Seasonal Security Advice

Keep safe in Summer

As the evenings get lighter, and we all enjoy a bit more sunshine and time outside, it’s important not to let your home security slip. Customers are often prone to leaving doors and windows open during the summertime and forgetting to close them, or leaving them open overnight because they are hot.

Opportunist burglars can take note of what windows and doors are left open and for how long. Locksmith Bristol advises you to be vigilant this summer.

It might be that your home security is in need of an update this summer. Now is the time to install those window locks, anti-snap door locks and security chains to give added peace of mind.

Improve your home security

door and lock repair

There is always more that you can do to improve your home security and it’s likely that it isn’t the tightest it could be today. Locksmith Bristol can provide security surveys for our customers to assess where those weak spots are.

Offering a range of options from simple and cheap to sophisticated, we can begin to tighten up the insecure cracks in your home and protect it against burglars.

These security measures are very important take. That way you can fight crime by making sure your home or business has the right security installed.

Because we know you’d rather be spending your hard-earned money on holidays rather than our services, we promise an affordable and competitive price.

We ensure that we are continually reviewing our prices against others so that customers can always access a fairly priced locksmith service. A service that is not only fairly priced, but also reliable.

It is not just the affordable price we pride ourselves for. We also work 24 hours every day. That mean your security issue or lock emergency can be sorted by us any time of the day or night. We are there for you in your emergency. Your lock issues can be resolved quickly around the clock. Get in contact with us there and then.

Winter advice

As winter draws in and the nights get darker, security is often on the minds of the citizens of Bristol. Not only is the weather colder and wetter but the nights are long. It is not ideal to be locked out when the weather is cold so we make sure that our emergency Locksmith Bristol response times are even faster.

We aim to be with you in about 20 minutes where possible but sometimes the traffic does hinder this at times. As we are local, you shouldn’t wait too long.

As the nights are longer, we make sure to check all your locks are working properly and that you have the latest security on all your doors and windows. We want you to feel extra secure throughout winter. The cold can also cause certain doors to stop working.

This can apply to wood and UPVC doors that, like people, don’t always get on with the cold. We can address all issues you experience with your locks and doors quickly and efficiently during the winter months.

Seasonal Security Advice
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