Accurate information and clear quotes

Clear information

Unfortunately there are many in our industry who aim to swindle and confuse so as to be able to charge more than what was agreed upon with the customer.

A customer dedicated locksmith who cares not only for the security of the individual home, but also for the general local security of any area will always work against the bad reputation of those less honest.

When calling the lads, no matter what your reason for calling is, prices are always competitive, and clear. Aiming for mutual good understanding and agreement rather than its polar opposite, your locksmiths have earned their good reputation though great work, and clear, honest communication.

We are strong in principals and will always make sure you have all the information you need, of course we will spare you the lock mechanism functions and details unless of course you are interested and would like to learn more.

For the vast majority of jobs you can get a fast quote through a quick call and a description of the work you need. It is even if your job is of an unusual kind.

Looking at the job before quoting

We would make clear that we need to have a look at the job at hand before an exact quote can be given, if that would be the case. We can offer preliminary quotes to give you an idea of what type of numbers you are dealing with.

Providing you with a full and excellent service where you never feel as if you are left in the dark is the mission of a great locksmith who knows home security from all angles. Give us a ring to get your perfect quote today or to ask your home and business security questions.

Another thing we can do for you in the wider security sense is do an security upgrade of your entire home. Sounds timely and expensive, right? Wrong. Locksmiths of Bristol always give an affordable price and works fast.

Your locksmith is highly interested in locks and is always on the task of investigating what is new. Besides we are local, so won’t take long to arrive to the job.

With a quick phone call, you can order both a lock check, ask your lock questions and arrange for CCTV system to be installed at a time that suits you. Flexibility in service hours is something natural to us. If your schedule is full we can find a time and place together that fits.

Accurate information and clear quotes
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