problems that affect properties in the locality. This means we can streamline our services and ensure efficiency in our responses to customers. As always, this means the cost benefits being passed on.

Whenever a new product enters the marketplace, our team of Bristol locksmiths have two questions on their mind. The first is whether the product we are testing is truly any better than anything we already have in stock. The second point to then address is if it is more cost-effective than any other product already kept in stock. These questions are not dependent on one another, which means that even if a product is not cost-effective, if it represents the pinnacle of security solutions, you can be sure we’ll keep some in our vans. We don’t believe that anyone should be priced out of effective security for either their commercial or domestic property, but we also understand that some customers will want the very highest level of security available and, so we ensure we have wide-range of products stocked to cater for all our customers. Either way, you can be sure that you will be receiving products that our locksmiths are informed about and therefore trusted, always representing the very best value for money.

Locksmith Bristol helping you after a burglary

If you are in the incredibly unfortunate situation that you’ve been the victim or a burglary, then do not worry. Of course you are incredibly stressed and angry, and our Locksmith Bristol team understands this and are trained to help keep you calm whilst providing you immediate fixes to the security problems that caused the break-in.

If you call our team we will be with you fast and will perform a full security survey of the property to see where the burglars got in, any damage they caused and any security improvements that can be made. We are able to help secure your home in a number of ways, including doing full changes of all the locks in the house including door and window locks. If there are any signs of forced entry, for example if they kicked in your back door lock, then we are able to repair these damages and install new, higher quality locks than before. We are also happy to cooperate with the police and any insurance companies and give full details of the damage we see and how it was most likely to occur.locksmith bristol burgled home

Looking forwards, Locksmith Bristol are able to provide you with even more security solutions that will help keep your mind at ease in the future. We offer full alarm systems, CCTV systems for internal and external use, security bars for your windows, safes for storing your most valuable possessions, and more. That being said we are not here to take advantage of your tragedy, and our caring locksmith Bristol team will not push anything you don’t want. In this moment our biggest priority is getting your home and family safe and secure and helping you feel comfortable in your home again. So if you’ve been the victim of a burglary, get in touch now for immediate help.

Locksmith Bristol Get To You Fast

Here at locksmith Bristol, we work tirelessly around the clock to make sure no one in Bristol is stuck locked out of there home not able to get back in and that’s why we leave our emergency response phone line running 24/7 365 days a year. We know it’s a pain in the neck when you get locked out, and it can be an even bigger pain finding someone local to you to let you back in again. Not anymore, we’ve got a whole team of locksmiths constantly travelling from job to job so chances are, we have someone close to you already, and in an emergency we could get to you in absolutely no time at all.Locksmith Bristol

All of our staff are fully trained and as well as this we fully CRB check and vet all of our staff because to us, it’s not just important that we send you someone capable of the job, but we think it’s just as important to send you someone who is trustworthy also. Call us today and asee if we can’t get a locksmith out to you today. We won’t make you talk to robots or automated messages and we won’t keep you on hold for half a day waiting to speak to someone. Locksmith Bristol, we’re here for you.

Locksmith Bristol and the 8 things you should always keep in a safe

A safe provides an extra level of security to any home in the locksmith Bristol region, but what should you keep inside yours?locksmith bristol safe

Cash is the easiest thing for burglars to steal because there is often no way to trace it back to you, so definitely keep this locked away safely.
Jewellery can be sold or pawned relatively easily and often has sentimental value. Particularly valuable jewellery, such as gold, diamond, rubies etc should all be made hard for a thief to locate.
Prescription Medications
This is especially important if you need these medications to survive – you don’t want to be caught out after a burglary and be unable to get the insulin or other medicine you need. Keep your perception medication safely hidden out-of-sight in a Locksmith Bristol safe.
Digital Backups
If you have important digital files – anything from photos to your masters thesis – you should consider creating digital backups on your laptop, on the cloud and on a physical memory stick or hard drive. The physical backup should be kept in the safe.
Personally Identifying Information
Your most important information – your passport, license, National Insurance number etc – should all be locked away safely to help prevent you and your family from identity fraud.
Financial Papers and Insurance Policies
Locksmith Bristol recommends keeping your financial papers – old payslips, insurance policies, your mortgage information, your P45s and anything else valuable in a safe to protect against fire, theft and to keep it all in one place.
Safety Deposit Box Keys
If you have a safety deposit box, then the key for this will be small and easy to loose. That’s why you should keep them all in one place in your safe.
Sentimental Items
Any sentimental items, such as family heirlooms and personal affects, and anything else you want to keep secure, should also be placed into a safe.

Locksmith Bristol explains the importance of good quality keys

locksmith bristol house key ringWe are met with countless cases each year, when a customer calls us having lost access to their house. At locksmith Bristol we see that many times when we get an emergency call out, which is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, it’s often not due to fault of the individual calling us. Of course there is always circumstances where all your spare keys are unobtainable, however at locksmith Bristol we see the reason more commonly being an issue with the quality of the key. There is often not much one can do if the key breaks in the lock, it will jam the lock and spare keys will not do any good.

