Speedy security for commercial clients

Our expert commercial locksmith has recently been completing a lot of work in Bristol city centre for commercial clients. As new owners and tenants move into office blocks, our team has been contracted to design, supply and install high security doors and appropriate security systems or smart security alarms to completely update from those used by the previous owners. It is not unusual for new occupiers of homes to want locks changed on doors. In fact, we would always recommend that this is done. Do you know how many people hold keys to your house? It could be many more than just you, other current occupiers and any landlord! We also make this recommendation to commercial and industrial clients. Businesses store a lot of expensive equipment in their buildings. It should be protected as well as possible, against potential intruders, and this includes against former occupants.

We have been installing surveillance and alarm systems, reprogramming electronic master key systems, and changing keypad entry codes. At the end of October we were asked by a Bristol business to install a swipe-card entry system for a city centre office building. We discussed all the options with the client and had the system in place within two weeks. Now our client can log who is in the building at all times. Emergency help with business as well as house lock out situations. Our locksmith team has arranged to maintain the system too, including supplying and programming new swipe cards when needed. A different commercial customer contacted us regarding security shutters for his jewellery business. The customer owns a number of shops in Bristol and Bath and was looking for a quality rolling shutter at a good price. The team at We recommended an electric operated galvanised steel shutter. We were able to source four in the required sizes and to fit them the same week we were contacted. Our professional locksmith team works fast to secure your business.


Locksmiths Bristol: outbuildings


Many people store some of their most valuable equipment in outbuildings. They also store tools and other equipment that a mal-intentioned person could use to access their home. For these reasons, our team recommends that outbuildings should be just as secure as the home itself. We supply locking bars, door bolts and garage locks. Don’t make your home vulnerable by overlooking this weak spot. Sheds, garages, summer houses and outside storage containers will be assessed by our team. We will suggest the system that best suits the materials of the building, your budget and the content of the outbuilding. Call us today and get your outbuildings secured.

Locksmiths Bristol: first-class reputation

First-class reputation

Bristol Locksmiths multiYou want to know that the person dealing with the security of your property can be trusted. Our staff are fully and regularly CRB checked for your safety. Our local business employs only friendly and approachable Bristol locksmiths who really know their stuff. This means that you get the most efficient and trustworthy service in the South West. The speed of our service and the guarantee we put on the quality workmanship undertaken by us, makes us the first choice for hundreds of customers. We frequently gets repeat work from customers as they move house or alter their properties. This, together with the work received by word-of-mouth recommendation, is a marker of the high standard of work and customer service. We are proud of our reputation and look forward to adding you to the list of satisfied clients. Contact us today for speed, efficiency and reliability.