Mortise Locks

Mortise Lock Repair and Replacements These days more and more properties are now fitted with simple euro-cylinder locks, at least in some shape or form. There is a main reason for this. It is that we have seen the rise of new builds being fitted with composite or UPVC doors. While these doors have standard […]

Seasonal Security Advice

Keep safe in Summer As the evenings get lighter, and we all enjoy a bit more sunshine and time outside, it’s important not to let your home security slip. Customers are often prone to leaving doors and windows open during the summertime and forgetting to close them, or leaving them open overnight because they are […]

Security Surveys

Security Surveys Is there something keeping you awake at night? If it is anything lock or security-related, we can help. Your general home security and safety is our priority here at Locksmith Bristol. Every lock change, installation and repair is about making you feel safer and more secure in your home. The best place for […]

Secure your home

Be sure that your home is secure There is a risk of burglary and theft in Bristol. With us can be sure that your home is secure and safe against burglars and thieves. We don’t just do residential locksmith service. Commercial security is as much important as residential. That is why we also tend to […]

Locksmith Cost

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost? We are proud to have excellent reviews for our locksmith services. This is a locksmith business that operates across the city day and night. Give us a call anytime when you are in a lock trouble. We don’t believe in charging bank-breaking prices for our services. Our ethos is […]

Why do Keys Snap

Keys and Why locksmith Bristol says They Snap If your key snaps in your lock it is usually to do with the age of your key and general wear and tear of your lock. Also it is very often that people accidentally try to unlock the door with the wrong key. However, sometimes it can […]

Crime Prevention Measures

Locksmith Crime Prevention Services to Improve Security The last thing we want is for a would-be criminal to see your property as a soft target. This is why we always advise installing the latest hardy locks for your doors. We’ve become concerned about the increasing number of calls we’ve received from customers in the local […]

A History of locks

Locksmithing is ancient You wouldn’t think that locksmithing can be that ancient. But if we talk about church locks, there are some worth mentioning. The earliest depiction should be found in an Egyptian temple at Kamak. It is on a bas-relief and dated from 2000 BC. It is not immediately recognisable to eyes of modern […]

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