Locksmith Bristol for Anti-Snap Locks

Your local Locksmith Bristol endorses the use and installation of anti snap locks. have you ever heard of the phrase lock snapping? We wouldn’t expect most people to have heard this phrase unless they’re a locksmith, they’re in the police, or they’re a thief. Hopefully you’re not the last one, but if you haven’t heard the phrase before don’t worry as we’re going to explain it and tell you if you’re in danger of having your locks snapped.

First of all the reason that lock snapping is such a massive concern to locksmiths and owners of a certain type of lock alike is the fact that the person or person attempting to break in this way don’t need to have any specialist equipment or skills just a screw driver and a pair of pliers. your average Joe or even a child could perform this operation in a matter of minutes. A thief will start by pulling the cylinder of the lock out of the sleeve and proceed to do so until it’s in position where it can be easily jostled until it snaps. When a normal euro cylinder snaps it leaves the mechanism bare and once at this stage all the assailant has to do is manipulate your mechanism and just like that they’re in their home.

Anti snap locks remove this worry and we’d advis you to check any UPVC door or any door with a euro cylinder lock. If the original locks are still in place you could be at risk of lock snapping happening to you! Call today and ask one of our trained advisers about anti snap locks, or any other service we provide today!

Locksmith Bristol Anti Snap Yale

Locksmith Bristol can access any door using the best techniques in the industry that cause the minimum amount of damage or fuss. You can rest assured that Locksmith Bristol will deal with any unlocking situation in the most professional manner.

Digital Locks vs Traditional Locks with Locksmith Bristol

Most properties around the UK have “traditional” locks – that is, your average everyday lock with a physical key to open it. These are tried and tested over hundreds of years, and so are considered to be very secure, depending on the exact type of lock you have. In the last 10 years we have seen the emergence of “smart locks”, locks with digital components that mean you often don’t need an actual key, and can use a mobile phone or security code to open the lock and access your property. But there are pros and cons to each style of locking system, and Locksmith Bristol would like you to consider some of these.locksmith bristol digital vs traditional locks

Some types of traditional lock are more secure than others. For example, a mortise lock, ie a deadbolt, is more secure than a Yale or cylinder lock. This is due to how the internal locking system works. A cylinder lock is much easier for a thied to lockpick, and so mortise locks offer more security. Digital locks tend to be built onto preexisting lock types – so, again, if you have a digital deadbolt it will be more secure than a digital cylinder lock, although the latter type is uncommon. The main issue with digital locks is that they have the potential to be hacked, the same as any digital device. While most digital lock companies offer locks with the latest cybersecurity software, there is always the potential for an attack. That being said, at Locksmith Bristol we have yet to see an everyday thief with the capabilities – and time – to hack a digital lock! So really it is down to you to choose which lock you think is best. Locksmith Bristol are happy to install both digital and traditional locks, and can assure you that you will get a good level of security no matter which you choose.

Locksmith Bristol Customer Service

here at Locksmiths Bristol we think it’s imperative to have a great customer service reputation when even thinking about keeping your business open for any reasonable length of time, so you can imagine our dismay at the amount of companies about who are supposed to be reputable businesses that don’t care about anything apart from money, and especially not about their customers. We’ve even heard about companies charging more based on a customers financial circumstances which we think is absolutely disgusting business behavior.Locksmith Bristol

This is why Locksmiths Bristol is devoted to customer service just like we’re devoted to providing the best locksmiths service in the whole of Bristol, we run like a well oiled machine when we attend a job and we like to continue that hard work away from jobs with our customer service. Don’t believe us? While we applaud your skepticism for words and speeches about customer service in business, we feel like we can show you how we provide excellent customer service when compared to other sometimes larger companies.

Firstly we believe that a good customer to business and visa versa relationship begins with communication, and have seen too many times businesses that are impossible to work with either because they put you on hold for hours or all of their phone lines are automated! Our phone lines are open 24/7 365 days of the year which means there’s never a bad time to call us for a chat!

Book a Security Inspection with Locksmith Bristol

security inspection locksmith bristolThere are many reasons you may want to book a comprehensive security inspection with a professional Bristol locksmith today. Maybe you have moved into a new home and want to be fully aware of the ins and outs of your home security. Perhaps you are a business owner who needs an inspection for insurance purposes. Or another case, you or someone you know has recently been the victim of a burglary, and are now much more wary of your family’s safety. Whatever the reason, a trusted Bristol Locksmith team member can help you today. Our bespoke security inspections involve a thorough, one-on-one walk-around with our trained and weathered professionals, wherein they will guide you through your property and alert you to the good security – and, more importantly, the lacking security – you are facing.

The sorts of things they may point out to you will be widely varied depending on your property itself, and that’s why it’s best to get someone who really knows what they’re talking about – a Bristol locksmith specialist. You may find out that your locks are dodgy and need a repair or realignment. You may discover that your CCTV system doesn’t actually cover everywhere you thought it does, and needs a new camera to be installed. You may even realise that your windows don’t have locks on them, making you an easy target! Whatever he case, after the thorough inspection the locksmith Bristol on hand can perform any security upgrade on the spot to ensure that you are comfortable with the safety of your home or business right away. And if you need time to think about it, then there is no pressure, feel free to call our beloved team at any time to book in a future appointment.

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