Why do Keys Snap

Keys and Why locksmith Bristol says They Snap

If your key snaps in your lock it is usually to do with the age of your key and general wear and tear of your lock. Also it is very often that people accidentally try to unlock the door with the wrong key.

However, sometimes it can be to do with a faulty lock or poor quality keys. The key’s teeth become worn and therefore unable to slot into your door lock correctly.

If this happens to you, it is important not to try and remove the snap key yourself. This may damage the lock which could be saved. If the lock is damaged, it will end up costing you even more.

Our dedicated team can assess the damage and using the best tools available to us can try and prize the key from the lock to prevent unnecessary damage. We can also offer advice about the best locks to install for longer-lasting, hardy fittings.

key in door

No matter if it’s past midnight

We are always prepared for those times when you are in need of an emergency lockout service. It doesn’t matter if the hour strikes past midnight. Getting in touch with us will always be a guarantee.

If you’re ever in an emergency situation, you can count on Locksmith Bristol to be there in and around the Bristol area. Keep our number in your phone just in case.

Yale locks and euro cylinder locks are the most notorious locks for key snapping. If you are concerned about your own lock, we recommend considering a mortise lock because the keys are a lot stronger due to their size. We can also offer quality keys and spares.

The brittle materials of some metal keys often result in a key snapping by accident causing distress and inconvenience. We can resolve this problem fast and get you back in, remove the key most of the time or replace the lock if required.

Why do Keys Snap
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